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Apricorn unveils epic Mac Array for Mac Pro desktop

By Shane McGlaun | Storage | Nov 11, 2010 02:00 pm CST

One of the major downsides facing a Mac computer user is that Macs tend to not be as upgradable by the user as PCs are. That means that often what you get from the factory is what you have to live with and if you do try to upgrade your warranty might be toast. If you are a user of the Mac Pro desktop computer, Apricorn has a new upgrade that will leave you with some serious geek lust. The new device is called the Mac Array.


The Mac Array is an internal SSD array that is mounted to an x4 PCI Express card that fits into one of the two PCIs slots inside the Mac Pro. The card includes a quartet of 128GB SSDs for a total of 512GB. Apricorn says that the Mac Array is designed to bridge the gap between your Mac Pro's slow HDD and RAM to act as virtual memory. The Mac Array promises to increase performance up to ten times the performance of the same machine without the Mac Array.

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Super Talent unveils tiny Pico Mini flash drives

By Shane McGlaun | Storage | Nov 11, 2010 01:04 pm CST

Good ol' Super Talent is always at it tossing new and flashionable flash drives onto the market in an attempt to part geeks with their hard-earned money. Most of the flash drives that the firm makes put as much focus on looking good as they do working well. That's not a bad thing at all; our tech gear can look good and work. The latest offerings from the company are a coupe new flash drives in the USB Pico Mini line.


There are two drives in the line with one of them called the Pico Mini C and the other the Pico Mini D. The two versions both lack caps and use other methods of protecting the USB connector. The C drive has a retractable USB connector while the D drive has a sliding case that hides the connector. Both of the flash drives are very small.

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Nintendo wants trademark for "On Like Donkey Kong"

By Shane McGlaun | Gaming | Nov 11, 2010 12:04 pm CST

Trademarks are very much like patents in that sometimes they are aimed at getting rights to things that are a bit out there. Nintendo is apparently trying to trademark a pop-culture phrase that just about everyone will recognize. The company has filed for a trademark with the USPTO for the phrase "On like Donkey Kong."


That is a bit like a maker of foam fingers trying to trademark the phrase "pull my finger." The big monkey surfaced in arcade games back in 1981 and since then there have been several different games with Donkey Kong. The "On Like Donkey Kong" phrase is typically used for all sorts of reasons, none of them having to do with the game.

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Jolicloud netbook to be called Jolibook

By Shane McGlaun | Laptops | Nov 11, 2010 11:00 am CST

If you like, the idea of a netbook computer that runs a really fast version of Linux for it's OS you will be interested to hear that a new notebook powered by Jolicloud is apparently coming soon. The CEO of Jolicould tweeted some pics of the notebook a while back and it looks pretty crazy with artwork all over the front.


Under that bright case is hardware that you would expect to find inside a netbook like an Intel Atom N550 CPU, 10.1-inch screen with 720p resolution, and 250GB of storage. Where this rig differs from the norm is that it doesn't run Windows or other common operating systems, it is powered the Jolicloud, which is Linux derived.

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Sources say AMD HD 6970 will beat NV GTX 580

By Shane McGlaun | Video Cards | Nov 11, 2010 10:02 am CST

I don't think that any of us will be surprised that "sources" are saying that the AMD HD 6970 will beat the new NVIDIA GTX 580 in performance. What else would AMD say after all? It's not as if they can say, "our next card will suck." I like it when these two companies get to goading and competing with each other for the performance crown, and so should you.


Competition like this is when we get new cards with even more performance as they trade the world's fastest title back and forth. The only downside is that the new cards seem to get more expensive each time they launch. The upside is a new faster card means price cuts on older hardware. Kit Guru cites sources that claim the HD 6970.

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Weekly Giveaway: Win one of three Psyko 5.1 PC Gaming Headsets

By Cameron Wilmot | Contests & Giveaways | Nov 11, 2010 08:45 am CST

We have teamed up with Psyko Audio Labs this week to giveaway three of their Psyko 5.1 PC Gaming Headsets to readers in North America and Europe.


The Dawn of Audio is here and Psyko Audio is delivering gamers their new weapon. No one else can give you an audio experience that lets you hear where every sound comes from. They improve your positional awareness and your reaction time for improved game play. There is no DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to alter the sound, and no latency. They put you into the sweet spot. Wake up and play better.

This is a quantum leap in headphone technology. The Psyko 5.1 PC Gaming Headset System creates 3D sound in exactly the same way a room system does - with 5 speakers plus the subwoofer positioned accurately around you. You hear precisely where every sound originates, the way you are supposed to. You get naturally immersive sound with no hassles, no latency, and no limits to where and when you want to play.

Head on over to our forum giveaway page to find out how to win one! For this weekly giveaway only readers in North America and Europe can enter and you do not pay for the shipping charges.

Boxee Box officially launched; Netflix and Hulu friendliness in the works

By Don Lynn | TV, Movies & Home Theatre | Nov 10, 2010 11:24 pm CST

The Boxee Box official launch event has come and gone and the cats behind it have answered a few of the nagging questions many have had. The network blocking of their sites on the device were not specifically addressed, but two big dogs in the streaming industry are reportedly ready to jump on board: Netflix and Hulu Plus.


Netflix is officially on board; all signs are pointing towards the Boxee Box being Netflix capable by the end of the year. Boxee even pictured a remote with a Netflix button at their event. The timetable on Hulu Plus is not as clear; talks are only in their beginning stages but Boxee is confident they will be bringing Hulu on board sometime soon; even if Hulu will be initially blocked from being streamed on launch day. Adding these two big boys to their already impressive codec list should help in the competition against Google TV; now if we could only get the networks on board.

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Deal of the Day: Refurbed Samsung SyncMaster P2770H LCD 27" Monitor w/ Full HD, HDMI, DVI-D - $259 Shipped Free

By Steve Dougherty | Displays & Projectors | Nov 10, 2010 11:06 pm CST

Our Deal of the Day today is the - Refurbed Samsung SyncMaster P2770H LCD 27" Monitor w/ Full HD, HDMI, DVI-D - $259 Shipped Free!.

Offer: has this refurbed Samsung SyncMaster 27" LCD monitor for just $259. This monitor has some crazy good specs:

- Full HD 1920x1080p Resolution

- 27" LCD Panel

- 2ms Response Time

- 70,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio

- HDMI and DVI-D


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OS X 10.6.5 update released

By Don Lynn | Software | Nov 10, 2010 11:02 pm CST

Along with the announcement of the iOS 4.2 update coming Friday, Apple was hard at work helping out Mac users as well. The OS X 10.6.5 update was made available for download today and brings a fairly long list of improvements. Included are fixes for printing issues, graphics and game performance improvements, as well as several security improvements. Check your updates for the download today; a full list of improvements is listed after the break.

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AMD Radeon 6970 delay due to component shortage

By Anthony Garreffa | Video Cards | Nov 10, 2010 10:14 pm CST

Many AMD partners are wondering why they have not gotten AMD Radeon 6970 boards yet - but, it seems to stem from a shortage of a particular component from Texas Instruments, and now the yield issues that people are running around crying about.


This Texas Instruments component is an integrated driver-MOSFET (DrMOS) that was first introduced and used on the AMD Radeon 6800 series. The part is SO new that there is literally no information on the web about it, nor from the manufacturer itself.

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