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35% of American's think the Hummer EV is a threat to the Cybertruck

Jak Connor | Feb 11, 2020 at 2:19 am CST

Since the announcement of Tesla's Cybertruck, competitors have scrambled to announce their own version of an electric truck. But how will these newly announced affect Tesla's Cybertruck, and what does the public think?

35% of American's think the Hummer EV is a threat to the Cybertruck 02 |

During this year's Super Bowl, we saw GM's Hummer EV advertisement that featured LeBron James. Since that advertisement went live, there has been some talk about how GM's Hummer EV will be a threat to Tesla's Cybertruck that was announced late last year. According to a nationwide survey of 20,264 American's that was conducted by Piplsay, 35% of those who did the survey believe that the Hummer EV will be a "threat" to Tesla's Cybertruck.

The survey also found that 47% of men think that the Hummer EV will challenge the Cybertruck, as compared to 29% of women. While this survey and these statistics don't predict the exact future of how the sales of each of these vehicles will end up, it does give us some insight on what American's are thinking about both of these vehicles coming to market. It should also be noted that the sample size for this survey is extremely small, but can still be looked at as somewhat relevant.

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Nikola Motors hybrid fuel-cell concept truck to battle Cybertruck

Anthony Garreffa | Feb 10, 2020 at 9:55 pm CST

The world is well aware of Tesla's all-electric Cybertruck, but now more and more car companies will get on the electric truck hype train with Nikola Motors joining in on the fun with its new electric pick up truck dubbed Badger.

Nikola Motors hybrid fuel-cell concept truck to battle Cybertruck 08 |

Nikola Motors' new Badger will be offered as both a fully battery-electric vehicle, as well as an electric/fuel-cell hybrid that will have some serious horsepower. The hybrid powertrain of the Nikola Motors Badger will have a maximum range of 600 miles, while the battery-powered model taps out at 300 miles.

The company claims the electric truck will have towing power of up to 8000 pounds, and will go from 0-60 miles per hour in just 2.9 seconds. Nikola Motors will be getting very close to Tesla Cybertruck territory if it can meet these claims, which would not be too bad at all. But when can we expect the Badger? The company will fully detail its new Badger truck at the Nikola World 2020 event in September, where it will then accept limited reservations.

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Bill Gates slaps down $644 million for the first hydrogen superyacht

Jak Connor | Feb 10, 2020 at 1:35 am CST

Update: As it turns out on February 10th, 2020 the Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design released a public statement that is in response to the media coverage of this yacht and Bill Gates. They said that the hydrogen concept yacht, Aqua Ship is "not linked to Mr Gates (or his representatives) in any form or matter" and that Sinot has "no business relationship" with Bill Gates. I'd also like to personally apologise for this confusion, the statement was released overnight while I was asleep and at the time of writing the post Sinot had not commented on the matters.

Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, has reportedly ordered the world's first hydrogen-powered superyacht, proving his stance towards alternative fuels.

Bill Gates slaps down $644 million for the first hydrogen superyacht |

According to The Guardian, Gates has ordered what is called the Aqua Ship, which is a 370 ft superyacht that is completely powered by liquid hydrogen. Originally, the superyacht was showcased at last year's Monaco yacht show by the Dutch design firm Sinot. Sander Sinot, a designer of the Aqua Ship, said, "For the development of Aqua we took inspiration from the lifestyle of a discerning, forward-looking owner, the fluid versatility of water and cutting-edge technology, to combine this in a superyacht with truly innovative features."

The yacht has five decks and can guest fourteen people and thirty-one crew members. Below the five decks are two 28-tonne vacuum-sealed tanks filled with hydrogen that are cooled down to -423F. The ship combines hydrogen with oxygen to produce electricity, which then gives power to two one-megawatt motors that turn the propellers. The Sunday Telegraph reports that the superyacht can reach speeds of 17 knots (20mph) and has a maximum travel distance of 3,750 miles before refilling is needed.

Tesla Cybertruck inserted into the first Back to the Future movie

Anthony Garreffa | Feb 7, 2020 at 10:34 pm CST

Back to the Future is one of my top 10 movies of all time (seriously movie studios: do NOT ever remake or reboot this movie) -- but the insertion of the Tesla Cybertruck is just plain awesome.

Toronto-based visual effects studio Fort York VFX has beautifully inserted the Tesla Cybertruck into Back to the Future, at the point when the DeLorean is first cranked up and goes back in time and flies through Doc and Marty. The entire video is all A-class stuff, looking like it was done by a team of movie professionals.

Tesla Cybertruck inserted into the first Back to the Future movie 04 |

There were nine Fort York VFX staffers that worked on the project, but it has to be the last few seconds when the number plate is spinning around that was the cherry on top. In the movie Back to the Future the number plate reads 'OUTATIME' but in this Tesla Cybertruck infused version of Back to the Future they troll with 'LOL GAS'.

Used Model S has Autopilot feature remotely disabled by Tesla

Anthony Garreffa | Feb 7, 2020 at 9:48 pm CST

Tesla has just performed a very sneaky move on a new Tesla Model S electric car owner, where the company remotely disabled the Autopilot function of the vehicle after the new owner purchased the Model S at an auction held by Tesla.

Used Model S has Autopilot feature remotely disabled by Tesla |

Tesla has said that the new owner "did not pay" for these features, so they are not allowed to use them... unless they pay, of course -- and a hefty $8000, too. The Model S in question was traded into a dealership with Autopilot enabled from its previous owner, sold to the new owner with all of the bells and whistles, but then Tesla remotely disabled the Autopilot feature.

