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New Luigi's Mansion 3 teaser trailer showcases co-op play with Gooigi

By Jak Connor | Oct 18, 2019 06:08 am CDT

The release of Luigi's Mansion 3 is right around the corner and to increase excitement levels just that little bit more Nintendo have released a short teaser trailer.

For those that don't know, Luigi's Mansion 3 will allow for players to team up with Gooigi to battle the games story mode that will pit players against some cool mini-games and of course some ghost capturing action. The new commercial video that is above shows Luigi taking down multiple different ghouls and then using his ghost catching apparatus to poop out Gooigi, a green doppelganger of Luigi.

Back in June, Nintendo hosted a Nintendo Treehouse event where they played Luigi's Mansion 3, so if you happened to miss that and are interested in some gameplay, head over to this link here. Nintendo also released a cinematic trailer for the game that includes other iconic Nintendo characters such as Mario, Peach and Toad, more on that here. Luigi's Mansion 3 will be released on October 31st exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Halo Infinite co-developers debut 'Stela' a cinematic experience title

By Jak Connor | Oct 18, 2019 04:10 am CDT

Halo Infinite co-developer SkyBox Labs has launched their newest title 'Stela' on Xbox One today. 'Stela' takes players on a cinematic experience surrounding a young women in her final days of a mysterious world.

According to the press release, 'Stela' will introduce players to a once-thriving land that is now dying and a young women who journeys through the dying lands in search for some form of hopeful survival. Players will encounter beasts and monsters along the way who have occupied the land as their own.

Players will be faced with puzzles in gorgeous cinematic landscapes that are sprinkled with some touching single-player story that doesn't have any audio. 'Stela' is a platformer title and according to Shyang Kong, Co-Founder at SkyBox Labs, "For Stela, we really wanted to blend together a touching story with outstanding music and beautiful landscapes to make an experience that is grand in scale yet still personally intimate". Stela is available now for Xbox One for $19.99. For more information, head over to the 'Stela' website here.

Adobe Photoshop CC for iPad releases in 2019 but missing core features

By Jak Connor | Oct 18, 2019 03:08 am CDT

Photoshop will be launching on Apple's iPad by the end of the year, but unfortunately the editing software will be arriving some missing core features.

According to Bloomberg, Adobe will be debuting Photoshop CC without some important features that many editors would deem completely necessary to the program. Scott Belsky, Adobe's Cheif Product Officer has said that that Adobe is working extremely closely with Apple to bring as many of the Photoshop features over, but unfortunately this will take some time to do.

Beta testers of the software have said to Bloomberg that many features such as "filters, the pen tool and custom paintbrush libraries, vector drawing, color spaces, RAW editing, smart objects, layer styles and certain options for mask creation" were missing. One beta tester said "Feature-wise, it feels like a beefed-up cloud-based version of their existing iPad apps and not 'real Photoshop' as advertised." Another tester who declined to be named said "I understand it is based on desktop Photoshop code, but it doesn't feel like it right now."

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Apex Legends Season 3 Charge Rifle and drop ship quip spam now fixed

By Jak Connor | Oct 18, 2019 01:03 am CDT

Since the release of the newest season in Apex Legends, gamers have been obliterating their opponent with the newest sniper, the Charge Rifle. Those days of laughable downs are now over.

Just a couple of days ago, developer of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment announced that they would be balancing the charge rifle after the community was clearly overusing it. Those balance changes are now live, and the adjustments come in the form of increasing the amount of ammo that is used per shot, changing the mag size, and decreasing damage slightly.

One of the other issues with Season 3 was players realizing that they could perform quips while in the drop ship, and since quips could be heard by players in close proximity troll gamers decided to spam the same quips over and over again. As you can imagine this was quite annoying, so Respawn has fixed this issue as well. Respawn also say they have fixed "initial circle issues" but since there is no patch notes its hard to tell what this exactly means.

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Apex Legends drops two Special Edition retail bundles priced at $19.99

By Jak Connor | Oct 18, 2019 12:31 am CDT

Just in time for the holiday season, Respawn Entertainment have dropped two Apex Legends Special Edition retail bundles priced at just $19.99.


A new press release has been issued out detailing that consumers will soon be able to pick up the physical Apex Legends Lifeline Edition and Apex Legends Bloodhound Edition for both Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The Lifeline special edition contains; Legendary Lifeline Guardian Angel skin, Legendary Flatline Chooser of the Slain weapon skin, Exclusive Lifeline Winged Guardian banner, Exclusive Lifeline Angel Struck badge and 1,000 Apex coins.

The Bloodhound Edition contains: Legendary Bloodhound The Intimidator Skin, Legendary PDW Wrath Bringer weapon skin, Exclusive Bloodhound Feeling Impish banner, Exclusive Bloodhound Tormentor badge and 1,000 Apex Coins. Both of these retail bundles are available in-stores today. For more information about Apex Legends head on over to the website here.

