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Japan Nuclear Disaster raised to Level 7 on International Nuclear Event scale

Anthony Garreffa | Current Affairs | Wed, Apr 13 2011 6:06 AM CDT

The unfolding nuclear crisis in Japan has been one of the most devastating events in history and it just doesn't seem to get any better as the days go on with the reports coming out that Japanese officials may have been downplaying the amount of radiation released since the Japanese nuclear regulatory agency has now put the Fukushima Daiichi disaster on the same level as the 1986 Chernobyl explosion.

Japan Nuclear Disaster raised to Level 7 on International Nuclear Event scale |

This is an admission by the Japanese government that the amount of radiation released into the environment has reached a new order of magnitude. The fact that we have now confirmed the world's second-ever Level 7 accident will have huge consequences for the global nuclear industry. It shows that current safety standards are woefully inadequate.

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Trusted Source Says Nintendo Wii to Get Price Drop

Trak Lord | Gaming | Wed, Apr 13 2011 12:27 AM CDT
Trusted Source Says Nintendo Wii to Get Price Drop |

According to a recent report by Engadget, the Nintendo Wii will see a big price drop come May. Engadget claims a "trusted source" confided this news to them earlier today, despite the fact that they still remain dubious to the news of the May 15th $150 price tag.

Nintendo has suffered a bit recently in the console wars, especially with the remarkable success of the Kinect pretty much dominating the motion-control and recognition/simulation gaming lately. With Sony trying to "Move" in as well, things are not going that great for everyone's favorite and diminutively-monikered console.

Engadget believes that Nintendo would be far more likely to announce news like this at a large venue like e3, but hey- in this day and age when Apple employees are leaving prototypes everywhere, Sony hardware execs randomly leak device specs, and rumors fly around like Tinkle Popo, who knows what's going to happen? Maybe a price cut would help bring the Wii back in sales. As I recall, Nintendo did similar things with the SNES when the 64 came out, and with the 64 when the GameCube (*shudder*) came out, and with the GC when the Wii arrived and......holy @#$%, does this mean we're getting a new console in June? What do you all think?

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Get More Animated With's Animotion

Trak Lord | Mobile Devices | Wed, Apr 13 2011 12:00 AM CDT
Get More Animated With's Animotion |

Russian App Developer has announced today the release of Animotion, an application that lets mobile iOS users create custom animations on the go. Unlike many intricately complex editing software, Animation is light and happy, with a bright easy to use interface and a skill level accessible to anyone.

Much like any other animation, whether it's a Disney film or a flipbook, users need to compose the animation frame by frame. The app does most of the end work, making it just as easy to create animations as it is to post them and share them in your various social networks. In their press release, wrote:

The beauty of the app is in the way it allows you to channel the creative energy into a work of art regardless of where you are and what previous experience with the graphics editors you have. While its interface is intuitive enough for a child to understand, the opportunities it offers are only limited by users imagination.

They also compared it to XKCD- not sure what it has to do with an amazing webcomic, but hey, like we've established I don't write these things.

The app is available for free in the App Store, or you can download the full version at anytime for $1.99. Check it out! The free version is easily enough to entertain your inner or outer child.

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Windows 8 built 7850 leaked, internet says 'do want'

Anthony Garreffa | Software | Tue, Apr 12 2011 10:30 PM CDT

A build of Windows 8 has leaked and will become the first accessible build of the new Operating System from Microsoft that will be available to the public. Everyone has seen the leaked screenshots, as partners with access to Windows 8 builds on Microsoft Connect are slowly leaking stuff out - but this will be the first leak that anyone will be able to download.

Windows 8 built 7850 leaked, internet says 'do want' |

The leak has been posted on the BetaArchive forums and has been confirmed by numerous reputable sources that it is a legitimate build. Obviously from here, the people of the internets will post it on a public torrent tracking site and it will spread like crazy, to the point where even Crytek chief Cevat Yerli will be jealous of how many times it will get pirated.

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NVIDIA Enables Websites to Stream Stereoscopic 3D Video

Anthony Garreffa | 3D | Tue, Apr 12 2011 9:45 PM CDT

NVIDIA are having as Borat would describe "great success!" with their 3D Vision technology. Today NVIDIA have released a 3D Vision module which enables Web developers to easily build websites for streaming high-quality 3D video to 3D Vision-equipped PCs. The technology is designed as a plug-in for Microsoft's new Media Platform Player Framework Web development solution, it's also available for free and there's also a how-to-guide at

NVIDIA Enables Websites to Stream Stereoscopic 3D Video |

If you'd like to know more, NVIDIA have provided some information and a 'how-to' guide on how to stream 3D video on your website.

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New Track Packs For Guitar Hero: Rock Out With Your [Paramore] Out

Trak Lord | Gaming | Tue, Apr 12 2011 12:10 PM CDT
New Track Packs For Guitar Hero: Rock Out With Your [Paramore] Out |

From sunny Santa Monica today, we learn from Activision that Guitar Hero gets three new track packs. Available for both Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and the regular Guitar Hero, these track packs feature music and downloadable playable tracks from Paramore, Middle Class Rut, Madina Lake, and "death metal legends" Darkest Hour. Activision is calling the track pack featuring Paramore "Emo Edge". Not entirely sure how accurate that is as Paramore is neither emo nor all that edgy, but hey! I don't write these things, do I?

