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2012 HDTV prices leaked, get some pricing on Panasonic, Sony, Sharp and Samsung sets

By Anthony Garreffa | Displays & Projectors | Feb 13, 2012 01:18 am CST

Since CES earlier this year, with all of the TV teases, smart TVs, OLED, and more, I began to feel my wallet shaking on the table. It shook more when I started checking out the leaked pricing on 2012 HDTV pricing, and oh boy am I excited.


HDGuru have entered my dreams and have released some advertising pricing on some new models from Sony and Sharp, with those models being the BX, EX and HX lines, and the 640, 745, 844, 847 and 945 lines from Sony and Sharp, respectively. Panasonic pricing has been revealed by Value Electronics and for Samsung, we're seeing preorders at Vanns, which even includes the preccioouuusss itself, their top-of-the-line 75-inch ES8000 priced at $7,999.

If the ES8000, $7,999-priced model is too much, how about the 46-inch model? That's just $2,699.

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Microsoft opening new retail stores soon, will step over the border to Canada by the end of the year

By Anthony Garreffa | Business, Financial & Legal | Feb 13, 2012 12:18 am CST

Microsoft have laid down some plans where they will open up four new retail stores over the next few months, with the first international stores opening up later this year.


This is all according to at least one person familiar with Microsoft's plans, says The Verge. The plans would see the Redmond-based company open up a brand new store in Palo Alto, California, and another in Austin, Texas. The funny thing about two of these stores? They will be opening during April, and they'll be quite close to Apple retail store locations in popular malls.

The same plans are said to include two new stores in the state of New Jersey, the first in Bridgewater, the second in Freehold. The New Jersey stores are said to be located in malls that also have Apple stores, and are expected to open up shop before the end of June.

Microsoft's Kevin Turner said last July that Microsoft plan to open up 75 new stores over the next two years, but at the time didn't mention any non-domestic stores. Canada is on the list to receive a store, which should be located in Toronto and will open up just before the holidays. It's said to expect at least one international store at the same time as the Toronto-based store opening.

Epic's Tim Sweeney says there's "too many platforms"

By Anthony Garreffa | Gaming | Feb 12, 2012 11:23 pm CST

Tim Sweeney, Epic CEO and Technical Director spoke at the 2012 D.I.C.E. Summit, where he predicted that the number of platforms for games will shrink to three or four over time. He also added that consumer have many choices when it comes to gaming platforms with tablets, PCs, smartphones, Macs, consoles and new handhelds. He adds:


This is too many platforms. We're seeing now iPad sales have surpassed the sales of PCs. This is a real revelation, this is a product that wasn't invented until a few years ago and its basically supplanting personal computers. Over time these platforms will be whittled down to a competing set of platforms to maybe three winners worldwide across everything - computers, game platforms, smartphones...We should expect a lot of consolidation here and winners and losers according to who picks the right directions and executes successfully.

Sweeney also predicted that there would be new devices on the market, as well as new technologies for developers to tap into:

I see a bright future for technology and its implications on games. The ability of game developers to exploit another thousand-fold increase in computing power on future generations of platforms. Some of it will be consoles, some of it PC and some of it tablets. The form factor we can't predict, but the opportunity is there. Our industry's brightest days are yet to come.

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Acer's unannounced CloudMobile Ice Cream Sandwich-based smartphone wins iF design award, will be at MWC

By Anthony Garreffa | Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Feb 12, 2012 10:24 pm CST

Acer's previously unannounced "CloudMobile" smartphone has just received its first award, all without hitting retail shelves. Acer CloudMobile received the iF design award 2012, in recognition of its outstanding achievement in design.


The phone hasn't been heard of until now, and is set to become Acer's flagship smartphone, and officially unveiled at the end of this month in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, with availability in Q3, 2012. There aren't any specs on the device itself, but Pocket-lint are hearing that it rocks Android 4.0, includes a 4.3-inch HD display, Dolby sound, and is less than 10mm thick.

According to Acer, this is the first smartphone to offer AcerCloud technology, which "enhances mobile productivity by providing seamless document management". That's everything there is to know about the phone right now, more should float up from the depths of the Internet soon, I'm sure.

Last year's Steam hack worse than previously believed, credit card details and more were taken

By Anthony Garreffa | Business, Financial & Legal | Feb 12, 2012 09:19 pm CST

We reported last year about the Steam hack, but it has now been reported that the hack was actually quite a lot worse than previously thought. The server hacked did contain data such as usernames, hashed passwords, game purchases, e-mail addresses, billing addresses and encrypted credit card numbers, but Valve didn't find any evidence that led them to believe that any personal information was stolen, until now.


