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AMD's head of Products Group, Rick Bergman, resigns

By Anthony Garreffa | Business, Financial & Legal | Sep 22, 2011 08:56 pm CDT

It was the HP CEO yesterday, now Rick Bergman, head of AMD's Products Group has left the company. CEO Rory Read will take over in the meantime. Bergman joined AMD from ATI after the 2006 merger, where he went from Senior VP of AMD's Graphics Product Group to head of the Products Group for AMD when they combined their graphics and microprocessor businesses in May 2009.


Bergman is leaving to "pursue a new opportunity", which shows this is an actual resignation rather than "here's the door". AMD has also announced that Paul Struhsaker, who was Comcast's former Senior VP of Engineering has joined AMD's freshly formed Commercial Business Division. Struhsaker has the task to "oversee product management and roadmap planning for AMD's server, high performance computing and embedded products".

Spotify is just one of the partners for Facebook Music

By Cameron Wilmot | Social Networking | Sep 22, 2011 01:15 pm CDT

Alright, we were a little too hasty in our previous news post saying that Spotify would be the provider of music on Facebook.


It turns out that Spotify is just one of the partners that will provide music playback on Facebook. It will be very easy for you to discover what songs your friends are playing and listening to via the ticker notification system. All you will need to do is click on the song and the song will playback on the music service which you use and it will play in the area where you usually see the chat window.

This does make more sense - if Facebook did just use Spotify, it would only work in countries where the service is supported. Mark quickly mentioned that he thinks all music should be free as in his opinion it enables users to discover new music which will encourage them to buy more in the long run. That's an interesting theory since nowadays if you are in the right part of the world; you don't need to pay a cent for the music you enjoy.

Let's just hope in this social web we live in these days, the revenue models used by Spotify and others work and the record companies and music producers are happy with their earnings. We saw it with Napster back in the day and we all know how that worked out.

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Facebook team up with Spotify for music playback - confirmed?

By Cameron Wilmot | Social Networking | Sep 22, 2011 12:51 pm CDT

While checking out the new Facebook Timeline introduction page we posted about just recently, we spotted a Spotify app in the Timeline.


This suggests and somewhat goes along with rumors over the past few weeks or so that Facebook will be teaming up with Spotify to bring music playback to Facebook.

According to the Timeline introduction, you'll be able to play music from the Facebook website and the music you listen to will be shared on your timeline, so that your friends can see what you are listening to and also listen along at the same time.

We will find out soon enough. The Zuck has discussed music during his F8 keynote yet.

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Facebook Timeline shows your whole life on one page

By Cameron Wilmot | Social Networking | Sep 22, 2011 12:43 pm CDT

Mark Zuckerberg kicked off his F8 Developer Conference keynote introducing the Facebook Timeline.


It's a way of seeing your whole life story on just one page. It's not yet clear if the Timeline will replace traditional profile pages or if it will be an additional type of profile page.

The Timeline page allows you and your friends to see all of your recent activity all the way through to when you were born. There is a simple year bar which allows you to go back to a certain year in your life to see what you or your friends were doing then. As for adding content, you'll be able to upload old photos and video etc and select a date from when that event occurred.

After a quick lucky guess, I found the Facebook Timeline preview page which introduces the new product. Check it out here.

We are unsure when Facebook will rollout Timeline, but in Mark's speech he said that they will be rolling out a bunch of new products today, so money is on sometime later today.

It's VIA's turn to 'have a go' at Apple...

By Steve Dougherty | Business, Financial & Legal | Sep 22, 2011 12:28 pm CDT

Looks like it's VIA's turn to take a stab at the big Apple with Bloomberg reporting VIA's manoeuvre to have filed a patent lawsuit against them over the processors used in Apple's mobile devices.


More specifically, the patent lawsuit targets Apple's custom ARM-based A4 and A5 processors used in recent iOS devices. Namely, these are the iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPhone 4 CDMA, iPod touch 4th generation and Apple TV 2nd generation.

