Nintendo NX dimensions and design possibly leaked

An anonymous developer reveals dimensions and layout of the alleged Nintendo NX devkit.

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An anonymous developer potentially leaks new Nintendo NX details, this time allegedly revealing the dimensions and overall look of the handheld's devkit.

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On the heels of the NX share button reports, an anonymous developer has told Let's Play Video Games some fresh info regarding the NX's devkits, more specifically the overall size of the handheld and its detachable controllers as well as a rough schematic of how it looks. Note that this design isn't exactly surprising as it can be seen in Nintendo's initial patents.

"As others already said, it's a hybrid console with detachable controllers that have a split D-Pad, A, B, X, Y, and a camera / share button. However, something I believe none of them have mentioned is the size of the current dev kit.

It's slightly thicker than the Nintendo 3DS XL when folded, so 25 mm, with a width of around 281 mm and a height of 92 mm with the controllers attached. Separated, the controllers have the same depth and height, and they both have a width of 38 mm, making the console itself have a width of 205 mm," the source told LPVG's Laura Dale.

"I've made a picture detailing where the TV port, headphone port, SD Card port, power button and cartridge port can be found." (see featured picture)

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"One final thing I thought I should discuss is how the controllers connect. They're both held by the console via a hole in each side of the system where the controllers can connect to. It sort of looks like this."

"To take it out, there's a button on the back of each controller that lowers the center spike that keeps it in place, making it eject from the system."

The source's claims seem to line up with a lot of the rumors and reports surrounding the Nintendo NX, but remember that this insider is describing the NX devkit, not the final console. Even still there shouldn't be too much difference in the main unit and the final consumer grade hardware.

One thing that's missing from this claim is any mention of the NX's possible console component or docking port, which would enable users to connect the handheld to a TV or play games without taxing the handheld hardware.

Instead of a docking port (think 2-in-1 tablets that transform into laptops), the source mentions a "TV Connector," which could be a port that allows the NX devkit connects to HDTVs via an HDMI Mini cable. If the NX uses a cord and not a dock to zap content to a TV, it'll be much like the PS Vita's TV projection feature and the NX handheld could be used as a second screen much like the Wii U Gamepad.

I've argued that there's more to the NX than what we know, and that some sort of console hardware would be hugely beneficial for the NX's dedicated gaming sessions--especially since the NX is believed to combine console, handheld, and mobile gaming together...and console-grade gaming wouldn't be feasible for long periods on a handheld.

After all, gamers are going to play hours-long sessions of Nintendo's new Zelda: Breath of the Wild game on the NX, so the hardware will need to be able to accommodate these longer sessions with adequate cooling and overall performance.

That being said, the NX could be based on NVIDIA's new Pascal-based Tegra "Parker" SoC, which brings optimum power efficiency and thus reducing heat.

We shouldn't have to wait much longer for Nintendo to reveal the NX; the console-maker has confirmed it'll announce the system sometime this year.

The Nintendo NX will launch globally in March 2017. Check below for a huge list of everything we know about the NX so far, but remember that most of this content is based on patents, speculation, rumors and reports and none of it has been officially verified:

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Everything we know about the Nintendo NX so far:

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