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GTC 2010 - Real-time beating heart simulation for doctors shows promise

Cameron Wilmot | Video Cards | Sep 22, 2010 at 12:09 pm CDT

Nicole Scott of Netbook News is on the ground for us again and this time she is at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference in San Jose.

The next stop was at an NVIDIA demo station where we were shown a real-time rendered beating heart and just how it can be used in hospitals in the future to assist doctors to help patients with heart related issues in potentially a quicker and more accurate fashion.

Not only are would be doctors who implement this software able to measure and see real-time heart density data and blood flow, but using NVIDIA 3D Vision stereo technology, the doctors would be able to see it in 3D. It was mentioned in the video that this type of rendering has been possible in the past, but just one frame would take too long to render, hence making the technology pretty useless in a practical sense. In the video above, we see many thousands of particles moving around the heart and they indicate blood flow. Of course being an NVIDIA sponsored event, the video card GPU used to make this tech possible is a Quadro 6000.

Pretty incredible technology on display here. I think I would like my doctor to have access to this sort of real-time data if something were to happen to me. How about you?

Quirky shows off cool Trek Support backpack for charging gadgets

Shane McGlaun | Mobile Devices | Sep 22, 2010 at 12:04 pm CDT

If you aren't familiar with the company called Quirky it is an interesting firm. Quirky takes product ideas from users and then they build some of those products and share the money with the people that came up with the idea and those that help to design the product as the process goes along. One of the latest products to come from Quirky is a cool one called the Trek Support backpack.


The Trek Support backpack looks like a normal backpack, but it is designed to help you keep your gadgets charged up. The bag has an internal, removable battery that is rechargeable and gets power from an AC outlet. The bag is able to charge up to three gadgets at one time. The bag also has a laptop sleeve that is detachable and works with security scans at the airport so you don't have to take the notebook out of the bag.

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GTC 2010 - Senior VP Dan Vivoli gives us a run-down of Day 1 events

Cameron Wilmot | Video Cards | Sep 22, 2010 at 11:33 am CDT

Nicole Scott of Netbook News is on the ground for us again and this time she is at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference in San Jose.

In this video we were able to get a few minutes with NVIDIA chap Dan Vivoli, a senior VP at the GPU firm, who gave us a solid run-down of the events that occurred yesterday at Day 1 of the GTC. He starts off by saying that this year there are about twice as many attendees from a range of different countries.

As far as technology goes, CUDA and GPUs is a big thing. Certain scientific software, medical software, mechanical software and content creation software with 3ds Max are all now GPU enabled with hardware acceleration. Dan is excited by this fact since now the 'four largest industry applications' are now fully covered with NVIDIA GPU acceleration. This is pretty big news for the green team.

There were plenty of other things announced, discussed and showcased at Day 1 of GTC 2010. Watch the video above for the full four minute or so run-down of events. More to come!

Vizio VMB070 7-inch portable TV now available to purchase

Shane McGlaun | TV, Movies & Home Theatre | Sep 22, 2010 at 11:04 am CDT

Some folks don't mind watching TV or video on their smartphone when they are not at home and have time to kill. Other people don't want to watch video content unless the screen is larger and can be easily viewed. Vizio is one of the most popular TV makers in the US and the company has announced its new portable TV is now shipping.


The TV set was first unveiled back during CES in January and is just now available to buy. The TV is called the VMB070 and it has a 7-inch edge lit LED backlit screen. The screen has a resolution of 800 x 480 and the set is under an inch thick. The TV measures 7.48" x 4.94" x 0.90" and it weighs a pound without its stand.

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Mobile App of the Day: DropBox

Don Lynn | Mobile Devices | Sep 22, 2010 at 10:09 am CDT

Our Mobile App of the Day today is DropBox.

With all of us tech junkies having multiple electronic devices, files and other items can get a little spread out. Leaving an important file on a laptop, wanting to grab some photos off the home computer to share at work, or forgetting a flash drive can be a pain. DropBox is looking to help you get more organized, and have rolled out some updates including the new DropBox for Blackberry.

