Power Color goes all out with 'Eyefinity12' HD 5970 monster

Steve Dougherty | Video Cards & GPUs | Apr 29, 2010 4:14 AM CDT

Multi-monitor mad users who are addicted to connecting as many monitors as they can to a single PC would have been foaming at the mouth when AMD announced its Eyefinity6 technology (giving the ability to connect six monitors to a single video card).

However, while this in itself seems like it would only be fully harnessed by a niche crowd looking to go all out with gaming simulation setups or advanced (overkill?) levels of productivity, Power Color seems to think there are people out there who still feel it's not enough.

Take a look at this picture below :-

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HP acquires Palm for 1.3 Billion

Steve Dougherty | Business, Financial & Legal | Apr 29, 2010 3:22 AM CDT

It's been known for quite a while Palm has been struggling to keep its head above water and the marketplace tells the story pretty quickly they've been failing to compete at a required level to survive in the ever growing, fast paced smartphone world.

At this rate, the end of the road for the company is not all that far away unless something drastic takes place. And that's exactly what's just happened. HP has just announced it's swallowing them up for 1.2 Billion, working out to about $5.70 per share of Palm common stock.

The deal is set to close on July 31 which is in timely fashion with the end of HP's Q3 fiscal year. From what is known this early on, Pam's CEO Jon Rubinstein is sticking with the company but how operations will change is anyone's guess at this point; it's all speculation.

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Microsoft launches Windows Embedded Standard 7 OS

Shane McGlaun | Software & Apps | Apr 28, 2010 1:10 PM CDT

Microsoft has offered embedded versions of Windows for many different needs for a long time. Today Microsoft has announced the latest version of Windows Embedded called Windows Embedded Standard 7 has hit RTM.

The new embedded OS takes the some of the power, reliability, and features of the Windows 7 OS and puts them into a customizable and componentized form. The new OS will let OEMs create a wide range of devices with enhanced connectivity and differentiated experiences.

The embedded OS will find its way into products like thin clients, digital signage, industrial controls, set-top boxes, connected media devices, and TVs. Microsoft reports that partners and customers have plans in place to start shipping produces using Windows Embedded Standard 7 soon.

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KONNET makes cable-free PowerV Quad wireless charger for Wii-motes

Steve Dougherty | Networking | Apr 28, 2010 5:14 AM CDT

If you're tired of the hassles that come with manually and regularly replacing/recharging batteries for your multiple Wii-remotes, Konnet has come up with a sleek looking solution that makes it 10x easier.

using advanced wireless induction charging technology, the PowerV Quad charging station supports charging of up to four Wii-motes simultaneously. Together with the supplied rechargeable battery packs it's as simple as resting a Wii-mote on the PowerV (you can leave your Motion Plus / silicon casing on it) and it will automatically detect the battery life and commence charging the battery if needed; no cable clutter here. If the charging status light is red, it's charging; if blue, it's full.

One very practical and convenient solution that would be impossible to regret the purchase of once you have one in house. For $50 U.S. you get the PowerV Quad, AC/DC adapter cord and four supporting rechargeable Ni-MH 800mAh battery packs.

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Gizmodo editor cops it heavy for iPhone 4G viewing last week

Ouch! - In being the first to 'get hold of' and show off the next gen iPhone on the web in detail has come at one helluva hefty price for Gizmodo, not only counting the $5k transaction they made to get it into their posession from an unknown entity.

The site's editor Jason Chen has indicated he's in a world of hurt after performing this little stunt last week.

Last week it was reported that law enforcement in the Silicon Valley area had begun investigating how this iPhone was mysteriously lost and had gotten into wrong hands.

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NVIDIA plans to unify its desktop and mobile graphics drivers

Steve Dougherty | Video Cards & GPUs | Apr 27, 2010 3:20 AM CDT

Following AMD's recent decision to provide more regular, consistent Catalyst Mobility driver support for mobile GPUs, NVIDIA has now focused attention on giving better support for its mobile GPUs.

In the past notebook users have had to depend on notebook OEMs to make available mobile graphics driver updates for NVIDIA GPUs residing in select models, of which the timeframes between each of these updates was most always significantly longer than the rate at which GPU makers can make driver updates available to the public.

This problem will soon be solved, it seems. NVIDIA is looking to unify its desktop and mobile drivers and will put things into action as of release 256, due to come out in a few months. This will mean updated GPU drivers will hit the web from NVIDIA themselves for both desktop and notebook users at the same time; albeit they will be in separate packages.

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XFX's stolen HD 5970 Black Edition Limited video card was a viral marketing campaign

Shane McGlaun | Internet & Websites | Apr 23, 2010 11:02 AM CDT

There have been stories going around the web this week stating that a limited edition high-end ATI video card had been stolen from the factory carrying the XFX band. XFX had warned people to not buy the card, which was supposedly listed on eBay.

XFX sent out another email this week that again stated the supposed story that one of the limited edition 5970 Black Edition cards had been stolen, specifically serial number 68. The email stated that people involved with the theft would be prosecuted and it looked real overall.

If you glance under the picture of the car in the email, you will notice that it states clearly the email is an XFX Gamertainment Campaign. In other words, a viral marketing stunt that clearly worked very well. Did you fall for it?

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Microsoft makes available full Touch Pack for Windows 7 Touchscreen users

Steve Dougherty | Software & Apps | Apr 23, 2010 6:38 AM CDT

While Microsoft's Windows 7 Touch Pack was first made available to OEMs selling Windows 7 PCs last year, Microsoft have now made it available for all at their Download Center.

Weighing in at 239.2MB, this executable file contains six applications that work in with the touchscreen features of MS' latest operating system :-

Microsoft Blackboard, an intricate game of physics in which you solve a puzzle by creating a fanciful machine on a blackboard.

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Exclusive: GIGABYTE demo On/Off Charge for Apple products

Cameron Wilmot | Motherboards | Apr 23, 2010 6:23 AM CDT

Earlier today we were invited down to the GIGABYTE Technology headquarters here in Taipei where we were given an exclusive demonstration of its new "On/Off Charge" technology for the Apple iPod and other Apple products such as the iPhone and iPod.

GIGABYTE quietly launched a software driver a little while ago that allowed its motherboards to charge Apple products via USB even when your computer was turned off. Now the Taiwanese motherboard heavyweight steps things up some more with its new On/Off Charge tech.

With this new hardware based solution, the engineers at GIGABYTE have programmed their motherboards to be able to detect what sort of Apple product needs charging and allows for Quick Charging by sending out more power over the 3x USB Power ports on some new GIGABYTE motherboards. This is done by detecting the Apple product device ID on a power supply database and sending out more power than a traditional motherboard (can) - that is, over 0.5 amps. We saw an iPad getting over 0.9 amps, in fact.

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Cheaper USB 3.0 chips for mobo makers thanks to ASMedia

For a while now we've been seeing some motherboard makers incorporate USB 3.0 into select boards via means of an additional NEC controller (no thanks to Intel being slow to adopt until well into next year), but the list of USB 3.0 supporting boards versus how many new boards continue to hit the market is still somewhat lacking.

However, that may well be changing soon with ASMedia (a subsidiary of ASUSTek) said to be offering up USB 3.0 chips for less than $3 to mobo makers; half that of what NEC charges for theirs, making the inclusion much more attractive on a wider range of boards not only in the high-end market segment, but mainstream and possibly entry level areas, too.

ASUS has of course been quick to make the transfer from NEC to ASMedia and all of its orders hereon will stay with them. Meanwhile, MSI, GIGABYTE and ECS are expected to transfer all their orders to ASMedia in the not too distant future.

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