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Google Chrome looking towards enterprise sector implementation

Don Lynn | Software | Thu, Dec 16 2010 9:45 PM CST

Google has their eyes on more than the average home computer user when it comes to their upcoming Chrome browser. According to Google's Chromium blog, a business-friendly version of their Chrome internet browser is ready to go. This version of Chrome will include enterprise necessities like an MSI package for offline installation, group policy support, centralized configuration and control over auto-updates.

Google Chrome looking towards enterprise sector implementation |

Other features like whitelists and blacklists for Chrome extensions, Google Chrome Frame for web apps supported only by Internet Explorer 6, and removal of previous Chrome installs to keep everybody up to date will be tied in as well. While there's no phone or email support for the browser just yet, some help can be found via online documentation, help forums, and a FAQ set up by Google.

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Opera 11 is now available

Anthony Garreffa | Internet Browsers | Thu, Dec 16 2010 8:00 PM CST

The final, non-beta release of Opera 11 has hit the interwebs. It promises to deliver big changes and a bucket load of smaller refinements. Amongst the biggest of these is what the team at Opera are calling "tab stacking" - which lets you create groups of taps to manage dozens of open web pages more effectively.

Opera 11 is now available |

Another addition is "visual mouse gestures" which is kind of like multitouch gestures but, with a mouse. Opera 11 now includes extensions, along with a new and improved address bar. There's also a built-in mail client dubbed "mail-panel".

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Julian Assange is nearly free

Anthony Garreffa | Business, Financial & Legal | Thu, Dec 16 2010 7:52 PM CST

Julian Assange, head of WikiLeaks is set to be freed on bail today. The bail has been set at 220,000 before he can even step foot into the normal, free world.

Julian Assange is nearly free |

Once Assange is out on bail he will be staying at a 600-acre country estate owned by support Vaughn Smith, a former Arm captain who founded and runs The Frontline Club for journalists - Assange himself has made regular personal appearances there and where he stayed prior to the cause being brought.

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L.A. Noire wants to blur the lines between TV and video games

Anthony Garreffa | Gaming | Thu, Dec 16 2010 6:47 PM CST

What peaked my interest in L.A. Noire was a combination of things. Rockstar first and foremost, actors from two of my favorite shows - Mad Men and Fringe and also the technology behind it.

L.A. Noire wants to blur the lines between TV and video games 446 |

L.A. Noire is a detective thriller from Australian developers Team Bondi which are smashing the bar through not only the roof, but the layers of clouds and atmosphere when it comes to motion capture in video games.

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HandStand helps you keep a grip on your iPad

Shane McGlaun | Mobile Devices | Thu, Dec 16 2010 2:08 PM CST

I can tell you from experience that it can be way to easy to drop your iPad if you aren't careful. I won't let anyone use my iPad when standing up out of fear that they drop it while trying to use it with one hand. If you want to use your iPad standing up with one hand a lot, you might want to get a case like the cool HandStand.

HandStand helps you keep a grip on your iPad |

The HandStand is up for pre-order right now and has a rotating knob on the back with a strap that you slip your hand into. The strap keeps your iPad secured to your hand no matter how you move so there is no fear that you will drop the thing onto the ground and break it. The strap knob is able to move through 360-degrees and secures the tablet for one hand operation.

The case is really cool and the knob props the screen up at a more comfortable angle when you sit the iPad down. It appears that all of the controls and ports are left uncovered when the iPad is in the case. You can pre-order your own right now with deliver set to start tomorrow for $59.95.

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Audio-Technica announces new LP240-USB USB and analog turntable

Shane McGlaun | Audio, Sound & Speakers | Thu, Dec 16 2010 1:00 PM CST

If you are an old school sort that grew up listening to music on records, you might miss the sound vinyl offered when you listen to new digital tracks. If you have a big vinyl collection that you need a new turntable to play Audio-Technica has a new offering that will do the trick and will make digital tracks out of your vinyl if you want. The turntable is called the AT-LP240-USB.

Audio-Technica announces new LP240-USB USB and analog turntable |

The new turntable used a direct-drive high-torque multi-pole motor and an S-shaped tone arm. The tone arm has adjustable tracking force and anti-skate adjustment and a removable cartridge mount. The platter the records sit on is cast-aluminum and has a felt slip mat.

