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Popular Dell 27-inch 1440p G-Sync only $384 on Labor Day

By: TweakTown Dealzon | More News: Deals | Posted: Sep 4, 2017 7:10 pm

This Labor Day we're spotting deals on a great number of gaming monitors. In particular, one of the more popular gaming monitor on the market - the Dell 27-inch S2716DG 1440p G-Sync monitor. A popular panel that's the monitor of choice for many PC gamers, this $800 list price monitor is now over half-off thanks to a stacking Labor Day savings and a rare coupon code. This makes the S2716DG only $385 after coupon code DISOCVER10 - note that the code also works on the littler brother S2417DG for $342, but we think for an extra $43 getting the 27-inch model is well worth it.




Below, you'll also find other gaming monitors, everything from dirt cheap UltraWide FreeSync 25-inch LG for only $127, to premium 1440p monitors such as the HP Omen 32 (or its cheaper Pavilion 32 alternative). Check specs before you buy so you'll know exactly what you're getting. Many of these deals are expiring by tonight or tomorrow morning at 8 AM Pacific Time. Note that many of the deals listed below have different coupon codes, particular the BenQ refurbished gaming monitors. You'll have to use the respective coupon to get the prices shown for the Labor Day gaming monitor deals listed below. All deals are US-only, apology in advance to our International readers.


G-Sync Monitors


1440p Gaming Monitors


UltraWide Gaming Monitors


More Gaming Monitor Deals

Thinkpad laptops gets 30% coupon for Labor Day weekend

By: TweakTown Dealzon | More News: Deals | Posted: Sep 1, 2017 8:50 pm

For this Labor Day weekend, Lenovo is putting out a giant promotion for all things Thinkpad laptop. From entry-level Thinkpad machines like the E575 series at only $389 to high-end Xeon processor equipped workstation Thinkpads like the Thinkpad P51 and P71, you'll be able to scoop up big discounts on these venerable business laptops based on your needs and preferences.




For those who have been on the fence with a Thinkpad X1 Carbon, the latest 5th gen models are all at historic low prices thanks to the big 30% off price cut provided by the Labor Day coupon - just plug in THINKPADSALE during checkout. The base model with the Kaby Lake Core i5-7200U and 128GB SSD is now only $1,091, while the higher-end models hover between $1,322 and $1,567. On the X side of things, the X270 is now cheapest ever with a starting price of $734. Granted, most people will be upgrading the RAM, display panel, and storage size...although you can do so after-the-fact as well.


In workstation land, both the P51 and P71 are also significantly more attractively priced than usual, with starting prices of $899 for the Thinkpad P51 and $1,259 for the bigger desktop replacement P71. Both of these can go as high as $2,000+ with the Xeon E3-105 and are in a different performance/use case domain when compared to the more "consumer" oriented Thinkpads. In either case, the THINKPADSALE 25% off coupon will work on the Thinkpad P51 and P71 during Labor Day 2017.


Thinkpad Labor Day Coupon




This coupon runs until September 4th and gets you 25% off on most Thinkpads, while the very same code will take 30% off any X series laptop. This includes the X1 Carbon, X1 Yoga, and X270 models listed below.


Thinkpad X1 Carbon, X1 Yoga and X270


Thinkpad T470, T470s, and T470p


Thinkpad P51 and P51s


Thinkpad P71


Thinkpad X and E Series

Blast 18% off Destiny 2 key for PC

By: TweakTown Dealzon | More News: Deals | Posted: Aug 26, 2017 9:09 pm

T-minus two days until Destiny 2's Open Beta goes live on the PC next week. Whether you're a PC gamer on the fence or fully invested into the Destiny universe, retailers are dangling pre-order bonus incentives this weekend in prepartion for one of the most anticipated title this Fall. While the PC version of Destiny 2 has been delayed until October, PC gamers do get a taste of the title from August 29 to August 31 next week.


One such carrot incentive is early access to the Open Beta. If you pre-order this weekend, you'll be granted 24-hour early jump start starting August 28 (that's as early as Monday next week!). Couple with the extra gameplay time, you'll also be able to enjoy some more practical reward in the form of fiscal savings: as of writing the best deal for Destiny 2 for US gamers resides at digital retailer Green Man Gaming with a 18% off discount for the key of the game. You can check below for full breakdown.