The two track packs will be available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 440 Microsoft points, on the PlayStation Network Store for $5.49. or the Wii online network for 550 Wii points. The individual songs are also available as downloadable singles for 160 Microsoft point, $1.99, or 200 Wii points each, respectively.

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Introducing GeForce GT 520

Trak Lord | Video Cards | Tue, Apr 12 2011 11:58 AM CDT
Introducing GeForce GT 520 |

GeForce, the product that sounds like a teen Superhero team, is back with the brand spankin' new GeForce GT 520, the perfect GPU to accelerate media, gaming and, well- pretty much everything now that we've opened up GPU-accelerated web browsing. It supports DirectX 11 (meh), GPU accelerated General Purpose Computing (CUDA), and the aptly named physics engine processor, PhysX. If you're a gamer looking to upgrade your GPU and you plan on playing World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Farming-Simulator 2011, or the bad-ass StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, you're going to want to check the GT 520 out as those games will take full and absolute advantage of this GPU's processing power. With 48 CUDA cores, 810 MHz Graphics Clock, 1620 MHz Processor Clock, and a Texture Fill Rate of 6.5 billion/sec, this GPU should some serious cajones to your gaming machine. Let's also not forget that it's 3D photo, 3D video, and 3D Blu-Ray ready.

Check out more at their product website, or more after the jump.

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Opera 11.10 Updates Speed Dial and Opera Turbo: Barracuda Browser goes live

Trak Lord | Software | Tue, Apr 12 2011 11:38 AM CDT
Opera 11.10 Updates Speed Dial and Opera Turbo: Barracuda Browser goes live |

Norway's Opera Software is following up on their recent mobile success by rolling out upgrades for their desktop browser that take two of their most popular features, Opera Turbo and Speed Dial, and make them better. VP of Desktop Products, Jan Standal, ntoed:

Opera 11.10, codenamed "Barracuda", can boost browsing speeds by up to four times its previous capabilities by reducing the size of webpages before he user loads them, using Opera Turbo.

The Opera Turbo feature is crucial for anyone who travels or just has a slow Internet connection. By reducing the size of the page, we can make browsing so much faster. So whether you're at a crowded Starbucks in San Francisco or are using a 3G modem in Sri Lanka, Opera Turbo can give you a better browsing experience.

Another upgraded feature, Speed Dial, grants the user now unlimited number of pages to "dial", making it easier to get to the pages that you always want to see, no matter where you are. Speed Dial brings with it other customization features, like layout customizations and improved zoom functions.

Opera also offers now seamless plug-in installation that downloads necessary plug-ins in the background of your web experience, and is available in 50 languages, including Tagalog. Here's their new promotional video demonstrating some of the new stuff Opera can do:

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Antec launches KUHLER H2O 920 liquid CPU cooler

Anthony Garreffa | Cases, Cooling & PSU | Tue, Apr 12 2011 7:00 AM CDT

Antec are releasing something special for their 25th anniversary (btw, congrats Antec!) by releasing the Antec KHLER H2O 920 maximum-performance CPU cooler. Antec developed the KHLER H2O 920 in conjunction with Asetek, who are an industry-leading supplier of OEM liquid cooling systems for computers. The KHLER H2O 920 is an advancement on the popular KHLER H2O 620 with several upgrades that allow it to deliver better cooling results to your CPU.

The KHLER H2O 920 features a double-thick radiator with two 120mm fans as well as an interactive fan control in the form of Asetek's ChillControl software. The KHLER H2O 920 has some seriously great features and with it being only the second liquid-cooler from Antec, I'm quite excited to see what the future holds for Antec.

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Facial Recognition & Directed Advertising Demo: IDF Beijing 2011

Nicole Scott | Displays & Projectors | Tue, Apr 12 2011 6:42 AM CDT

Intel put on a series of demo's at Day 0 of IDF Beijing 2011 showing off various ways that camera recognition, both facial and gesture, could be applied to everyday life.

The first demo controlled an avatar by mapping the human face to cause the avatar to animate on-screen characters to precisely replicate mimic facial expressions and head movement. The second demo has been making the rounds but we still love it since the idea of having in on our home TV excites since it would make looking at photo's a more interactive experience. One can control and navigate the user interface with the wave of a hand as well as zoom and rotate.

It is like having a Kinect, but all you need is a webcam! The big one that I thought was the best of the bunch was facial recognition to deliver directed personal advertising. That's right, your TV will watch you figure out how many males and females are in the room, whether they are young or old and even detect if they are happy or sad. Based on this information they will then service an appropriate targeted ad. Creepy, just a little.

Facial Recognition & Directed Advertising Demo: IDF Beijing 2011 |

The final demo takes that creep factor to the next level as your TV will identify you personally, and then it will suggest shows for you based on your viewing habits. The technology will continue to watch you to see if you are enjoying the program and even note if you are looking away from the screen.

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