TweakTown's Best Tech of Computex 2024 - Hardware, Gaming Gear, and AI

Computex 2024 was all about AI, and the CPU and GPU hardware that will drive that future. It was also about cool tech and gear, which we saw plenty of.

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After a thrilling, AI-filled week of keynotes, presentations, industry parties, and running around the show floor trying to make it to meetings on time, the TweakTown team at Computex 2024 got hands-on with dozens, if not hundreds, of new products, prototypes, and - of course - AI-branded things filling up our peripheral vision.

AI was the big thing at this year's Computex, from new chip announcements to a range of new Copilot+ PCs to NVIDIA's RTX AI PCs showcasing some truly impressive demos. However, there was still plenty of traditional hardware and gear to find, from new CAMM2 memory modules to motherboards for the new Ryzen 9000 Series of desktop processors. Plus, GPUs, cases, cooling, and all manner of storage solutions.

There's a lot of great stuff (and tech) on the horizon. So, without further ado, here's TweakTown's Best of Computex 2024 - presented in no particular order.

ROG Azoth Extreme Gaming Keyboard

TweakTown's Best Tech of Computex 2024 - Hardware, Gaming Gear, and AI 1

Not only is the new ROG Azoth Extreme one of the most premium and customizable keyboards that ASUS has ever produced, but it could very well be one of the most premium and customizable keyboards that anyone has ever produced.

With hot-swappable switches, dampening foam, and carbon fiber layers, the ROG Azoth Extreme also introduces adjustable gasket mounts to change the keys' feel from spongy to more tactile, making it feel like a different keyboard. Throw in a premium build with excellent keycaps, magnetic feet to change the height, an impressive silicon wrist rest, and a full-color OLED touchscreen for real-time stats for the keyboard and your system, and that's not even the end of the story. It also supports wired and low-latency wireless with an 8,000 Hz Polling Rate, and you can understand why it earned an award.

be quiet!'s Stunning and Versatile Light Base 900 Case

TweakTown's Best Tech of Computex 2024 - Hardware, Gaming Gear, and AI 2

Cases with glass panels and a fishbowl design aesthetic were all the rage at Computex 2024, with several excellent options available from several case makers. However, the wizards and German engineers at be Quiet! managed to blow us away with the new Light Base 900/600 Series because it ticked all the right boxes and added a new one we didn't even know we wanted.

With support for all the latest hardware, what makes it special is that the feet are removable (without tools), so it can sit on the left, right, or flat/horizontally. It also supports inverted builds, so you're not beholden to one orientation. Throw in excellent build quality, the company's quality and award-winning fans, and RGB lighting that includes an underflow - this case has us excited to make it a part of our day-to-day gaming.

Patriot's Viper Xtreme 5 DDR5 Memory Running at a Stable 10,000 MT/s

TweakTown's Best Tech of Computex 2024 - Hardware, Gaming Gear, and AI 3

Patriot's Viper Xtreme 5 DDR5 Memory is for those who want to be able to achieve stable DDR5-10000 speeds without having to figure out how to handle liquid nitrogen. At Computex 2024, the company put together a very modest build showcasing the memory, with an affordable AMD Ryzen 5 8500G Desktop Processor and a GIGABYTE B650E AORUS Tachyon board in an enclosed case.

The demonstration was even more impressive because the team told us it had been running for several hours. It maintained this memory speed with low-latency memory timings (48-60-48-60) and 48GB across dual channels. Yeah, fantastic stuff.

MSI MPG 341CQPX QD-OLED Gaming Monitor

TweakTown's Best Tech of Computex 2024 - Hardware, Gaming Gear, and AI 4

Last year, we saw the arrival of so many OLED displays that we lost count months ago. However, even though the price of OLED panels has never been lower, the barrier to entry is still high for those looking to put together a budget or mid-range gaming build with an Ultrawide OLED for true immersion.

MSI is looking to change that with the new 34-inch MPG MSI 341CQPX - which sports a 3440 x 1440p resolution, a vibrant QD-OLED panel, and a blisteringly fast low-latency 240 Hz refresh rate all for $900. Even though there were more premium displays on, well, display at Computex 2024, seeing MSI go to great lengths to deliver an impressive and affordable ultrawide OLED got our immediate attention.

Lian Li's new EDGE Power Supplies changing the game

TweakTown's Best Tech of Computex 2024 - Hardware, Gaming Gear, and AI 5

Innovation and unique designs are a big part of Computex, and seeing the new Edge PSU Series from Lian Li made us instantly impressed (and quietly blown away) at what the company was trying to do in the power supply spade. Designed for dual-chamber chassis, the unique L-shape design gives you direct and easy access to all PSU ports at all times.

With the Edge PSU Series, you don't have to thread all cables and meticulously plan all cable management before you begin a build. Throw in sleeved cables with cable combs, 80 Plus Platinum efficiency with German capacitors to fit the more compact body (the overall length is the same as a standard PSU of this size), and you've got a modular winner. A TweakTown's Best of Computex 2024 winner.

