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HyperX FURY DDR4-3466 16GB Dual-Channel Memory Kit Review

HyperX FURY DDR4-3466 16GB Dual-Channel Memory Kit Review

There is much to like about the HyperX Fury DDR4-3466 16GB Dual-Channel Memory Kit, its simple yet effective design complements its performance.

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Intel's new Coffee Lake-based 8C/16T chip spotted again

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: CPU, APU & Chipsets | Posted: 2 mins ago

It looks like Intel is set for a huge Computex this year with the launch of their beefed up Z390 chipset, but the tease of a new 8C/16T variant of its Coffee Lake CPU, a new processor that would succeed the already kick ass Core i7-8700K.




The Core i7-8700K is a 6C/12T gaming beast in its own right, but Intel will want to crush the 8C/16T space that AMD is shifting on with the Ryzen 7 2700. There's been a new listing on SiSoft's benchmark database, with the unnamed chip running at 2.6GHz with 8 cores in tow.


We should expect Intel to announce the new 8C/16T processor that should arrive during Computex, but there's one thing I'm concerned over: could Intel lock the new 8C/16T chip to only work on the new Z390 chipset? Or will they open up support for the new CFL processor on their other chipsets, too?

GeForce GTX 1050 3GB released: 768 CUDA cores, 96-bit bus

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Video Cards | Posted: 40 mins ago

NVIDIA has just announced its new GeForce GTX 1050 3GB which will join the GTX 1050 2GB model and fall under the GTX 1050 Ti with 4GB.




The new GTX 1050 3GB has more CUDA cores than the GTX 1050 2GB with 768 CUDA cores on the new GTX 1050 3GB compared to 640 on the 2GB model. The 3GB of GDDR5 is clocked at the same 7Gbps of the 2GB model, but has had its memory bus cut down to 96-bit, while the GTX 1050 2GB flies higher with a 128-bit memory bus.


With its 96-bit memory bus, we should receive around 84GB/sec of memory bandwidth compared to the 112GB/sec of both the GTX 1050 2GB and GTX 1050 Ti 4GB cards. 1080p or lower gamers with eSports titles shouldn't have a problem with this card, but I think we'll need to do some testing with Fortnite and PUBG on it when it's released.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 locked at 60FPS on all consoles

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 1 hour, 32 mins ago

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was revealed last week with a big push into Battle Royale madness with Fortnite and PUBG, but through an interview with Australian site Finder, Black Ops 4 game designer Matt Scronce had some fighting words.




Scronce said: "We wouldn't do [a battle royale mode] if we didn't think we could do it best and better than everybody else. We've got a huge library of content, ten years of history, we've got the best gunplay out there, we've got the best movement, so we're not too worried about it. Honestly, we're just worried about making this damn thing as fun as possible".


He continued: "And look, we're in a world where there's plenty of room for multiple titles. People would sometimes ask 'How are Battlefield and CoD going to exist in the same industry?' We do. What we're doing is going to be different. Some players will gravitate to us and people may gravitate towards other games. We're making something that, when we play it, we have a whole lotta fun and I think we can grow out from that".


As for locked 60FPS, Scronce said: "As for large advantages/disadvantages: I don't think there'll be any. You're still going to get your 60fps no matter the console - you'll just get better visual fidelity".


All console versions of Black Ops 4 will run at 60FPS, so the super-smooth FPS won't be exclusive to the beefed up Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, with the Xbox One/S and PS4 all running at 60FPS. However, the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will feature higher rendering resolutions and graphics quality.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 in 2019 with single-player

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 2 hours, 22 mins ago

Activision has activated the hype train for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, while rumors begin swirling around about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, which is reportedly scheduled for 2019.




A new post on charlieINTEL says that Infinity Ward is the developer behind Modern Warfare 4, with several ex-Infinity War developers leaving for Respawn Entertainment to work on Titanfall, coming back to the Infinity Ward team for MW4. This could mean that MW4 could feel more like the original Modern Warfare titles, and not like the not-so-well received COD games over the years.


Eric Hirshberg, the at-the-time CEO of Activision said that the next three Call of Duty games would be the best in the history of the COD franchise. He said: "Its suffice to say I think we have the best 3 year slate in Call of Duty's history, which is really saying something given this franchise's history. And I think we've got multiple different game universes that we know our players love on tap, so obviously, more to come on that".

Tencent buys majority stake in Path of Exile studio

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 4 hours, 48 mins ago

Overseas behemoth Tencent has purchased a huge majority stake in Path of Exile studio Grinding Gear Games, but the games-maker will still remain independent.




