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PlayStation Phone gets named Xperia Play

Anthony Garreffa | Gaming | Wed, Jan 26 2011 7:36 PM CST

Engadget are smashing it today with another exclusive look at the PlayStation Phone. Sony will be calling it the Xperia Play, it features a four-inch, 854x480 multi-touch LCD screen, Android Gingerbread (2.3), single core processors that clocks between 122.88MHz and 1GHz, an Adreno GPU and 512MB of RAM.

PlayStation Phone gets named Xperia Play |

The Xperia Play includes a DualShock-style control pad which slides out from the bottom of the device, it also includes the regular setup of buttons - bu there are two shoulder buttons instead of the usual four. Also, touchpads replace the usual analog sticks. More info and the official unveiling will happen at the Mobile World Congress which starts on February 14 in Barcelona.

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New RAGE screenshots ahoy!

Anthony Garreffa | Gaming | Wed, Jan 26 2011 6:52 PM CST

id Software have released 3 screenshots for their upcoming game, RAGE. The screenshots accompany their official websites redesign. Nothing else has been released bar these 3 screenshots, but they're enough to get people talking.

New RAGE screenshots ahoy! 548 |

The screenshots show off some of the vehicular gameplay, another shot shows the insane amount of character detail while the third shot is actual gameplay in the first-person perspective. RAGE is due on PC and consoles on September 13 - breaking the usual tradition of id Software saying their game would be released "when it's done".

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Facebook possibly testing VoIP calls directly through its site

Anthony Garreffa | Internet & Websites | Wed, Jan 26 2011 6:39 PM CST

A few Facebookers have today noticed a new "call" button when visiting their friends' profiles - clicking it did nothing so far, but the button is there in all it's glory.

Facebook possibly testing VoIP calls directly through its site |

The logical reason could be the Skype partnership that integrated your Facebook contacts. Now we're seeing it integrate directly into the Facebook site itself. Could it be? If it's true (and it seems to be) then it would be a great step forward. Now we just need some Facetime iPad 2 action and it would be some seriously heavy stuff.

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Android 3.0 Honeycomb preview

Anthony Garreffa | Mobile Devices | Wed, Jan 26 2011 6:34 PM CST

Engadget have pimped their ride and installed Google's first public-access preview of its tablet-orientated OS, Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The early build SDK features "non-final" code and APIs, it is intended primarily for developers who want to get a head start on making their tablet apps.

Android 3.0 Honeycomb preview |

Obviously, living on the edge requires using this type of early-build software. Engadget have a bunch of observations that you can have a read through and see if Honeycomb is any good as it stands right now. Obviously it's not a final build so I wouldn't be making any judgements of it just yet.

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AMD Catalyst 11.1 and AMD Catalyst 11.1a hotfix released

Anthony Garreffa | Video Cards | Wed, Jan 26 2011 6:16 PM CST

AMD have today released the WHQL-certified Catalyst 11.1 and 11.1a hotfix packages. The 11.1 set brings a tonne of new features, performance increases and other goodies.

AMD Catalyst 11.1 and AMD Catalyst 11.1a hotfix released |

Catalyst 11.1 includes a new Catalyst Control Center which is made to simplify the user experience to help customers get the most use out of their AMD product. Below is a full list of what the AMD Catalyst 11.1 release includes:

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F-1 Converter lets you use Logitech G25 or G27 on Xbox 360 and more

Shane McGlaun | Gaming | Wed, Jan 26 2011 2:00 PM CST

I have tried out a lot of racing wheels over the years and they are not all created equal. They may have force feedback in common, but the Logitech G27 and G25 racing wheels have stood a step above everything else I have tried. If you are a serious racing game fan on the PS3 and have either of those racing wheels, you already know how good they are. If you are an Xbox 360 player, only you might not since the Logitech gear only supports the PS3 and PC.

F-1 Converter lets you use Logitech G25 or G27 on Xbox 360 and more |

A new adapter called the F-1 Converter has surfaced and it plugs in between the Logitech racing wheels and the Xbox 360. It takes the incompatible nature of those racing wheels and tweaks them to work with the Xbox console. That means you can get your drive on with Forza using the Logitech wheels. The converter is more than just for allowing the G27 to work with the Xbox though.

The F-1 Converter is also able to store a number of button commands to execute combos and other things in a game and can play them all back at the press of a single button to allow you to execute the combos flawlessly. The downside is that seems like cheating to me.

