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Opera is the first browser with a built-in crypto wallet

By Anthony Garreffa | Jul 16, 2018 07:29 pm CDT

Opera has been a leader in the cryptocurrency race, as they were the first web browser with crypto jacking protection and now they have another world first.


Opera has launched a new private beta version of its web browser that packs a built-in crypto wallet, something that supports the Ethereum Web3 API that will be integrated with a "default WebView" on top. Opera's new crypto wallet will automatically add tokens and collectibles into your crypto wallet, for your convenience.

Charles Hamel, the product manager of Opera Crypto said: "We believe the web of today will be the interface to the decentralized web of tomorrow. By becoming the the first major browser to open up to Web 3.0, we would like to contribute to making the internet of the future more accessible. Our hope is that this will accelerate the transition of cryptocurrencies from speculation and investment to being used for actual payments and transactions in our users' daily lives".

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OTOY takes rendering to the cloud, blockchain, and crypto

By Anthony Garreffa | Jul 12, 2018 10:45 pm CDT

The future of rendering special effects and CG animation is about to change, with OTOY unveiling RNDR which looks to the cloud, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technologies to use PCs and graphics cards that are otherwise unused, to render CG images for content creators.


OTOY CEO Jules Urbach believes in the future of blockchain being used for collective rendering, opening up an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) last year with Render Token, and driving it home with the just-announced RNDR. Render Token lets people invest in it, as it uses a distributed GPU rendering network to entice users to invest, so that content creators can tap into users' unused computing power to get their jobs complete.

Venture Beat reports that OTOY has "created an ability to render graphics in the cloud, and it is using blockchain technology to enable people to make use of it. The goal is to create a decentralized economy for 3D assets, which could be rendered via the shared hardware, hosted in the cloud, and then sold and traded in a decentralized fashion".

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Cryptojacking spikes 1189% in Q1 2018, overtakes ransomware

By Anthony Garreffa | Jul 8, 2018 03:26 am CDT

We all know how much cryptocurrency has had an impact in the world as it hit us, PC gamers, the most: graphics cards. They disappeared from shelves shortly after seeing hyperinflation-like prices in the huge crypto mining boom, but another explosion that happened because of crypto was all of the cryptojacking in the months following.


According to data from McAfee Labs, cryptojacking has overtaken ransomware attacks. Raj Samani, the chief scientist at McAfee explains: "Attackers targeting cryptocurrencies may be moving from ransomware to coin miner malware, which hijacks systems to mine for cryptocurrencies and increase their profits".

McAfee's report is startling, as it explains: "Coin miner malware grew a stunning 629% to more than 2.9 million known samples in Q1 from almost 400,000 samples in Q4. This suggests that cybercriminals are warming to the prospect of monetizing infections of user systems without prompting victims to make payments, as is the case with popular ransomware schemes".

As you can see from the imaige above, cryptominers weren't really a concern until the start of the year with less than 200,000 new cryptominer malware surfacing in Q4 2017, while that number popped up over 2.5 million in Q1 2018 alone.

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Bithumb hacked, over $30 million in cryptocurrency stolen

By Anthony Garreffa | Jun 20, 2018 10:40 pm CDT

Another day... another massive cryptocurrency heist, this time with South Korean exchange Bithumb being hit for over $30 million.


The new $30 million heist of Bithumb has been a bit deal, considering the exchange is the sixth-largest of crypto trading in the world, is worrying to say the last. Bithumb has announced it will pay victims of the breach back, with the SK exchange using its own reserves to pay users.

Bithumb posted to their Twitter, announcing: "All deposit and withdrawal service will be stopped to make sure the security. We will keep notice you of the restart of the service. We apologize for your inconvenience and thanks for your understanding".

SAPPHIRE's crypto mining rig: 14 GPUs with 7 x dual-RX 470s

By Anthony Garreffa | Jun 5, 2018 08:00 am CDT

Computex 2018 - SAPPHIRE moved into the crypto mining space in a big way this year, unveiling their new INCA CS-14 Mining Solution that uses something you can't buy in Radeon form: dual-GPUs based on the RX 470.


The system itself runs an AMD Embedded G-series FP4 SoC, 8GB of DDR4, 128GB M.2 SSD, runs Ubuntu, and then rocks the huge 7 x dual-RX 470s with 8GB for a total of 14 graphics cards.


In order to power the system SAPPHIRE has used two 1600W PSUs, but I asked what power consumption the system will typically use and they said just over 2000W or so. Not bad at all, considering that it pumps away at over 400MH/s.

