GeForce 9900 Series set for July launch

Cameron Wilmot | Video Cards & GPUs | Mar 31, 2008 11:11 AM CDT

Word is circulating that just four short months after the launch of the 9800 GTX (set for launch tomorrow), Nvidia will welcome its new high-end graphics cards to the world.

Namely we are talking about the GT200 based 9900 GTX and 9900 GX2. There are little details floating around at this stage but some reports suggest that Nvidia's GT200 core will be a huge performer. One report says that the 9900 GTX will replace the 9800 GX2 which suggests that a single 9900 GTX may outperform the dual-GPU 9800 GX2. Likewise, the 9900 T was said to possibly replace the 9800 GTX.

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Lights out for one hour - Earth Hour!

Cameron Wilmot | | Mar 29, 2008 3:56 AM CDT

Today marks the second annual Earth Hour day which is organized and promoted by the World Wide Fund for Nature Australia and the Sydney Morning Herald.

It encourages everyone to switch off lights and non-essential items in your house or office between 8pm local time and 9pm on March 29. It is designed to promote electricity conservation and thus the final hope is lower carbon emissions.

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Tactile feedback for touch screens

John Freeman | | Mar 29, 2008 3:55 AM CDT

Playing the Nintendo DS lite for many hours, I often feel something is just not quite right. For those of you wondering what a DS lite is, it's a popular hand held device from Nintendo used for playing cartridge games while on the move. It opens and closes like a book, has two screens similar to the old Donkey Kong consoles way back in the eighties. The lower screen is a touch screen and the games for the console use all manner of ways to catch your attention when you play with it. Some games on the handheld console use the microphone response, others the Wi-Fi capabilities to build the thrill of competing, but by far the most interactive aspect of the device is the mini touch screen, where you can actively tap the screen to give the game inputs.

Then while reading an article earlier at this website , it hit me what that missing ingredient is; namely you never know if your press on the touch screen has been registered until you see the response a few milliseconds later. If you did it wrong, you will see the result after the fact. There is no immediate and direct haptic response. What I mean by this is if you push a key on a keyboard you can feel the button go in, can feel it activate the letter or number on your screen and you can also feel when you release the key or accidentally push an adjacent key. Doing the same thing on an iPhone touch screen, or any one of the many touch screen devices with a stylus or finger push just isn't the same experience.

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Nokia N96 mobile gets very early review

Nokia's N95 enjoyed a massive amount of fanfare when it was first announced and released with it still being one of the most feature-rich mobile phones on the market, also with one of the highest price tags.

Months ahead of its release, the folks over at have taken the upcoming N96 mobile phone for a spin in a heck of a lot of detail.

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ABIT to sell Nvidia graphics cards

Cameron Wilmot | Video Cards & GPUs | Mar 28, 2008 2:22 AM CDT

ABIT was once a monstrous motherboard maker with an instrumental marketing machine and engineering team behind it who could do no wrong - except for of course, accounting.

ABIT only managed to barely keep its head above water and was bought out by another company which gave it the chance to live on. The struggling company is still in the game but much more quiet than it used to be. Motherboards keep filtering out, some good but not what we were all accustomed to.

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Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Gallery

Cameron Wilmot | | Mar 28, 2008 2:06 AM CDT

The Boy Genius managed to get his hands on a phone using Microsoft's updated Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system a full week or so before it is officially released.

Besides the screenshot gallery, he claims the new features as being: Support for AT&T's Video Share, New thumbnail browsing, New Albums feature, Send to your space (upload to your Windows Live account), Updated camera UI, Updated home screen (more music and multimedia features) and TV out.

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Isaiah CPU from VIA shipping soon

John Freeman | CPU, APU & Chipsets | Mar 27, 2008 10:54 AM CDT

VIA announced its new processor architecture, code-named Isaiah.

The processor according to Centaur President Glenn Henry (Centaur is VIA's subsidiary CPU design company) has double or more the processing power of current generation C7 processors. The C7 VIA CPU is already available in the market and in use in many of the Ultra-mobile PC's and net-book devices such as the GIGABYTE U60 UMPC (reviewed here).

The truly remarkable feature of this new architecture is that it is drop-in compatible with current boards, offering double the performance, but at the same power (wattage) usage. This will mean current systems already being sold and used, can be re-aligned to contain the new Isaiah processor, giving the manufacturer's two product SKUs for the design costs of one. See the clip below.

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Acer will launch low cost PC

John Freeman | | Mar 27, 2008 10:47 AM CDT

According to Digitimes, Acer will leverage its large economies of scale to build and distribute a UMPC similar to Eee PC.

The device is said to be 8.9" long, and fits the "low-cost PC" profile. Asustek will launch its second generation Eee PC at around the same time, but supposedly there will not be a price war between the two giants of the PC world. They speculate that Asustek may launch their Eee PC product earlier to gain an advantage.

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Lower cost HD 3850 X2 is on the way

Steve Dougherty | | Mar 26, 2008 5:42 PM CDT

Chinese website HKEPC have sourced information which indicates that AMD has plans to release a lower cost HD 3850 X2 into the market, scheduled for launch sometime around the middle of the year.

With a said launch price of somewhere between $299 and $379, this should be a nice reaching point for those of you really keen on the idea of having a Dual-GPU singular graphics card in your rig without the premium the flagship HD 3870 X2 carries with it.

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ASRock out with first DisplayPort mobo

ASRock hit the news headlines around the world today with the announcement of its latest AMD 780G based motherboard that claims to be the first out with a DisplayPort connector.

It's the type of situation where this claim is half true and half false. While it is marketed as being the first, the connector is not actually built into the motherboard itself. ASRock bundled the board with a "free" DisplayPort card which plugs into a vacant PCI slot. The A780FullDisplayPort board has a total of two PCI slots, so at least you will have one spare for an old TV tuner or sound card.

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