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MachineGames: Epic vs Steam competition is healthy for the industry

Derek Strickland | Oct 22, 2019 at 6:24 pm CDT

The PC Game Store Wars are in full swing, but both consumers and developers stand to benefit from this big conflict--at least that's what Wolfenstein developer MachineGames believes.

MachineGames: Epic vs Steam competition is healthy for the industry |

There's a big benefit to Steam and the Epic Games Store's big brawl, at least when developers are concerned. The Epic Games Store signs multi-million dollar deals for six- or twelve-month exclusivity rights, and by doing so, puts pressure on Steam to retire its antiquated 70-30% revenue split model. Devs get to stay in business (especially indie devs) and keep making games rather than being buried under Steam's saturated storefront. The down-side is consumers ultimately have to use multiple launchers to play specific games--something that's already a trend thanks to uPlay and Origin.

Obviously devs are more excited about the Epic vs. Steam battle. MachineGames, the devs behind the excellent new Wolfenstein shooters, is no different, despite not having signed a deal with Epic themselves. "Competition is good for the industry. It's good for everybody, because competition just makes us be better," senior level designer Kristoffer Kindh told PCGamesN.

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Pokemon GO player murdered after witnessing robbery

Derek Strickland | Oct 22, 2019 at 5:51 pm CDT

21-year-old Cayla Campos was shot to death while fleeing after witnessing an armed robbery.

Pokemon GO player murdered after witnessing robbery |

Police say Campos was in her car playing Pokemon GO at 1:30am at nearby Bianchetti Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico before witnessing an attempted armed robbery. Campos drove away, but the assailants shot at her car, striking her in the neck and causing her to crash in a nearby house. She later died at the hospital. The murder happened right outside of Campos' apartment.

"Her and her boyfriend always make a loop around this park before they go home and play Pokemon Go because their apartment is literally right there," Campos' friend Cody Bell told KRQE.

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BioShock dev's new game might be a story-driven FPS

Derek Strickland | Oct 22, 2019 at 5:14 pm CDT

Ken Levine's latest game might be a first-person shooter with immersive simulation elements, a job listing hints.

BioShock dev's new game might be a story-driven FPS |

BioShock studio Irrational Games is no more, but a core handful of the old team lives on at their new studio Ghost Story Games. This new team has been developing a game since 2016 or thereabouts and we actually knew it'd be an immersive sim way back when. But new job listings hint the unannounced project could stick to BioShock's roots, which makes sense given the team's experience with shooters.

A producer job listing at Ghost Story games calls for experience with FPS, RPGs, or strategy games, hinting at a hybrid focus for the new project. "The ideal candidate for the producer role has owned areas of production for one or more PC and/or console titles in the shooter, RPG or strategy genres," reads the listing.

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UK official wants lootboxes classified as gambling

Derek Strickland | Oct 22, 2019 at 4:43 pm CDT

If children can't gamble offline, then they shouldn't be able to do so online, UK Children's Commissioner Anne Longfield says.

UK official wants lootboxes classified as gambling |

Today the Children's Commissioner's Office published a new report that analyzes gaming habits in children from 10-16 years old. The results found some significant harming effects of online gaming, from negative social interactions with strangers and over-spending with lootboxes.

The report takes a closer look at the psychological mechanisms of games like FIFA, which pressures children into buying packs for the chance to get better teams, and Fortnite, whose cosmetic monetization brings an intense peer pressure to buy skins to fit in with others. Longfield's main finding is that children simply don't have the power, sense, or adequate knowledge to control this type of spending, which may develop into financial management issues later in life.

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Xbox One controllers confirmed to have FULL support on next-gen Xbox

Jak Connor | Oct 22, 2019 at 7:00 am CDT

If you can remember back to E3, Xbox Head Phil Spencer said that the next-gen Xbox console will have backwards compatibility across previous generations. We now have a reaffirmation about how that will play out.

Recently, a fan named 'Parris' took to Twitter to ask James Shields, Product/Marketing Manager for Xbox accessories at Microsoft if the next-gen Xbox would have support for the Xbox One controllers. Shields replied to the Tweet confirming that "all Xbox One controllers!" are forwards compatible with the coming console.

It was also explained at E3 by Spencer that Microsoft want to move towards combining the PC and Xbox platform into one big family and by doing this their companies initiative is to start "respecting the purchases gamers have made on our platform." Allowing for previous generation controllers to work on the newest generation hardware is certainly a great step towards achieving that goal. As it lowers the purchasing barrier for the next-gen console, as buyers will know that they won't have to pick up a plethora of different accessorizes that would ultimately render their already owned Xbox One accessories 'useless'.

Steam beta adds FREE online multiplayer to 'local play-only' games

Jak Connor | Oct 22, 2019 at 6:06 am CDT

Valve has said that Steam users can update their clients to install a brand new feature that will remove the hassle of not being able to play local multiplayer games online with friends.