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Rude Gameware Fierce Laser Mouse V2 packs 5000 dpi laser engine

Shane McGlaun | Peripherals | Wed, Jan 26 2011 1:04 PM CST

I am one of the PC gamers that likes a lot of sensitivity in my mouse. I play games on a big 30-inch LCD so having a mouse with enough sensitivity to cover the screen with little hand movement is a big deal to me. Rude Gameware has unveiled new mouse that is called the Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse V2 that has decent sensitivity and more features.

Rude Gameware Fierce Laser Mouse V2 packs 5000 dpi laser engine |

The mouse has a 5000 dpi laser engine, which isn't as good as a lot of other offerings on the market right now. You can get mice with lots more sensitivity than 5000 dpi, but that may be enough for many folks. One of the best features of the new mouse is the price; you can pick one up right now for $49.99. Mice with more resolution will typically cost you a lot more than that.

Other features of the mouse include 1000Hz polling with a 1ms response time. The mouse has onboard memory and seven programmable buttons. The memory can store profiles and macros. The weight of the mouse is adjustable and the sensitivity can be adjusted during play. An LED indicator shows what sensitivity setting the mouse is at. It also uses Teflon feet for low friction and quiet play.

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Ricoh adds new fast focusing CX5 digital camera to line

Shane McGlaun | Cameras | Wed, Jan 26 2011 12:00 PM CST

I mentioned a new rugged digital camera from Panasonic earlier and Ricoh has also unveiled a new camera today. The only thing I know about Ricoh is their copier line so it's a bit odd to see a new digital camera to me from the company. The new cam is called the CX5 and it has some really cool features like high-speed focus. Being able to focus faster makes it easier to catch the image you want during fast action without blur.


The CX5 can focus in as little as 0.2 seconds, which is about half the time it took the previous CX4 camera to focus. The camera has a 28mm wide-angle lens that can zoom up to the equivalent of 300mm. That gives an optical zoom range of 10.7x. The camera also has a super zoom mode that will give it the equivalent of 600mm zoom. That mode is a 2x digital zoom that multiplies the optical zoom.

The camera has a litany of automatic modes and automatic scene settings. The rear LCD is a 3-inch unit with 920k dots making it very high resolution. The camera has HDMI output for viewing photos and HD 720p video on a big screen. The camera will come in black, silver, and pink with pricing unknown right now.

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Cooler Master Elite 343 computer case breaks cover

Shane McGlaun | Cases, Cooling & PSU | Wed, Jan 26 2011 11:04 AM CST

Cooler Master has made some of my favorite computer cases over the last several years. The cases are generally big and packed full of bays and features to allow you to cram tons of hardware inside. The latest case that has surface from Cooler Master isn't a big case, it's a smaller mini tower dubbed the Elite 343.


The case is sized to work with Micro-ATX mainboards. Despite the smaller size, the Elite 343 still has the features that we expect from Cooler Master like a robust cooling system and a tool-free design. The cooling system includes a 120mm front fan that is pre-installed. The rear of the case can be fitted with an 80mm or a 90mm fan.

The case has a pair of 5.25" drive bays that are exposed. The HDD cage inside the chassis can be removed to fit long video cards in like the HD 5970. The chassis comes in black only and is made from plastic and steel. It measures 7.08" x 13.85" x 17.32" and weighs 8.84 pounds. It has USB ports on the front panel along with audio ports and can be fitted with optional FireWire and eSATA ports. Pricing and availability are unknown.

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Panasonic Unveils LUMIX DMC-TS3 Digital Camera

Shane McGlaun | Cameras | Wed, Jan 26 2011 10:02 AM CST

Panasonic has tossed the replacement for its aging TS2 digital camera with a rugged design onto the market. The new camera is called the TS3 and is a rugged digital camera that can survive use outdoors. The camera is waterproof for 40-feet, can survive drops from 6.6-feet, and is freeze proof to -10C. The cam is probably more rugged than you are

Panasonic Unveils LUMIX DMC-TS3 Digital Camera |

The cam has a 3D photo mode that will take 20 images at one time and then overlay the best two shots for 3D viewing on the Panasonic 3D TVs. It's not clear if those 3D photos are viewable on anything other than a Panasonic TV. The camera has a 12.1MP sensor and can record 1080p HD video as well.

The rear of the camera has a 2.7-inch LCD with 230K dot resolution and an anti-reflective coating. Other features include GPS and a wealth of automatic modes and settings. The GPS sensor can tag images with details like the city they were shot in and can offer the name of landmarks that images include if the landmark is in the database. The camera will ship in March at an undisclosed price.

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