For other hardware-based upgrades like the 4WD and all-wheel drive options, or even the adaptive cruise control, they stay with the vehicle no matter what. But Tesla can remotely disable software-based functions like the self-driving Autopilot feature, where owner 'Alec' is now frustrated. Alex purchased the car with both the Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self Driving Mode features enabled, with Jalopnik reporting that they've reviewed the documents from the car dealership itself.

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New Tesla patent hints gear changes are coming to the steering wheel

Jak Connor | Feb 7, 2020 at 3:24 am CST

Tesla is well-known for their out-of-the-box thinking, and while sometimes those kind of ideas can fall flat of their face, sometimes they don't.

New Tesla patent hints gear changes are coming to the steering wheel |

More often then not, I think Tesla's unique ideas have worked as the company has forced the hand of other car manufacturers such as Porsche, BMW and now GM to jump into the electric vehicle game. For this reason, it's a great idea to keep an eye on what the company decides to patent as it can give clues towards what it might have planned for future vehicles.

Electrek noticed a new Tesla patent for a steering wheel, and according to the patents description "An interactive user interface for a steering wheel is provided. A user interface is provided on one or more portions of the steering wheel. The user interface recognizes gesture movements made by a user thereon. The user interface allows navigation of a set of controls associated with a menu provided through the user interface based on the recognized gesture movements."

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Jeep teases off-road electric e-Bike with... Bill Murray?!

Anthony Garreffa | Feb 6, 2020 at 9:58 pm CST

Bill Murray is enjoying another run at Groundhog Day, where during Super Bowl 2020 he starred in a new Jeep commercial where they were showing off their new e-Bike. Check out the clip below:

Jeep partnered with QuietKat on the new e-Bike, which they are touting as the "most powerful" off-road mountain bike. The new e-Bike rocks a pretty monster 750W motor, 4.8-inch tires and "Fire-Link" suspension, with up to 40 miles of range. Inside, the motor is a Bafang M620 with up to 1.6kW of power but could see its beastiness watered down so it doesn't ruin the bike chain and/or throw riders from the bike.

The new e-Bike will be on sale sometime after June 2020, but Jeep has been shy about pricing for now. I wouldn't expect it to be cheap, but it won't be super expensive either. Jeep is hoping to see the new e-Bike sold as a companion vehicle for Jeep owners to go off-roading on, similar to the Cybertruck and its all-electric Cyberquad ATV.

Google and Boeing backed autonomous flying taxi service to begin in NZ

Jak Connor | Feb 6, 2020 at 3:07 am CST

Flying cars have been talked about since Back To The Future, but what about flying taxis? Don't worry, they are on the way, and they are arriving sooner than you would think.

Google and Boeing backed autonomous flying taxi service to begin in NZ |

The aircraft manufacturer called Kitty Hawk was formed back in 2016, and luckily the company enjoyed the backing of Google co-founder Larry Page for its design ideas. In 2019, Kitty Hawk split off into a joint venture with Boeing, called Wisk. The goal of Wisk was to develop a flying taxi service that would have the ability to be summoned via an app on consumers' smartphones.

Now, Wisk has announced on its website that a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been formed between Wisk and The New Zealand Government. The MOU is basically a green light towards Wisk establishing an autonomous flying taxi service trial in Canterbury, New Zealand. The flying taxi that was birthed out of Google's money, Boeing's manufacturing and Kitty Hawk's designs are called Cora. At the moment, we don't know when trials will begin, but nonetheless, this is a true sign of confidence in Cora from the New Zealand government's perspective.

These airlines are the most likely to be late and lose your baggage

Jak Connor | Feb 6, 2020 at 2:29 am CST

Flying can be quite stressful for even the best of people, as there is quite a bit to worry about - plane arrival times, luggage, being late, etc.

These airlines are the most likely to be late and lose your baggage 01 |

Luckily, a new analysis has been published detailing which airlines are most likely to make your experience miserable. The team at Upgraded Points decided to gather consumer complaints across multiple commercial airlines to see if a consensus could be made for which airlines give the worst customer experiences.

According to the analysis, the highest average monthly complaints per 10,000 passengers comes from Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines. The airline which is most likely to mishandle your baggage is Envoy Air, with an average of 8.7 bags mishandled every month per 1,000 bags. The airline, which has the highest percentage of canceled flights is by far ExpressJet Airlines. If you are interested in reading further into this analysis, check out it out here.

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LeBron James promotes GMC's Cybertruck competitor 'Hummer EV'

Jak Connor | Feb 3, 2020 at 2:36 am CST

Just a few days ago, GMC announced its new Cybertruck competitor, the Hummer EV. During today's Super Bowl, a new advertisement about the coming electric truck was shown, and NBA superstar LeBron James was spotted in it.

Above, you can watch the 30-second advertisement on the official GMC YouTube Channel, and it really emphasizes the fact that the Hummer EV will be a 'silent' truck. The advertisement starts with the 1,000 horsepower video we saw in the first teaser trailer, then transitions to 11,500 pound-feet of torque being 'silent', then a showcase of 0-60mph in three seconds being 'silent' and finally it's 'dominance' being 'silent'.

LeBron is spotted in the last part of the ad, where we see him dunk on a basketball ring and small the glass in the backboard. GMC says that the "quiet revolution is coming" and that the Hummer EV will be all-electric, have zero emissions, and have zero limits. The ad also shows that Hummer EV will be available in Fall 2021 and that a showcase will be held on the 20th of May, 2020.