Mobile App of the Day: DropBox |

DropBox allows you to sync internet files, documents, and many other files types giving you a "one stop shop" for your important files. The big update is DropBox for BlackBerry, which brings all of DropBox's features to the popular mobile device. The iOS update includes automatic offline caching for recent files and HD support. Android's update includes photo gallery and multiple photo uploading support. DropBox has also added an app directory to make it easier to find and test drive the over 100 apps that work directly with DropBox. You get 2GB of online storage for free and paid plans for up to 100GB are available, so grab your preferred version and give DropBox a try today!

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Cervantes mobile unveils Jorno folding Bluetooth keyboard

Shane McGlaun | Peripherals | Sep 22, 2010 at 10:04 am CDT

When it comes to typing on some devices like smartphones and tablets that lack a physical keyboard the process can be tedious for some users who want real keys, not virtual ones. If you use an iPad, iPhone, or an Android device a new keyboard is on the way from a company called Cervantes Mobile. The keyboard is dubbed the Jorno and is wireless.

Cervantes mobile unveils Jorno folding Bluetooth keyboard |

The keyboard is specifically noted to work with Android devices, the iPhone, and iPad, but considering the thing uses Bluetooth I would bet more devices than those noted would support the thing. The folding keyboard has a QWERTY layout and when it is laid flat, it is rigid. The keyboard should make it easier for some users to type.

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Weekly Giveaway: Win one of three In Win Dragon Slayer Micro-ATX cases

Cameron Wilmot | Contests & Giveaways | Sep 22, 2010 at 09:49 am CDT

We have teamed up with In Win this week to giveaway three of its recently released Dragon Slayer Micro-ATX cases.

Weekly Giveaway: Win one of three In Win Dragon Slayer Micro-ATX cases |

Dragon Slayer, the new mATX chassis from In Win is small in size and huge in potential. Covered by metallic medieval chain armor like bezel and supported by sturdy dark metal structure this case is built to keep all components unharmed, while providing excellent airflow. Powerful as a giant, Dragon Slayer is capable to accommodate two full-length graphic cards up to 320mm.

Extreme ventilation and a cable routing system make this chassis a great knight to fight by your side during any gaming battle. Equipped with anti-vibration pads aside of side panel and water-cooling holes, Dragon Slayer is ready to satisfy the strictest enthusiast.

Head on over to our forum giveaway page to find out how to win one! For this weekly giveaway anyone in the world can enter and you do not pay for the shipping charges.

Froyo update for the Droid X being rolled out as we speak

Don Lynn | Mobile Devices | Sep 22, 2010 at 09:39 am CDT
Froyo update for the Droid X being rolled out as we speak |

Droid X owners are getting an extra special gift today; Android 2.2! Verizon's big, bad Android phone is receiving the Froyo update that provides an improvement to visual voicemail with Bluetooth support, a refreshed mobile hotspot app, and a fix to prevent data connections from dropping as you move between WiFi and 3G coverage. All of this with the usual bug fixes that come with most updates. Automatic notifications are supposed to hit, but you may be able to get it quicker with a manual update so check it out.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab to be $999 outright in Australia

Anthony Garreffa | Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Sep 22, 2010 at 05:58 am CDT

Samsung's Christmas press launch is happening right now at their Sydney HQ. The showcase of the evening? The upcoming Galaxy Tab of course.

Samsung Galaxy Tab to be $999 outright in Australia |

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will cost you $999 outright, but of course through the various telco's (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone) there will be the usual subsidies.

Personally, I think it's a bit expensive at $999 outright, compared to the iPad at $649 for the WiFi only model... I think $499 would've been a better price - it would've stolen a fair amount of would-be iPadders.

Of course, McFly won't be happy about paying $999 for a Tab...

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AMD Fusion plans revealed

Anthony Garreffa | CPU, APU & Chipsets | Sep 22, 2010 at 02:59 am CDT

KitGuru have an exclusive interview with AMD Marketing Director, Bob Grim.

AMD Fusion plans revealed |

Without spoiling it, here are some things Bob had to say:

"AMD Fusion APUs represent a new type of x86 processor design and software development", said Bob. "This will enable breakthroughs in visual computing, performance-per-watt and device form factor. AMD Fusion APUs are engineered to deliver powerful CPU and GPU compute capabilities in a single-die processor for today's HD video, 3D and data-intensive workloads"

Availability is "early 2011".

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