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LaCie 2Big Dock Thunderbolt 3 20TB External HDD Review

LaCie 2Big Dock Thunderbolt 3 20TB External HDD Review

LaCie outs the 2Big Dock powered by Thunderbolt 3 technology and we take the 20TB model through testing.

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Justin Roiland introduces Squanch Games and teases new title

By: Jak Connor | More News: Virtual & Augmented Reality | Posted: 1 hour, 5 mins ago

Justin Roiland, the creator of the hit series Rick and Morty has re-branded his VR studio name after a recent discovery that it was very similar to another studios name. Previously Squanchtendo, has now been changed to the convenient Squanch Games, this announcement was done through a classically amusing comic posted on the studios website.




Not only was the name change explained throughout the comic so was the founders of the studio, Tanya Watson co-founder of Squanch Games was a former Epic Games producer and has worked on large successful projects such as the Gears of War franchise and the popular Battle Royal shooter Fortnite. What was also found out through the comic was that Squanch Games has got announcements coming up and more specifically at this weeks Games Awards, which hints towards a very exciting new title announcement.

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Fortnite: 30 million players, 1.3 million concurrent gamers

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 2 hours, 42 mins ago

Fortnite is continuing to expand with a new milestone reached over the weekend, with 30 million players now enjoying the game and a huge 1.3 million concurrent players.




Epic Games' Senior Systems Designer, Eric Williamson, was mum on the specific numbers between the normal Fortnite and its PUBG-like Battle Royale game mode. Williamson said: "Battle Royale is free, so naturally more people will be inclined to play Battle Royale".

COD: WWII sold 5x more than Star Wars: Battlefront II in Nov

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 4 hours, 4 mins ago

EA experienced just a little backlash when it released Star Wars: Battlefront II, and that backlash was big enough to cause a hefty dent in their sales against a juggernaut like Call of Duty: WWII.




Looking at the sales of both games in November alone, NPD's sales figures for the games are surprising, which noted: "US console video game sales rose 9 percent in November from a year ago to $842 million, led by Call of Duty: WWII, with 4.4 million sold, according to NPD. But it was a disappointing month for Electronic Arts, whose high-profile Star Wars Battlefront II, sold just 882,000 units".


882,000 versus 4.4 million is a huge difference, and they're only in the US - so they could be worse when you take all of the other markets into consideration. Another point is that COD: WWII was released two weeks earlier on November 3, with Battlefront II being unleashed on November 17. But then we have the fact that both franchises are well-known and well-established juggernauts in their own rights, so a two-week lead to COD: WWII shouldn't have seen a 5x increase in sales.


Wedbush Securities' analysts think that Battlefront II could have a much better month in December, where they said: "We believe that the loyalty of the Star Wars fanbase, the game's appeal as a holiday gift, and the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on December 15 will result in sales of the game bouncing back".

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries announced, has 4-player co-op

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 5 hours ago

The amount of hours I pumped into MechWarrior 2 back in the day (how good was the opening cutscene) was insane, so the news of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries has me excited. Check out the trailer below:



MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries will be released on the PC on December 2018, something developer Piranha Games announced at the recent Mech_Con 2017 event in Vancouver, Canada. MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries will feature a single-player campaign, the first MechWarrior game to have a single-player mode in over 15 years. There's even 4-player co-op which is going to have MechWarrior fans super excited.

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TITAN V benched against GTX 1080 Ti: $2999 versus $699

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Video Cards | Posted: 6 hours, 10 mins ago

NVIDIA announced its monstrous new TITAN V a few days ago, an AI/deep learning focused graphics card that costs a whopping $2999. In the usual fashion, benchmarks have now been teased against the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. A perfect comparison considering the GTX 1080 Ti is $699, and the TITAN V is $2999.




The benchmarks aren't official, and were posted by Reddit user 'MrOmgWtfHaxor' who said they are the results of "someone posting benchmark results in the NVIDIA Discord". The comparison was between a GTX 1080 Ti heavily overclocked under LN2 at a we-won't-see-this-in-the-mortal-realm GPU frequency of 2.5GHz while the new TITAN V was clocked modestly at 1.8GHz.


NVIDIA's new TITAN V was also overclocked by 170MHz which resulted in nearly 10% more 3DMark FireStrike scores, from 32,774 to 35,991. Moving onto Unigine's stressful Superposition test, the TITAN V was capable of 5222 in the 8K Optimized test, while it scored 9431 in the 1080p Extreme presetr. An overclocked GTX 1080 Ti by KINGPIN at 2581MHz (!!!) only scored 8642 in the same test, meaning the TITAN V is an utter monster in comparison to the GTX 1080 Ti.


But what about games? Under the highest settings in 1080p, the TITAN V manages around 66FPS average in Rise of the Tomb Raider, 158FPS average in Gears of War 4, and 88FPS in Ashes of the Singularity. This means that the TITAN V is around 25-30% faster than the GTX 1080 Ti in gaming - all run on an Intel Core i7-6700K processor.

PUBG's release timing for Xbox One announced, controller map

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 7 hours, 2 mins ago

The release of Battlegrounds on the Xbox One is upon us, with it launching on December 12 - but now we have exact times for all of the regions it'll be released on courtesy of Major Nelson.




Major Nelson shared the details on his blog, with the US receiving Battlegrounds at 9PM PST or 5PM UTC.