Destiny 2 Key Deals


US Deals


UK/EU Deals


Update: Deals above have changed now that we are close to release date. Let us know in the comments if pricing are different yet again.


Because Destiny 2 is a region locked title, you should make sure you're buying the proper copy of the game. As listed above gamers residing in US can pick up the game at GMG for 18% off (a $10.80 savings) for $49.19. The same percentage discount also applies toward the Destiny 2: Digital Deluxe Edition, which gets you a $18 discount from its hefty $100 list price.


Conversely, UK and EU gamers can buy from both Green Man Gaming or GamesPlanet. (If you click on the GMG link, you'll be redirected to your proper regional key). At GamesPlanet, they are only selling keys for European region for Destiny 2, so if you're in North America - shop at GMG.


Destiny 2 will release on October 24 for the PC. The game is near its September 6 release date for the console.

AMD Ryzen CPUs gets cheaper with 1-day only code at eBay

By: TweakTown Dealzon | More News: Deals | Posted: Aug 16, 2017 4:50 pm

In a limited time today-only coupon, eBay is running a "Back to School" promotional code that lets you take 20% off select hardware from select retailers. The caveat is that the coupon has a maximum redemption limit of $50 - which is to be expected when we're looking at CPU deals such as an AMD Ryzen 7 or other higher list price items. Having said that, you can now pick up Ryzen 7, 5, and even the latest Ryzen 3 CPUs for cheap until midnight tonight.




Of all the Ryzen deals below, the best one of the best deal is the AMD Ryzen 5 1500X at $151.99 after coupon. This is the only model listed below where pricing is cheaper than usual - whereas all the other Ryzen CPUs are at typical sales price - even after coupon code (so you're honestly only saving about 5% to 10% off, even though this is a coupon with an apparent big saving). Having said that, another noteworthy deal in this batch of computer hardware deal falls in the gaming monitor category.


The popular HP Omen 32 gaming monitor with QHD 1440p and AMD FreeSync is now only $259.99 after coupon. Compared to its typical sales price of around $280 to $300 - you're reaping good savings with this refurbished model, especially when compared to new models that are often priced over $500.


Use Coupon Code: PSCHOOL20


AMD Ryzen Deals



More PC Hardware


2K Games PC sale brings cheap Civ VI, XCOM 2, and more

By: TweakTown Dealzon | More News: Deals | Posted: Aug 8, 2017 11:24 pm

Though Steam's sale has been over since July 5 the PC gaming Summer Sales are not over. Just this week Bundle Stars fired up a new one and their discounts on 2K Games are mostly better than the previous Steam Sale. Their headliner Civilization VI is the prime example.




A $35.99 purchase during the Steam Summer Sale, now in the Bundle Stars Summer sale you can get the price down to $32.39. Just be sure to apply a stacking 10% off coupon code at checkout for the best price online. It's the same case for the Civ 6 deluxe edition dropping to $43.19 at Bundle Stars while it was only $47.99 during the Steam Sale.


What was surprising to us, that even with a 10% off coupon, Bundle Stars does not have all the best 2K discounts. GamersGate also has a 2K sale, and while there is no stacking coupon, their raw instant savings often beat the Bundle Stars Summer Sale, like Mafia III dropping to $20 at GamersGate but only $24.30 after coupon at Bundle Stars. Below are the 2K Games at each sale listed at the lowest charging retailer.



Bundle Stars 2017 Summer Sale 2K Deals:


Use Code: SUMMER10



GamersGate 2K Games Sale:



The sale both end on August 13. GamersGate's goes through 6PM Eastern while Bundle Stars will go through the full day. The 10% off coupon at Bundle Stars will be valid through the entire Bundle Stars 2017 Summer Sale, ending on August 20.