Steam beta adds FREE online multiplayer to 'local play-only' games |

This new feature is called Remote Play Together and Steam users can opt into Steam's newest beta to download and begin playing. Remote Play Together traverses local multiplay only titles, and lets Steam users who want to play a local play only title (Samurai Gunn, TowerFall Ascension) with their friends online. This is done through streaming, beta users can invite up to four friends to a game that lacks online multiplayer support through a simple right-click on their friends list.

The best bit about Remote Play Together is that its completely free and most importantly, only one player out of the group needs to own the game in order for everyone to play, not every player in the group. If you are after a more in-depth tutorial on how to update your Steam client to the new beta and begin Remote Play Together with your friends, head on over to the official Steam blog post explaining it all here.

Borderlands 3 'Bloody Harvest' event trailer shows off bosses & loot

Jak Connor | Oct 22, 2019 at 5:07 am CDT

Back in late September, Gearbox announced that the first new content to come to Borderlands 3 will be the Halloween event titled 'Bloody Harvest'. We now have the official trailer for the event.

From the above trailer which has been released onto the official Borderlands YouTube Channel, we are introduced to what players can expect from the upcoming event. Bloody Harvest will be adding a new area for players to enjoy, as well as Halloween-themed enemies, a challenging boss, new missions, cosmetics and more.

The new area will only be accessible to those players who have collected a certain amount of Hecktoplasm, which is an item that drops from slain Haunted enemies. These enemies are all over the galaxy and will drop through the duration of the Bloody Harvest event. Once players have collected enough Hecktoplasm, Maurice will open a portal to new area called Heck aboard the Sanctuary III. Borderlands 3's Bloody Harvest event will be running from October 24th to December 5th. Borderlands 3 is currently available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Epic Games gets extra spooky for their first ever Halloween sale

Jak Connor | Oct 22, 2019 at 3:08 am CDT

Epic Games is celebrating Halloween for the first time ever since their release, and to do that the company is slashing prices for a large selection of games.

Epic Games gets extra spooky for their first ever Halloween sale |

Epic hasn't just honed in on a specific genre of games to reduce pricing on, they have instead decided to hit almost every genre and diversify their sales catalog so everyone has a bit of something to enjoy. World War Z, Control, Beyond: Two Souls, Hades, Heavy Rain and The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series are just some of the titles Epic has got discounted.

If you aren't really into the titles mentioned above, Epic also has Darksiders III for half-price, Rainbow Six Siege for quarter of its normal price and For Honor heavily discounted. Not to mention the likes of Alan Wake being extremely cheap, Limbo and a large selection of The Walking Dead Telltale Games slashed. If you are interested in picking up some new titles this Halloween check out this link here.

There is now GameCube-style Nintendo Switch Joy-Con's available to buy

Jak Connor | Oct 22, 2019 at 2:02 am CDT

So you are a lover of the GameCube controller and just don't want to pass up on using it, but you want to use your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. SADES has your back with the GameCube-style Nintendo Switch Joy-Con's.

There is now GameCube-style Nintendo Switch Joy-Con's available to buy |

While it might not be the real deal when it comes to GameCube controllers, the GameCube-style JoyCon's from SADES is the closest your going to get in hand-held mode. SADES has announced this new controller in attempt to tap into the more than apparent GameCube market, and as someone who absolutely loves GameCube controllers they certainly have my attention.

The new pair of controllers come in at a cost of $59.99 which is about $10 more than your standard Nintendo Switch Joy-Con's. SADES has left no features out as well, the GameCube-style controllers come with NFC for amiibo and gyro support, a micro-USB charging cable, dock charging and HD rumble. While SADES Joy-Con's offer no extra utility when compared to normal Joy-Con's, they are more so aimed at a consumer who loves the GameCube aesthetic and wants that on their Nintendo Switch.

Gears 6 is being inspired by... The Handmaid's Tale

Anthony Garreffa | Oct 21, 2019 at 9:06 pm CDT

The Coalition is probably working on Gears 6 right now, with Gears 5 now out the door and in gamers' hands the next iteration of Gears 6 could have a very interesting source to be inspired by, at least visually.

Gears 6 is being inspired by... The Handmaid's Tale |

Gears 6 could be pulling visual inspiration from A Handmaid's Tale, the popular Hulu series, according to Iran-based vidoe game composer Hamidrez Nikoofar. He runs a podcast series called Wassup Conversations, where he chats with different developers. In a recent chat with Gears 5 art director Aryan Hanbeck, it was revealed the Hulu series is an inspiration.

Hanbeck said: "One thing - the guys here will probably laugh if they see this - but I've been telling all the artists nonstop to go watch Handmaid's Tale... The composition, the color, and just the cinematography and symbolism is just off the charts. So, I watched that and I'm like, 'Wow we gotta find a way to get more of this stuff in Gears 6".

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