CRINGE: Lady Gaga asks who Ninja is, asks 'what's Fortnight'

By Anthony Garreffa | Oct 17, 2019 08:35 pm CDT

We all know who Ninja is -- the most famous game streamer who left Twitch in a huge way for Mixer, and now singer/actress mega-star Lady Gaga is wanting to know who he is. Lady Gaga recently took to Twitter simply asking "@Ninja, who are you".

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins replied from his own Twitter, saying "Ask @Drake" -- referencing the time he set records for Twitch streams playing Fortnite with Drake back in 2018. It gets worse though, as Lady Gaga tweeted the day before "What's fortnight". Really... all that money, all those people around her, all that brain power and influence and she hears about "Fortnight" without Googling what it is?

Now sure, Lady Gaga -- or as she's known by her real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, could be genuinely wanting to know about Fortnite. But, do you come onto the internet and then on Twitter where she has just shy of freaking 80 million followers and ask 'What's fortnight' without doing a quick Google search?

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Here's a list of all cross-platform games, now that the PS4 joins in

By Anthony Garreffa | Oct 17, 2019 08:08 pm CDT

Sony has recently joined the fun world of cross-play between consoles and PC, with the worlds of Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and the PC all merging in some, but not all ways.


One of the largest games to support cross-play is coming very soon with Activision's big release in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but there are a bunch of games that support cross-play between the Xbox, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and of course... the PC. It's not all fun and games (heh) but there are full cross-platform supporting games that I will list, and partial cross-platform support in games.

The folks over at DigitalTrends made a great list of all games supporting cross-platform, and split them into platforms. It's a big list, and it'll continue to grow. But for now... this is what you can expect -- with a note that some of them aren't out yet, with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launching on October 25.

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Dragon's Dogma 2, Dino Crisis Remake and more possible from Capcom

By Derek Strickland | Oct 17, 2019 07:14 pm CDT

What if Dino Crisis got the same remake treatment as Resident Evil 2? Capcom hints that it's possible.


Capcom's new 2019 Annual Report outlines the company's future, including its plans for new games, business models, and platforms. The most exciting tidbit is Capcom's promise to resurrect dormant IPs with new releases, likely remastered or even remade in the potent RE Engine. Capcom likes re-releases and remasters (all companies do), and the company talks about bringing back old IPs every fiscal year. Now Dino Crisis fans have a new sliver of hope for a new game: Without a new release for nearly two decades, it doesn't get more dormant than Dino Crisis.

"Our initiatives are to (1) strengthen digital sales, (2) bolster our title lineup through the full-scale execution of our 60-month and 52-week maps and (3) awaken dormant intellectual properties," Capcom said in the report. "We will revive dormant intellectual properties for which we have not recently released new titles by increasing the number of our developers."

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Capcom to minimize microtransactions in its new games

By Derek Strickland | Oct 17, 2019 05:45 pm CDT

Capcom promises not to infuse its games with tons of microtransactions, lootboxes, or gacha-style purchases.


Capcom has been hitting out of the park lately with its big singleplayer games. But even as it pivots towards live gaming with Monster Hunter World, the company won't suddenly turn into EA, Ubisoft, or Activision with aggressive monetization. Capcom wants you to actually enjoy the games you play and not feel pressured to buy a ton of extra content, making them an outlier in today's industry alongside devs like CD Projekt RED.

While scouring Capcom's recent 2019 Annual Report, I uncovered Capcom's thoughts about microtransactions. They're quite refreshing in today's spend, spend, spend gaming landscape. "As a creator of entertainment culture, Capcom believes that games should be enjoyed for the entertainment value they provide with gameplay, not for thrills associated with winning a lottery," the company said in the report.

"We do not want to see games that are supposed to make people happy having the opposite effect as a result of excessive charges."

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Switch hits 15 million sales in North America, or 40% of global sales

By Derek Strickland | Oct 17, 2019 04:39 pm CDT

The Nintendo Switch line has sold 15 million units to date in North America, Nintendo today announced.


Nintendo's console is already a huge global success that routinely makes over $1 billion for Nintendo every quarter. Now with the Switch Lite in the picture, sales are set to rise--in fact they already are. Total Switch and Switch Lite sales have reached 15 million in North America, and hardware purchases are up 20% YoY in Q2, likely thanks to the cheaper $199 Switch Lite.

At 15 million sales in North America, the Switch has now eclipsed the Wii U's total lifetime sales by 1.44 million (the Wii U sold 13.56 million units total). These numbers also show North America comprises 40% of the total 36.87 million Switch units that've been sold to date.

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