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Bitcoin Gold hit with 51% attack, up to $18 million gone

By Anthony Garreffa | May 28, 2018 08:38 pm CDT

Bitcoin Gold was hit with a 51% attack in the last few days, with the attacker hitting BTG with a double spend attack that allowed the hacker/s to steal up to $18 million.


The BTG development team confirmed the attack took place, with the attacker controlling over 51% of the network's hashrate, using that to reorganize the blockchain and reverse transactions. The hackers "made deposits at cryptocurrency exchanges, traded the coins for BTC or another coin, and then withdrew the funds. Next, the attacker used their dominant computing power to force the rest of the network to accept falsified blocks that reversed their initial deposits and caused these funds to vanish from exchange-controlled wallets", reports CCN.

Up to $18 million could've been stolen as the attacker sent themselves over 380,000 BTG but there's no word on how many of these transactions were successful. If they were, up to $18 million is gone. The blame? Equihash, the mining algorithm behind BTG. BTG developers blamed, at least in part, Equihash; which is used with numerous cryptocurrencies.

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Ripple enthusiast with $1 billion in XRP dies unexpectedly

By Anthony Garreffa | May 27, 2018 11:44 pm CDT

Matthew Mellon was already wealthy before the super-powered rise of Bitcoin and all of the other cryptocurrencies, but did you know that he invested $2 million of his fortune into XRP? Mellon has just died unexpectedly, leaving all of his BTC, XRP, and other cryptocurrencies stranded with no way to access them without their respective wallet passwords.


Mellon spent $2 million buying XRP because he liked that the Ripple team was working within the banking system, where at the time he said: "Crypto is scary and dark. It's anti-America. I am pro-America, pro-business and pro-bank. That's why I went with Ripple".

At the peak of XRP, Mellon's bag of Ripple was worth $1 billion and his family cannot find the password to access the funds. Mellon, up until his death, was spending $7 million a month before he was found dead in his Mexico hotel room on April 16. Mellon made a name for himself in fashion, and then made his first billion with XRP, but struggled with drug addiction throughout his life.

Mellon leaves behind a wife and three children.

US Department of Justice looking into crypto price fixing

By Anthony Garreffa | May 24, 2018 09:15 pm CDT

The price of Bitcoin has been sinking for a few solid days now, so it comes as a surprise that hte US Department of Justice is looking into criminal traders who might be manipulating the price of BTC and other cryptocurrenices.


Bloomberg reports from its wources that the DOJ investigation will target practices that have been regulated out of futures and equities markets. Illegal practices happen, where traders will submit false orders and then cancel them at the last minute, or they'll trade big numbers with themselves to create the look of (false) demand.

The site added: "Authorities worry that virtual currencies are susceptible to fraud for multiple reasons: skepticism that all exchanges are actively pursuing cheaters, wild price swings that could make it easy to push valuations around and a lack of regulations like the ones that govern stocks and other assets".

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The world's first crypto-powered beer vending machine teased

By Anthony Garreffa | May 12, 2018 08:12 pm CDT

The world of cryptocurrency is expanding faster than most people can imagine, but I didn't think we'd be in the world of the first cryptocurrency-powered beer vending machine at this stage, but here we are.


San Francisco-based startup Civic has teased the world's first "crypto beer vending machine" at the Coindesk Consensus 2018 summit in New York. The beer vending machine would eventually access the blockchain to verify consumers' age, and then throw out a beer or 6 for you.

It will be incredibly simple to do, as the vending machine can be access through the installation of Civic's app on your phone, verify your ID there, and then you'll walk up to the machine and collect your beer. The only way this works is that governments will have to have citizens' ID tied to the blockchain, which I'm sure will happen eventually. Sure, it won't happen overnight, but give it another 5-10 years and stories like this will be remembered.

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Facebook working on its own cryptocurrency for FB payments

By Anthony Garreffa | May 12, 2018 02:30 am CDT

Facebook is making big moves into the world of cryptocurrency with the latest rumors seeing the social networking company working on their own cryptocurrency, a new crypto that would power payments on Facebook.


Cheddar is behind the news citing sources familiar with the matter that would see Facebook using their new "digital token" to buy and sell things through the social network. Facebook is reportedly also looking into "other ways" they could use this cryptocurrency.

It makes sense, given that Messenger boss David Marcus, recently leaving the chat app side of Facebook to work in the blockchain department of Facebook. Days later the rumors begin of Facebook kick starting their own cryptocurrency, which totally makes sense.

Remember that Marcus used to be the boss of PayPal, and is on the board of directors of Coinbase, meaning he's uniquely qualified to handle cryptocurrency and blockchain advancements for Facebook... meaning we're in for quite the ride.