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Respawn CEO apologizes to gamers for devs INSULTING Apex Legends fans

By: Anthony Garreffa | Gaming | Posted: Aug 19, 2019 @ 23:06 CDT

Things are really getting out of control at Respawn, with developers attacking fans and fans rebelling against the recent Iron Crown event. Respawn developers went as far as calling gamers "ass-hats" and "freeloaders", setting things on fire -- as you can imagine. Respawn CEO Vince Zampella has now responded, apologizing to gamers.


Zampella said in his tweet: "On Friday, we gave Apex fans an update on how we were changing the Iron Crown event. Some of the team then joined a discussion with our community on Reddit, and things got to a pretty bad place. Some of our folks crossed a line with their comments, and that's not how we want Respawn to be represented. I apologize to any of our fans that were offended".

He continues: "I will always stand behind the team here at Respawn and support them on speaking out against some of the toxic and nasty comments aimed at their families and loved ones. But we shouldn't contribute to it when we do comment, and add to the very thing we want to prevent. Last week we didn't do that, going forward we will be better. Having an open, healthy relationship with our community is incredibly important to all of us at Respawn".

I think that Respawn has a gigantic journey ahead of it to repair its damanged relationship with fans, something that EA needs to start dealing with now ahead of the holiday season and more so -- the next-gen consoles coming in 2020.

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CDPR talks about how Cyberpunk 2077 will use RTX features at Gamescom

By: Anthony Garreffa | Gaming | Posted: Aug 19, 2019 @ 22:20 CDT

NVIDIA talked with CD PROJEKT RED about Cyberpunk 2077 in a little more detail at Gamescom 2019, with Cyberpunk 2077's Lead Quest Designer, Pawel Sasko, talking all things Cyberpunk in the video below:

The video goes for over 3 minutes, with the RTX portion of the video only a tiny portion which is unfortunate. I would've loved to have seen more RTX-powered footage of Cyberpunk 2077, but I guess we'll have to wait a little while longer.

The footage CDPR showed off at E3 2019 to the VIP guests in their suite (of which I was privy to see) looked great without RTX enabled, but I would like to see much more RTX-powered gameplay footage of Cyberpunk 2027, and ASAP. Maybe we'll see something new at PAX West which is August 30 through to September 2, cybernetic fingers are crossed for that.

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Sony won't abandon singleplayer story-driven games on PS5

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: Aug 19, 2019 @ 18:56 CDT

As gaming's biggest publishers focus on live services and microtransactions, Sony plans to double-down on singleplayer story-driven experiences.


Photo: Marek Okon

Today Sony bought Insomniac Games and added the Spider-Man developer to its stable of first-party developers. This sets the company up to deliver even more high-profile exclusives on its next-generation PlayStation 5 console, which arms developers with mighty Zen CPU and Navi GPU processing power, a super-fast SSD, and ray tracing for improved visuals.

Like God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Spider-Man, Sony's upcoming unannounced exclusives will likewise follow the big-budget singleplayer path. This is refreshing news as EA, Ubisoft, Activision and Take-Two all follow billion-dollar microtransactions and online gaming. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shawn Layden says we can expect more story-first titles on the platform.

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The Vex are coming in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep's Season of the Undying

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: Aug 19, 2019 @ 17:59 CDT

Gamescom 2019 - Bungie today announced Season of the Undying, the first season for Destiny 2's big new Shadowkeep expansion.

Soon Destiny 2's new $35 Shadowkeep expansion will be the gateway to all future seasonal content. Shadowkeep's first seasonal event, Season of the Undying (technically Destiny 2's Season 8) is centered around the time-travelling Vex, but no other official details have been confirmed. The new trailer is cryptic and mysterious in pure Bungie, offering intriguing glimpses of lore and content we can expect from the season.

"We say the Black Garden is the birthplace of the Vex. But it was not the beginning. It was the reason. The life in the Garden called out a question. The Vex are the answer. They will do anything to protect the Garden. In these things there is symmetry. The gateways have opened. The Vex are coming. The Garden of Salvation is only the beginning."

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PS4 gets exclusive Modern Warfare 2v2 alpha access

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: Aug 19, 2019 @ 17:28 CDT

Gamescom 2019 - PS4 gamers will get to try out Modern Wafare's new fast-paced 2v2 Gunfight mode in an exclusive alpha test.

The new Modern Warfare alpha test is set to begin this Friday, August 23, will be free for all PS4 gamers worldwide, and stars Infinity Ward's new chaotic Gunfight mode. Gunfight is 2v2 team-based deathmatch with strong emphasis on frenetic action and twitch reflexes, and takes place across five small-sized maps: Stack, King, Speedball, Docks, and Pine. Infinity Ward will use the alpha test to gather valuable network feedback.

As for the rest of the game, Infinity Ward shared some more details on what Modern Warfare will offer when it drops on October 25, especially when it comes to multiplayer. "Our overall goal for MP this year was to create the ultimate multiplayer playground. So we've got all sorts of shapes and sizes of experiences, we've got our smaller, tighter and faster 2v2 maps, we've got our more traditional 6v6 maps, and we've also got experiences on our larger-scale maps that're going to support upwards of 100 players," said Infinity Ward producer Dino Verano.