$4 Wolfenstein and $12 Doom in 'last chance' PC sale

By: TweakTown Dealzon | More News: Deals | Posted: Aug 3, 2017 8:23 pm

On July 5th the Steam PC gaming sell came to an abrupt end, but if you thought that was the end of cheap PC games this season you were wrong. For the last two week the UK-based retailer GMG has been running a 1,500+ title Summer Sale of their own and it's entering it's final "last chance" phase. As a last chance sale several of their best sellers have become even cheaper with 24 flash deals now stacking with a 20% off coupon. Many like Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood are at their best prices online.




Since July 21st, GMG has been running six "flash deals" at a time for 12 hours a pop. A total of 24 of the best flash deals have returned during the last 24 hours of GMG's sale. A have a 20% off coupon code combines with their instant savings cutting prices further. On top of that these flash deals will come with a free mystery game from GMG that arrives via email and a 10% off coupon code you can use on future purchases.


The sale runs through Friday, August 6 at 8AM Pacific. That's less than 24 hours from the time of writing, so you'll need to act fast. After that point the coupon will die and prices will return to normal levels. Below are the 24 flash deals and other top picks of the sale.


Update 8/4/17: The GMG Summer Sale has come to an end, but all the good PC gaming deals are not over. GamersGate has a Bethesda sale which shares many of the same titles at the GMG Summer sale with similar discounts. Wolfenstein: The New Order, for instance, was $4 in the GMG sale but is still decently discounted at $4.48 at GamersGate. Those best deals are listed below.



Last Chance Flash Deals


Use Code: DEALZON20



More GMG Sale Deals:



Any of the deals we've listed above are at great prices but there are general sweeping comments we can make. The best deals in our opinions are on Bethesda as Doom the Wolfenstein series, and Dishonored 2 are at or within pennies of their all-time historic lows. We should also note that if you're an EVE Online player, the GMG sale is one of those few occasions PLEX cash is on sale.

Cheap Ryzen CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs with eBay Flash Coupon

By: TweakTown Dealzon | More News: Deals | Posted: Aug 1, 2017 6:01 pm

eBay is throwing out a limited time back-to-school themed coupon code that cuts 10% off select items at select retailers. While much of the sale is on fidget spinners and the usual junk you'd find on eBay, the coupon applies to some PC hardware that rarely gets discounts. The results are many discount Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 processors.




Beyond Ryzen, the code also works on select GPU's, SSD's, and Monitors. A rare drop under $200 is seen after coupon on the in-demand GTX 1060 video card. The coupon stacks with any instant savings and is only valid through today, August 1. Yup you read correctly, so if you're just about to buy any of those hardware today, this is a great deal. Otherwise, we'd suggest skimming the list to get a feel of the current street price on the various components below so you have a better idea of how much certain Ryzen CPUs and certain GeForce GPUs should cost during your next upgrade.


Use coupon: PCOLLEGE10


Ryzen 5 and 7 Desktop Processors



Video Cards



Solid State Drives






Console Gaming Hardware



Even console video game hardware is going on sale. The PlayStation 4 Pro is at its best price of 2017 after coupon along and we're seeing a rare $40 off on the PSVR.

One day 10% off deal on PlayStation VR and PS4 Pro

By: TweakTown Dealzon | More News: Deals | Posted: Aug 1, 2017 8:00 am

If you can make a $300+ purchasing decision within a day - then this may just be the PlayStation VR (or PS4 Pro) deal you've been looking for. Since Friday last week, eBay has been running a 10% off coupon code on select hardware from select retailers on their giant outlet platform. We've spotted a few interesting items including a PS4 Pro discounted down to $360 thanks to the aforementioned coupon - but just this week, Newegg has introduced the PlayStation VR into the mix of things.


We're counting two PlayStation VR deals as of writing, with a PS VR Core Headset on tap for $360, and a PlayStation VR Worlds Bundle for $450. The eBay 10% coupon will knock off $40 and $50, respectively, on both of these rarely discounted virtual reality headset from Sony.


PlayStation VR and Pro Deals


Use code: PCOLLEGE10 at checkout



Accompanying the two PS VR deals is Sony's higher performance PS4 Pro, which unlike the PS VR was never an "in-demand" unit given its wide availability since launch last year. Comparatively, supplies of PSVR was always questionable after its launch last year - with scalping prices going as high as $1,000.