Somehow I don't see the outcome being that Apple will be forced to have all iOS devices in the U.S. pulled. I'm sure many competitors are desperate enough that they would have found a way to make that happen long by now if a clear and strong enough basis for it existed.

In any case, this should prove to be an interesting outcome nonetheless.

I-O Data unveils BDXL (up to 100GB) portable Blu-ray burner

By Steve Dougherty | Storage | Sep 22, 2011 11:48 am CDT

I-O Data has just unveiled its latest portable Blu-ray drive, the BRP-U6XE which at first may not seem like anything special at all considering there's quite a number of these portable Blu-ray drives on the market these days.

However, there is in fact quite the stand-out feature with this one; it is capable of writing in the new BDXL format, meaning up to 100GB of data can be placed on supporting discs with this drive.


On the downside, the drive only has USB 2.0 connectivity. Considering the drive has BDXL support, I would have thought USB 3.0 would have been the more sensible, ideal interface with its much more accomodating bandwidth for such large amounts of data.

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More tweaks for YouTube videos incl. 2D to 3D conversion

By Steve Dougherty | Online Video | Sep 22, 2011 10:40 am CDT

Further to recent video editing/tweaking additions over at YouTube, a fresh update rolls in a few more to manipulate your existing and future video uploads.

There's now the ability to convert your 2D video clips into 3D via a one click operation, as well as being given a couple more video creation platforms - Vlix and Magisto to add more effects or do some short clip editing.


To do the 3D conversion, you just select 'Edit Info' and then click the '3D Video' button. The process is fairly quick and the end result is a link pointing to your 3D video.

As for the Vlix and Magisto additions, you can make use of those via

Another one of the new updates includes a 15-minute upload limit for more users. You are more likely to be granted this if you've got a clean track record and have completed an account verification.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Tablet Unboxing Video

By Steve Dougherty | Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Sep 22, 2011 09:26 am CDT

Samsung's new Galaxy Tab 8.9 is said to become available sometime today over at Best Buy, but Netbooknews has already managed to get its hands on one in Taiwan for an unboxing video and lookover.

This is the tablet Samsung is claiming to be one of the thinest in the world, measuring only 0.34-inches thick. It runs Android 3.1 Honeycomb, but is set back a bit by a rather disappointing TouchWiz interface that is said to slow down the system quite noticably.


As for the rest of the specs, it uses an 8.9-inch WXGA 1280 x 800 display, dual core 1GHz processor and has 16GB internal storage. There's a 2MP front facing camera, and 3MP autofocus rear facing camera with flash on the rear. 1080p HD video playback is said to be supported with no issues, and the other usual forms of connectivity are in place including 802.11b/g/n WiFi, USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 3.0.

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Intel Core i7-2700K gets a launch date (and a big price tag)

By Steve Dougherty | CPU, APU & Chipsets | Sep 22, 2011 08:37 am CDT

After recently hearing of Intel's plans to release a new, top end entry in its LGA1155 Core i7 line, the i7-2700K, new information has come out not only confirming its soon to be existence, but also covering pricing and availability.


Where Intel usually has a tendancy to roll in new top end parts at the same price point as what the predecessor sat at, this time things are expected to be different and apparently the i7-2700K will carry a higher price tag than the 2600K. While the exact price isn't allowed to be revealed at this time, a source has made it clear the i7-2700K will in fact be significantly higher than the 2600K's current $317 price tag - most likely somewhere around the ball park of US$340 to $350.

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Thursday Morning Roundup for September 22, 2011

By Steve Dougherty | Roundups | Sep 22, 2011 07:26 am CDT

The latest happenings from around the web - September 22nd, 2011


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- Dell Precision M6600 - extreme powerful notebook for professionals @ AU-Ja


- VisionTek Ultimate Performance EX Memory @ Neoseeker

- ASRock Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3 @ Vortez


- LGA 2011 and Sandy Bridge-E News from IDF 2011 @ Xbit labs

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