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Death Stranding's fetus tank babies explained

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: Aug 19, 2019 @ 16:56 CDT

Gamescom 2019 - Death Stranding's cryptic Bridge Babies get decoded in a new character story trailer.

Today Hideo Kojima brought lots of Death Stranding tidbits and footage to Gamescom, including magical pee and more backstory on the game's mysterious fetus baby-tanks. The so-called Bridge Babies are essential to the game's plot, and are essentially the keys to the doorway between the living and dead worlds.

The BB's, or Bridge Babies, are kind of like batteries. They power Sam's sensors to detect the shadowy BT monsters, and like batteries, they have to be their mother's womb. Every BB has a "still-mother" that's brain dead, and the BB's periodically have to be returned to their mother's womb in the United Cities of America's capital citadel. The pods are a simulation of the still-mother's womb, but they're not perfect, and Sam has to frequently sync the pod to the Chiral Network (the main framework that ties players to the world).

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Death Stranding has magical pee that changes the in-game world

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: Aug 19, 2019 @ 15:44 CDT

Gamescom 2019 - Peeing is a big part of Death Stranding. I didn't think I'd ever type that, but there it is. At Gamescom 2019's Opening Night Live, Hideo Kojima managed to make his new game even weirder.


We know a lot about Death Stranding now. It's an open-world game with a bizarre storyline about a plane of shadow monsters that intermingle with the real-world, and has a distinct emphasis on connecting gamers. But it's also about changing the world. One of the ways you'll be able to do this is by peeing everywhere you go. And if enough people pee in the same spot, something good will happen. No, really.

A new Death Stranding gameplay trailer displays how peeing affects the world. Everything you do will likely ripple throughout the game's huge open-ended United Cities of America map, but peeing specifically will make things grow and change. The footage showed Sam peeing on the ground and a mushroom popped up soon after--and it's even possible you could eat the mushroom for sustenance. Talk about symbiosis!

It gets weirder though. Kojima says your pee could be used as a weapon. "Yes, it could be used as a weapon," Kojima explained on stage at the event. "But also be one of the keys that you'll find out about later. You saw the mushroom growing, so if everyone does it in the same spot, something good will happen later on. Of course that's not the main part of the game, okay? The main part is to connect the world together."

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Arnold Schwarzenegger would be proud of the new PvPvE Predator game

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: Aug 19, 2019 @ 15:08 CDT

Gamescom 2019 - Illfonic is making a new Predator game that perfectly captures the suspenseful, clastrophobic chaos of the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger film.

Predator: Hunting Grounds looks to be the ultimate Predator game. It's essentially Friday the 13th but with a different setting, skin, and action-based FPS chaos. Set in the legendary Fox franchise, and follows a simple premise: four elite Army Rangers who go into the jungle and encounter the universe's perfect hunter, and get picked off one by one.

The new Predator game isn't narrative-focused though, not really. It's a PVPVE online multiplayer game where a team of four go up against the Predator and its interstellar arsenal complete with active camo, heat vision, and pulse cannons. The Rangers complete missions and take on other human rebels in firefights, all while being hunted by the Predator. The Rangers see through a first-person shooter view complete with crosshairs and HUD indicators, but the Predator can switch between third-person and first-person

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Sony buys Insomniac Games in major first-party acquisition

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: Aug 19, 2019 @ 14:31 CDT

Gamescom 2019 - Insomniac Games will now be part of Sony's first-party development stable, the PS4-maker today announced.


In an effort to bolster its first-party games lineup for the incoming PlayStation 5 console, Sony is buying Insomniac Games, one of the most talented developers in the industry. The deal, which sees Sony buying out Insomniac for an undisclosed sum, comes after Insomniac's blowaway success with the PS4-exclusive Spider-Man game.

Sony's announcement confirms Insomniac will continue focusing on story-driven exclusive games for the PlayStation platform. We could even see a Spider-Man sequel for PS5, complete with full high-end optimization of the next-gen platform. Under Sony's Worldwide Studios label, Insomniac joins other top-tier studios like Sony Santa Monica (God of War), Sony Bend (Days Gone), Sucker Punch (Ghosts of Tsushima), and Naughty Dog (Uncharted, The Last of Us Part 2).

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Halo Reach dev's new game Disintegration is a squad-based strategy FPS

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: Aug 19, 2019 @ 14:16 CDT

Gamescom 2019 - Halo creator Marcus Lehto is making a new game with his new studio V1 Interactive, and it looks promising.

Disintegration is a passion project from ex-Halo developer Marcus Lehto, who's leveraging a star-studded team of 30+ AAA vets to create a new shooter. At its core, Disintegration is more of a vehicular-based strategy game rather than a boots-on-the-ground action game like Halo. You're floating around in a kind of sparrow with tons of guns, blasting enemies and ordering a squad of teammates around the battlefield.

Lehto says Disintegration is a brand new concept that gamers haven't really experienced yet. "It's a game pretty much unlike anything you've ever played before," said V1's Marcus Lehto. "We have a full singleplayer story campaign as well as a huge multiplayer component to it. It's a first-person shooter with a lot of real-time tactics elements blended in."

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