So with that mindset, looking at its current discounted price shows you that being an early adopter can be quite an expensive proposition indeed.


All three PS4 related deals above will expire tonight at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. You'll need to use PayPal to check out for the coupon code to work - and while we don't expect the deal to be extended, occasionally "replacement" promotions do show up when other retailers see the action and want to join in on the fray. For example, just last week Walmart owned has the PS4 Pro on sale for a similar price. So it's not a far stretch to imagine a similar discount will occur for the PlayStation VR in the near future.


With Sony releasing what appears to be a strong Q1, it'll be interesting to see if they make a more aggressive price push on their now ubiquitous PlayStation 4 console as we near the holiday season.

Hardware deals: cheap Ryzen 5 and GeForce GPUs

By: TweakTown Dealzon | More News: Deals | Posted: Jul 26, 2017 1:00 am

If your next build is Ryzen (particularly the Ryzen 5), this week is an excellent time to buy on the cheap. Just today released a $25 and $40 off coupons which stack with instant savings already available. The result is a myriad of PC hardware discounts on video cards and monitors, but most notable is the Ryzen 5 processor from AMD. Three of the four available Ryzen 5 desktop processors are at rock bottom prices - the 1500X, 1600, and 1600X.




The Ryzen 1500X, for instance, has fallen from the usual $190 to $164 after coupon - a historic low price. Compared to many retailers having the 1500X listed at $200.


In video cards, two really hot deals can be made with the Jet coupons. In a world where GTX 1080's have been inflated in price to the $700 - $1,000 level, Jet's coupon makes the MSI GTX 1080 Aero the best price online with a drop to $520 after coupon. Also notable in the GPU world are two Dell deals including a GTX 1070 for only $430 - most GTX 1070's are over $500 these days thanks to the crypto mining craze.


The best hardware deals of the week are listed below - which also includes an enticing 27-inch refurbish WQHD 1440p monitor from Monoprice at only $140. In need of SSD? Jet's coupon will also work on the 525GB and 1TB models of Crucial's MX300.


Ryzen 5 Deals





Video Card Deals



Intel CPUs









Most of the above deals are made with either coupon code ITSELECTRIC25 or coupon ITSELECTRIC40. The ITSELECTRIC25 code takes $25 off select electronics at Jet priced $150 or more; while the ITSELECTRIC40 takes $40 off electronics $250 or more. The codes both end after Sunday, July 30. Other hardware deals listed without a "Use code" next to the price do not require additional steps to get the discount and are available at other retailers across the web. Most deals will last through July 30th, but as always they may expire earlier.

Bethesda sale: $13 Doom, cheap ESO and more

By: TweakTown Dealzon | More News: Deals | Posted: Jul 25, 2017 12:30 am

In the Summer months of 2017, it's good to be a PC gamer. The Steam Summer Sale was one of the best seasonal offers from Steam in years. while other follow up Summer Sales have kept prices low. This week Bethesda games are going even cheaper than before at GamersGate. Their new Big Bethesda Sale get the lowest prices ever on 2016's Doom, The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind upgrade, Skyrim: Special Edition, Dishonored 2 and more.




The sale is aggressive in its discounts. While the Steam Summer Sale had Doom at $14.99, GamersGate this week has it for only $12.90. While Dishonored 2 was $19.99 in the Steam sale, GamersGate has it down to $16.16. Nearly all the games listed below are at or tying their historic low price points.


Top Pick Bethesda Sale



Full Sale Roundup



The sale is said to last through August 7, but we are suspicious. These deals at GamersGate are much better than in GMG's Summer Sale 2016 or Bundle Stars Bethesda Sale - two good but on nearly all front not as cheap as GamersGate. Either these deals, which began today, will run their course of 2 weeks time, or they are too aggressive and the publisher will tell GamersGate to calm the discount aggression down - as we have seen in the past on similar sales.


Either way, Bethesda games are ripe for the picking this Summer. We do not expect to see them this cheap again until the PC gaming Winter Sales.