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Apple AirPods catches smoke, bursts open in owners' ears

Anthony Garreffa | Sun, Feb 11 2018 2:41 AM CST

Jason Colon was at the gym on February 8 when he noticed that smoke was whispering out of his Apple AirPods, where he took them out of ears after which there were signs of "flame damage."

Apple AirPods catches smoke, bursts open in owners' ears |

The left AirPod had no damage, but the other one was cooked, with Colon saying "I don't know what would've happened to my ear. But I'm sure that since it hangs down, it could've been [my] ear lobe, you know, my ear lobe could've been burnt". He added that there were also signs of "flame damage."

Apple Insider reports that the burn residue inside of the damaged AirPods looks similar to what would be caused by an overheating battery, so the battery inside of Colon's AirPods could've been damaged and hurt other parts inside of the earpod. Apple has said that teh company is looking into the matter, and that they are going to get in contact with Colon.

Creative Launches Aurora Reactive SDK for Sound BlasterX

Shaun Grimley | Mon, Oct 2 2017 6:30 AM CDT

Creative Technology have released the Aurora Reactive SDK. This tool effectively converts the Aurora Reactive Lighting System that is featured with Sound BlasterX products into an open platform, allowing developers to customize, animate and synchronize lighting behavior to add another layer of customization with their products.

Creative Launches Aurora Reactive SDK for Sound BlasterX |

The SDK will come complete with sample codes, an API library, and documentation that allows even novice programmers to get started. This gives developers greater creative control to fully immerse the user by programming various lighting behavior modes. Lighting can reflect in-game scenarios by turning red the user is hurt, turn orange when attacking an enemy, or breathe with when searching for an enemy, the possibilities are endless.

Developers can download the Aurora Reactive SDK from here with Creative released monthly performance update patches with improved features and functionality. Current supported products include Sound BlasterX Katana, Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08 keyboard, Sound BlasterX Siege M04 gaming mouse, Sound Blaster AE-5 PCIe DAC and Sound BlasterX Kratos S5 2.1 USB gaming speakers

TUNAI teases DRUM, high-res bass enhanced earphones

Anthony Garreffa | Thu, Sep 21 2017 3:00 PM CDT

TUNAI Creative has announced their new DRUM earphones, something they call the High-Resolution Bass Enhanced Audiophile Earphone.

TUNAI teases DRUM, high-res bass enhanced earphones 02 |

DRUM has been engineered from the ground up to provide great sound across the audio spectrum, with the company saying the DRUM earphones deliver "clear, high-end, rich mid-range, and powerful bass. It gets you as close to perfect sound as our environment permits".

TUNAI teases DRUM, high-res bass enhanced earphones 09 |

TUNAI Creative is looking to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter to get their new DRUM earphones into consumers' ears, and at the price they're selling DRUM... it'll be an easy pledge goal to hit. Get this: TUNAI have their Super Early Bird special where if you pledge just $9, you get a pair of DRUM earphones. The MSRP for DRUM is $39.99, so this is saving $30 - crazy.

TUNAI teases DRUM, high-res bass enhanced earphones 01 |

Inside, DRUM has some of the latest high-quality components from Japan Audio Society (JAS), providing the perfect mix of performance, features, and great value. We have 13mm dynamic drivers which deliver a wide soundstage and powerful base.

TUNAI has used an "ultra-thin speaker diaphragm constructed from 8 micrometre aerospace quality PET, facilitating lightning-fast response times in the speakers and extend frequency range to 40,000Hz. It provides performance exceeding the requirements of digital audio sources".


  • Driver Unit: 13mm dynamic
  • Diaphragm: 8um aerospace grade PET
  • Frequency Response (Hz): 10 - 40,000Hz
  • Sensitivities (dB/mW): 105 dB/mW
  • Impedance: 35 ohms (1 kHz)
  • Cord material: OFC, Oxygen free copper
  • Cord Type: Y type, round cord
  • Cord length: 3.3ft / 100cm
  • Plug: Four-conductor gold-plated L-shaped stereo mini jack
  • Wearing style: Inner ear
  • Color options: Shadow Black, Sterling Silver, Shine Orange, Meadow Green and Turkish Blue

TUNAI is hoping to have the second pilot production run complete by November, with the mass production and delivery of DRUM earphones to Kickstarter backers in late November.

Jaybird announce Jaybird RUN wireless sport headphones

Shaun Grimley | Fri, Sep 15 2017 8:16 AM CDT

Jaybird have announced their first, completely wireless sports headphone, the Jaybird RUN sport headphones. With collaboration with some of the top runners in the world, the Jaybird RUN offers a lightweight and compact set of headphones designed for physical activities without compromising sound quality.

Jaybird announce Jaybird RUN wireless sport headphones 01 |

"Jaybird RUN is inspired by our athletes, and tested and built with the runner in mind who listens to music or podcasts and wants to feel as free as possible," said Jeff Taylor, Jaybird athlete and partnership manager. "Being runners ourselves, we understand how bulky headphones can get in the way. The Jaybird RUN compact form factor fits securely and delivers music without a single wire. We've perfected the Jaybird RUN experience, so you'll forget you're wearing them, and we're excited to share them with runners everywhere."