Valve have completed further investigation into the matter, and have stated that their preliminary conclusion was, incorrect. Newell has now said he believes the hackers obtained a copy of a backup file with data about Steam transactions made between 2004 and 2008. This backup file is said to contain usernames, e-mail addresses, encrypted billing addresses and encrypted credit card numbers. One of the good things to come from this news is that no passwords were included in this file.

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Apple strikes yet again, seeks ban on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

By Anthony Garreffa | Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Feb 12, 2012 08:47 pm CST

Here we go, again. Apple don't even let the dust settle on previous lawsuits against not only Samsung, but others, and today is no different. Apple are bringing a motion for preliminary injunction against Samsung's Ice Cream Sandwich-powered Galaxy Nexus smartphone in the U.S.


The latest motion is based on a handful of very powerful patents, which FOSS Patents have dubbed "the patent equivalent of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse". Quite the title considering it's 2012 and all. FOSS' breakdown:

  • the "data tapping" patent based on which the ITC ordered an import ban against HTC
  • a patent related to Siri and unified search, which must be of huge concern to Google with a view to its core business
  • a new slide-to-unlock patent that even had the head of the Taiwanese government profoundly worried
  • a word completion patent that provides major speed improvements for touchscreen text entry

Really, Apple? Are you that scared of the Galaxy Nexus and Samsung's future, most likely, quad-core phones? That scared that all you can do is patent slap the competition instead of releasing actual ground-breaking new devices instead of "S" variants of 18-month-old smartphones? Release something magical, revolutionary, and I hope with all the power in the universe that the people you've pissed off with patents come back to haunt you.

Samsung to intro low-end Galaxy mini 2 S6500 handset

By Anthony Garreffa | Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Feb 12, 2012 08:23 pm CST

Samsung have been dominating the mobile industry with their super amazing Galaxy S II handset, and now look to be wanting to get the domination going in the low-end range, too. Enter codename 'Jena', aka Samsung Galaxy mini 2 S6500.


If the leaked picture with specs are correct, spec-wise, it should sit between two popular Samsung handsets: Galaxy Y and the Galaxy Ace. Specs have improved since its predecessor, the Galaxy mini S5570. We should be looking at a 3.3-inch screen with a higher resolution (HVGA), an 800MHz single-core processor, and 3GB of built-in storage.

Samsung's mini 2 S6500 should be cranking along with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, sports 3-megapixel camera, and 7.2Mbps HSDPA connectivity, which the original had. Design-wise, the mini 2 S6500 has rounded corners that the first mini sported, but looks like a smaller, rounded Galaxy S handset. The promo image leak points to the handset hitting in "February 2012", which should have it landing right in the time frame of the Mobile World Congress.

Google updates YouTube for Google TV, adds YouTube channel pages and more

By Anthony Garreffa | Software | Feb 12, 2012 07:45 pm CST

Google have just updated YouTube for Google TV, where they say it is "making it faster and easier to find great content". By doing so, they've added YouTube channel pages, which gives you more control of your experience.


The update is available on the Android Market, and after its updated, you should see some pretty big improvements. First up, the app works faster with smoother navigation, which goes toward that 'better experience' they want you to have. Secondly, Google have added a new feature called "Discover". Discover lets you browse YouTube channels by categories.

This means you could be looking for a comedy, cooking content, or the latest news, making it easier to search through categories versus running a search and hoping for the best. Google have also updated the YouTube app with new channel pages. Now you can navigate through playlists and videos in your favorite channels, as well as having the ability to subscribe to channels directly from the YouTube app with just a simple click.

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Google to launch 'Drive', a cloud-based storage solution

By Anthony Garreffa | Cloud Computing | Feb 12, 2012 07:08 pm CST

It seems as though Google are inching closer to launching a cloud-based storage solution that should go head-to-head with other cloud-based solutions like Dropbox and Microsoft's SkyDrive. Wall Street have cited people "familiar with the matter" who say that the service would be simply known as 'Drive', and should be here within a few months.


It will reportedly include a free option that should suit most customers, but Google will also have a premium model which should feature more storage space. At the moment, there's no information on just how much space will be included in the free option, but considering Dropbox offer 2GB for free, with additional space given for referrals and promoting them on social networks, it should be similar.

Dropbox also charge just $9.99 for 50GB and $19.99 for 100GB. Google have the power to offer just as much, if not more, for less than Dropbox's offerings. Google are already offering 20GB of shared data for its Picasa, Gmail and Google Docs services for just $5 per year. Microsoft on the other hand, offer 25GB through SkyDrive for free. Google will most likely match, if not beat, SkyDrive's pricing.

Friday Morning Roundup for February 10, 2012

By Anthony Garreffa | Roundups | Feb 10, 2012 10:20 am CST

The latest happenings in the technology world, February 10th, 2012.

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