Not only that but Microsoft also said it had worked with the Xbox Advanced Technology Group and Gears of War developer The Coalition on the controller setup for PUBG. Microsoft said the controller setup would provide "enough flexibility to survive in the hostile battleground and to effectively manage in-game equipment on-the-fly".


The full v1.0 release of Battlegrounds will reach the PC later this month, while the launch onto the Xbox One tomorrow will see the game in Game Preview form. This means it's like the PC version: not finished, buggy, and will be patched on-the-go.

AMD Ryzen 10 3970X: 24C/48T at 5.5GHz teased

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: CPU, APU & Chipsets | Posted: 8 hours, 10 mins ago

The news of AMD's next-gen Ryzen 2 processors has the internet in a tailspin, with a tease of the new Ryzen 7 2800X with 12C/24T at a blistering 5.1GHz blowing everyone away. It is being claimed a fake, and while it probably is, we're still going to report it to just talk about it.




But there is another fake slide that teases the purported Ryzen 10 range of CPUs that would succeed the Ryzen Threadripper range, starting with the Ryzen 10 3920X for $599. From there, we have the Ryzen 10 3950X at $749 and the flagship Ryzen 10 3970X for $899.


AMD's purported Ryzen 10 3920X packs 16C/32T of CPU power at 4.7/5.3GHz for base and boost, respectively, while the Ryzen 10 3950X packs 20C/40T with 4.8/5.3GHz and is 84% faster than the Threadripper 1950X. The flagship Ryzen 10 3970X packs an insane 24C/48T of CPU power at a huge 5.0/5.5GHz and is a whopping 106% faster than Threadripper 1950X.


Again, this is said to be fake and all, but I wonder if it's guerrilla marketing from AMD that is meant to act as a cold stake into the heart of Intel. Remember, RTG boss Raja Koduri has defected and switched over to AMD's main competitor leaving the Radeon team blowing in the wind.


These new fantasy Ryzen 10 processors would be announced in July, and launched on August 10 - in this new dimension, of course.

Enter our 'Terminator 2 3D' Blu-ray giveaway!

By: Ben Gourlay | More News: Contests & Giveaways | Posted: 1 day, 10 hours ago

To celebrate the upcoming home video release of 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D', we have fifteen 3D Blu-ray combo packs to give away thanks to our friends at Universal Sony Entertainment.




James Cameron's epic action, sci-fi masterpiece starring Schwarzenegger in his most iconic role, has been stunningly restored by Cameron himself. First hitting our screens in 1991 with ground-breaking special effects, this version will take the seminal blockbuster to the next level of effects and into the 21st century for a new generation of fans.


It has been 10 years since the events of Terminator. Sarah Connor's ordeal is only just beginning as she struggles to protect her son John, the future leader of the human resistance against the machines, from a new Terminator, sent back in time to eliminate John Connor while he's still a child.Sarah and John don't have to face this terrifying threat alone however. The human resistance have managed to send them an ally, a warrior from the future ordered to protect John Connor at any cost.The battle for tomorrow has begun...


To go into the running to win a prize, post this article to your social media profiles, correctly answer the below question and send your postal address to ben at TweakTown dot com before the competition closes on December 8.


What date did Skynet become self aware?

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AMD's new Ryzen 7 2800X teased: 12C/24T at up to 5.1GHz

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: CPU, APU & Chipsets | Posted: 1 day, 12 hours ago

AMD is preparing for a big CPU launch in early 2018 with an event being held before CES 2018 in the first week of January where we'll see the company detail Ryzen Mobile (which has already launched). But it looks like we might see the tease of the company's next-gen Ryzen 2 family of CPUs.



During a recent video on KitGuru, an AMD slide was teased in the background with 'Ryzen 2' which said "raising the bar for desktop performance" and teasing three new Ryzen 7 processors. We have:


  • Ryzen 7 2700: 10C/20T @ 4.0/4.5GHz (replaces Ryzen 7 1700)
  • Ryzen 7 2800: 12C/24T @ 4.4/4.9GHz (replaces Ryzen 7 1700X)
  • Ryzen 7 2800X: 12C/24T @ 4.6/5.1GHz (replaces Ryzen 7 1800X)


Better yet, the pricing on these new Ryzen 2 processors is damn good with the Ryzen 7 2700 starting at $329, the Ryzen 7 2800 priced at $399 while the flagship Ryzen 7 2800X will be priced at $449.


Now remember this is all rumor, and isn't official. But if it is... AMD could really bring the hurt to Intel by driving their new Ryzen 2 processors past 5GHz. Intel will have 8C/16T processors released in the New Year, but AMD could get a massive foothold in that time.


The leaked deck said pre-orders will begin on January 16 with a launch on February 1. The hype is real, people.

Start 2018 healthy with our Fitbit Blaze giveaway

By: Ben Gourlay | More News: Contests & Giveaways | Posted: 2 days, 2 hours ago

Thanks to our good friends at Fitbit, we're giving one lucky reader a chance to start 2018 in the healthiest possible way - with a brand new Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch!




Get fit in style with Fitbit Blaze-a smart fitness watch designed to help you maximize every workout and every day. Using fitness features like PurePulse Heart Rate monitoring, Multi-Sport Tracking and Connected GPS on your wrist you can automatically track your activity, exercise and sleep. Stay connected with call, text and calendar notifications.


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