The devs at GGG today announced that Tencent has invested significantly into the studio with the aim of giving it the "resources to make Path of Exile as good as it can be." While the exact cost of the purchase remains unknown, the NZ Herald reports that Tencent bought 80% of Grinding Gear Games' shares, making it yet another major acquisition under the Chinese publisher's belt.


The Path of Exile devs assert that the studio will still remain fully independent and that the share purchase won't affect future development of their popular APRG. Grinding Gear Games will also still have full control of the Path of Exile IP, and no major changes will be made to the game's cosmetic-only monetization approach.

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Battlefield V may be set in WWII

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 6 hours, 45 mins ago

The rumors that Battlefield V will be set in World War II may be right on the money.



Earlier today EA dropped a new teaser for Battlefield V that seems to confirm the game will take place, at least in part, during WWII. The teaser is only 12 seconds long and gives two major clues: the apparel of the man shown, and the icons in the upper part of the screen that clearly show the British Union Jack as well as the German Balkenkreuz beam-cross symbol used by the German Wehrmacht forces in World War II.


As for the content, the teaser looks like actual in-game footage taken during conquest multiplayer game and shows a modern-ish stylized HUD. EA is also teaming up with Microsoft to promote the game so we may see some Xbox-exclusive content...or at the very least more footage during Team Green's E3 2018 conference.

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Acer Predator X27: 4K 144Hz HDR G-Sync f or $1999 on June 1

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Displays & Projectors | Posted: 17 hours, 21 mins ago

Computex 2018 is right around the corner, and now we know what will be the big show off in the future of gaming monitors: NVIDIA's upcoming 4K 144Hz HDR G-Sync gaming displays.




Acer's upcoming Predator X27 gaming monitor is now on pre-order at Newegg, where it will cost a hefty $1999. What exactly do you get for $1999? Acer's new Predator X27 is a 27-inch 4K 144Hz monitor with both HDR and G-Sync technology slapped on top. ASUS is using an AU Optronics IPS panel with Quantum Dot technology and 384 LED backlighting zones, so it'll look freaking beautiful as well as buttery smooth at 144Hz.


The problem here is that you'll need to be able to not just run your games at 4K, but you'll need to pump it out at 144FPS to truly enjoy the Acer Predator X27, and any other 4K 144Hz monitor. It will instantly become the hottest gaming monitor on the market when it arrives, which isn't too far away: June 1.

Paradox Interactive announce Imperator: Rome, trailer reveal

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 18 hours, 24 mins ago

Paradox Interactive has announced a new strategy game title Imperator: Rome, featured in a time of prospering Rome players will be able to enjoy the experience of Caeser and what it is like to rule from Athens to the beginnings of the Roman Empire.



Paradox Interactive has created a new Twitter account for the upcoming title, already on the account is screenshots of the shear size of the map players will have available. From the images, we can see that players will be able to rule all the way from the Pillars of Hercules to the distant India.


According to the announcement trailers description Imperator: Rome will be "set around the growth of Roman power in a threatening Mediterranean. Unify Italy and then the world under the eagles of your legions. Or rule an Eastern monarchy with claims to the mantle of Alexander."

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Resident Evil 7 will debut to Nintendo Switch, only in Japan

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 19 hours, 24 mins ago

Capcom has confirmed that a port of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be added to the Nintendo Switch, the port has been titled the "Cloud Version" and has already got a listing on the Japanese version of the eShop.



According to Nintendo Everything, Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version will be launching in quite a unique way for the Nintendo Switch. Unlike like other Nintendo Switch games, Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version will only be a 45MB download, with the rest of the required data being streamed off Nintendo's cloud.


Japanese players will be able to pick up the Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version and all of its DLC's for free, a 15 minute free trial is provided before players are required to purchase a further 180 days for 2,000 yen. Unfortunately, there has been no mention of the title coming to western markets, we can expect and hope that in the coming days Capcom makes an announcement and gifts western markets with a great portable horror experience.

Overwatch director hints at cross-platform opportunities

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 20 hours, 24 mins ago

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has commented on the current gaming industries interest in cross-platform play, he says that cross-play is "beneficial to everyone."




Kaplan discussed the topic throughout Games Magazines latest installment, he began by mentioning the two hottest games at the moment; PUBG and Fortnite. Using both of the battle royale titles as an example, Kaplan says "Fortnite and PUBG recently made a huge impact on gaming by having cross-platform experiences that spanned the PC, consoles and mobile. Cross-platform experiences, especially in social games or games with persistent progression, are very exciting."


Kaplan continues by saying "I hope to see platforms open up and embrace the way players want to play more. The technology and the desire exist. I believe it would be beneficial to everyone to open platforms up more to bring players together. So I'm definitely hoping for more cross-platform opportunities."

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