The turntable supports 33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records and can be connected to all sorts of audio systems for listing including home theaters and more. Software to turn the vinyl into digital tracks is included for PC and Mac called Audacity. The vinyl tracks can be converted to MP3, WAV, and other digital formats. The turntable is a J&R Music and Computer World exclusive for $499.

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eLocity A7 Android Tablet lands at Micro Center and Fry's

Shane McGlaun | Mobile Devices | Thu, Dec 16 2010 12:04 PM CST

It's been a while since we first heard of the eLocity A7 tablet. At the time I first ran across the tablet there was no competition on the market to the iPad so the thought of a new Android tablet coming was a big deal. Now that that are other Android tablets on the market, the A7 isn't such a big deal to many. Still, if you have been holding out for the eLocity A7 tablet you can walk into Micro Center or Fry's and get hands on one right now.


If you missed the A7 before the thing is pretty slick. It has a 7-inch screen and runs Android 2.2 with NVIDIA Tegra T-250 dual-core power. The screen has capacitive touch and supports 1080p resolution video. It also has a 3-axis accelerometer for 3D gaming. Other features include USB 2.0 , a 3.5mm audio jack, and WiFi.

The device has a docking connection for an optional docking station and it has HDMI out and even ships with a HDMI cable so you can watch video on your big screen. Storage is to 4GB of internal flash memory and it has a SD card slot for more storage and can store to a USB drive as well. The tablet sells for about $350 and would make a cool Christmas gift for a geek on your shopping list.

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Microsoft unveils Hardware for Business

Shane McGlaun | Peripherals | Thu, Dec 16 2010 11:00 AM CST

Microsoft has announced the launch of a new category for its website for businesses called Hardware for Businesses. The hardware is packaged into bundles with five different units of the same product. The bundles are for businesses needing hardware for multiple workers or for resellers looking to save a bit on gear they want to sell in stores or to customers.


The new business product listings include all sorts of peripherals and hardware that people need in the home and in the office the multiple pack offerings include webcams, headsets, mice, and keyboards. The mice and keyboards can be had in wired and wireless versions and there is a bunch of different webcams offered as well. Multiple webcams are good or use in offices where you are setting up virtual meetings.

Among the products available for purchase are the LifeCam Studio and the Natural Ergonomic Keyboard. Microsoft is even offering the SideWinder X3 mouse in a five pack. If you work for a big business with multiple locations and need video conferencing the webcams are offered in packs of 50, 60 , and 80 for some models.

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WikiReader gets update with 33,000 eBooks

Shane McGlaun | Apps | Thu, Dec 16 2010 10:00 AM CST

I would bet that just about everyone has read a Wikipedia page about one thing or another. There are pages for just about everything you can think of, even if some of those pages are suspect. If you like Wikipedia and want to be able to look at the pages you like without having to be online you can with a little gadget that has been around for a while called the WikiReader.

WikiReader gets update with 33,000 eBooks |

The WikiReader is a small square handheld device that has a touchscreen. You can type whatever subject you want to know into the device and it will then retrieve the listings about your search without needing a web connection. The device has all the wiki pages stored on its internal memory.

The company behind the WikiReader offers updates every so often that adds new content and changes to existing Wiki content to the device. The latest update also gets the users of the WikiReader access to 33,000 new eBooks. All of the eBooks come to the reader by way of Project Gutenberg and include titles ranging from the Bible to Walden according to Openmoko, the company that makes the WikiReader. You can pick one up right now for about $100.

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Play your PS3 retro style with SNK's Neo Geo gamepad

Don Lynn | Gaming | Wed, Dec 15 2010 11:21 PM CST

Sony has recently released that they will be releasing some classic Neo Geo games on December 21st on the Playstation network, and now SNK is looking to complete the retro gaming experience with their Neo Geo gamepad for the Playstation 3.

Play your PS3 retro style with SNK's Neo Geo gamepad |

For me, the Neo Geo was the system that everyone drooled over but no one could get their parents to buy at the hefty $650 price tag it commanded in 1990. With a floating 8 way D-pad, the controller was and is a popular item and now SNK has a PS3 worthy equivalent, complete with PS3 button and USB connectivity. This gamepad is slotted to only be released in Japan for 3,129 yen. That comes to around $37 American, and Play-Asia will send you one Stateside for $45.

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