Offering physical features that include sweat proofing, water resistance and interchangeable tips and fins for different ear sizes, Jaybird RUN also allows for connectivity via Bluetooth technology and provides 12 hours of portable battery life. One intuitive control-button allows to take calls, start and stop music, skips tracks and activates Siri or Google Assistant.

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Xiaomi announces Mi AI Speaker priced at mere $45

Lana Jelic | Thu, Jul 27 2017 8:19 AM CDT

Xiaomi has launched two new devices, the Mi X5 and the Mi AI Speaker.

Xiaomi announces Mi AI Speaker priced at mere $45 |

Xiaomi's AI speaker includes a six-microphone array for echo cancellation and voice control and is designed to be the hub for all of Xiaomi's smart home products. The speaker works like Amazon Echo, meaning you can ask it questions, play music, or set reminders.

Using a companion app, you will be able to install add-ons to bring additional features to Mi AI over time.

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Logitech is buying headset maker Astro for $85 million

Anthony Garreffa | Wed, Jul 12 2017 12:01 AM CDT

Logitech has just announced it is buying gaming headset maker Astro in a deal worth $85 million, with the two making it official next month.

Logitech is buying headset maker Astro for $85 million |

Ujesh Desai, VP and GM of Logitech G brand said that Astro's console-oriented gaming headsets will be a "perfect compliment to Logitech G's focus on PC gaming". Logitech has released a press release talking about the Astro acquisition, where they said: "With the addition of Astro, we're investing in an adjacent gaming market - the console gaming market - to help accelerate the long-term growth of our gaming business. In FY 2018, we expect the acquisition of Astro to add approximately two points of growth to the to p line, and to be slightly dilutive to the bottom line in the first year, as we integrate the business and invest to expand Astro internationally".

Astro co-founder and president Jordan Reiss has talked about the acquisition of his company by Logitech, where he said: "The whole team at Astro has always held Logitech and Logitech G products in the highest regard, so I'm ecstatic we are joining forces. Astro's brand strength combined with Logitech G's unrivaled technology and global distribution network is going to bring our products to even more gamers around the world".

Dolby Atmos is coming to Netflix

Derek Strickland | Thu, Jun 29 2017 4:27 PM CDT

Netflix has embraced Dolby's next-generation Atmos sound technology in a bid to create a true theater-like cinematic experience for living rooms across the globe.

Dolby Atmos is coming to Netflix |

Streaming titan Netflix today announced that it will be integrating Dolby Atmos sound quality into key titles across its library of content. Dolby Atmos support debuted today with the release of Okja, and the company aims to match the impressive visuals of 4K HDR with high-end sound quality.

"I'm excited for Netflix members all over the world to be able to get a theater-quality experience in the comfort of their own homes while watching Okja and the other excellent titles to come," Netflix Chief Product Officer Greg Peters said. "Over time, we plan to add support to more devices, making the experience more accessible to Netflix members everywhere."

Dolby Atmos support will be available for five titles including:

  • Okja (June 28)
  • BLAME! (July 28)
  • Death Note (August 25)
  • Bright (December)
  • Wheelman (2017)

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Exploding Beats headphones aren't Apple's fault

Anthony Garreffa | Mon, May 22 2017 11:45 PM CDT

The world went a little crazy when Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 smartphone was exploding last year over faulty batteries, and now its main competitor is experiencing similar exploding products.

Beats, which is owned by Apple, has been in the news with an Australian woman waking up on a flight between Adelaide, South Australia and Hong Kong by the sound of an explosion, and a burning sensation on her face. Adelaide Now reports: "The woman, whose face, hands and hair were burned, had sought to be reimbursed to replace her headphones and several items of ruined clothing".

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HyperX ships more than 2 million headsets in three years

Derek Strickland | Wed, Feb 22 2017 1:57 AM CST

Today HyperX announced that it has smashed the 2 million headsets shipped milestone.

HyperX ships more than 2 million headsets in three years |

HyperX audio headsets are a popular choice for gamers on a budget, with their HyperX Cloud II Pro headsets providing amazing audio for a fraction of the price of its competitors. The company's latest Cloud Stinger headset just won the iF Design Award for its quality build and audio performance in an attractive price ratio.

Due to this popularity the Kingston audio division reveals its shipped more than two million headsets in the last three years. "Since the original Cloud launched in 2014, HyperX has shipped over two million headsets around the world within three years," HyperX revealed in the latest Cloud Stinger press release.

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Apple's BeatsX wireless earphones soon available

Lana Jelic | Wed, Feb 8 2017 7:29 AM CST

Apple's BeatsX wireless neckband-style earphones will finally become available on February 10th.

Apple's BeatsX wireless earphones soon available |

Apple promises up to eight hours of battery life, while a 5-minute charge gives you 2 hours of playback. RemoteTalk allows you to take calls with a built-in mic, play music, adjust volume and activate Siri.

The BeatsX will first be available in black and white colors while the gray and blue versions are coming soon.

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