Colorful's Neptune Series PC and its unique open-frame design

TweakTown's Best Tech of Computex 2024 - Hardware, Gaming Gear, and AI 6

Keeping things in the unique and innovative space, there's the new Neptune Series PCs from Colorful - an open-case look with an integrated full-cover waterblock for all critical components, CPU, and GPU. In fact, all you can see that isn't PC-related to the Neptune Series PC is the custom GPU waterblock, memory, and DDR5 memory.

This was one of those Computex products that immediately makes you say, "What is this?" purely based on how cool it looks. But once you start digging into the build and features, you realize that Colorful has gone all out to create something original and powerful - a liquid-cooled desktop PC that looks like a space station.

Phison's insane Apex Storage X16 Gen5 SSD storage card running at 54.8 GB/s

TweakTown's Best Tech of Computex 2024 - Hardware, Gaming Gear, and AI 7

54.8 GB/s of SSD speed over a single PCIe Gen 5 slot. It's kind of hard to believe, and you might be wondering how. Well, as one of the leaders in SSD controller technology and all things storage, that's what you get when you pair the Apex Storage X16 Gen5 with Phison E26 SSD controller tech in an arrangement that combines the storage power of 16 SSDs into one of the most impressive technical demonstrations we saw at Computex this year.

Corsair 9000D is a monster that supports two systems and dozens of fans

TweakTown's Best Tech of Computex 2024 - Hardware, Gaming Gear, and AI 8

There are cases of all sizes, and then there's the new Corsair 9000D - the Super Tower successor to the iconic 1000D. But there's a lot more happening here than sheer size, as the Corsair 9000D has been designed to support two systems, making it a potential game-changer for some content creators and streamers.

There's room for a dozen or so SSDs (outside of what sits on the motherboards), 21 120mm fans, and enough room for two 480mm radiators. With all of that hardware, you might be thinking that cable management would be a nightmare, but thanks to Corsair's iCUE Link system and impressive design - we saw a full Corsair 9000D build at Computex with more fans and liquid cooling than we had ever seen before - a true monster.

NVIDIA driving the AI era with hardware, technology, and CEO Jensen Huang

TweakTown's Best Tech of Computex 2024 - Hardware, Gaming Gear, and AI 9

With Blackwell data center GPUs, GeForce RTX rigs with multiple cards, and gaming PCVs running incredible AI assistant (Project G-Assist) and AI NPC (Covert Protocol) demonstrations, NVIDIA AI was everywhere at Computex 2024. More importantly, NVIDIA tech was at the heart of showcasing the true potential of where the industry is headed - several steps ahead of the pack trying to catch up. Also, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang was a celebrity rock star, and his every move and response was broadcast all over the local news.

All of this led us to award NVIDIA (you can see our lovely local contacts accepting the award above) a Best of Computex 2024 award.

AVerMedia's X'Tra Go GC515 Capture Dock for Handhelds

TweakTown's Best Tech of Computex 2024 - Hardware, Gaming Gear, and AI 10

A capture card for gaming handhelds is a great idea, and AVerMedia's X'Tra Go GC515 takes this idea to the next level. It's an external capture card (that records up to 4K to SSD) and dock-in-one that supports the Steam Deck, ROG Ally, Legion GO, MSI Claw, Nintendo Switch - and more! Basically, if it's a PC gaming handheld or console with HDMI, then the X'Tra Go GC515 makes game capture a breeze.

No external hardware is required, and there is a single big button to record and stop. This is brilliant stuff, further cementing AVerMedia as one of the best brands for capture cards to suit every need. We can see this becoming a must-have item for the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2.

ZOTAC ZONE, a new and impressive OLED PC gaming handheld

TweakTown's Best Tech of Computex 2024 - Hardware, Gaming Gear, and AI 11

PC gaming handhelds had a significant presence at Computex 2024, with a range of new handhelds hitting the market in the coming months. However, the ZOTAC ZONE stood out amongst the pack because it managed to incorporate some of the best elements from existing handhelds to create something new - and tasty.

First, it's got a 120 Hz AMOLED display for crisp and vibrant color, reminding us of the impressive Steam Deck OLED or Nintendo Switch OLED. But this is a Windows handheld with the powerful AMD Ryzen 7 8840U processor, a full-sized M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 SSD slot, Hall Effect joysticks, trackpads, programmable dials, and an ergonomic and comfortable design. Impressive stuff.

ASUS Zenbook S16 Copilot+ AI PC and the AMD Ryzen AI 300 Series

TweakTown's Best Tech of Computex 2024 - Hardware, Gaming Gear, and AI 12

For the team at TweakTown, this was the most impressive Copilot+ AI PC at Computex, a lightweight, thin, and stylish new laptop from ASUS that also features a lid made from a new durable material the company calls Ceraluminum. Powered by the new AMD Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 processor, the Zenbook S16 (yep, it's lightweight and thin with a 16-inch display) delivers 50 TOPS of AI performance NPU running at just 28W.

Throw in a 3K 120 Hz panel and a chip that also sports Radeon 890M Graphics (with 16 CUs of RDNA 3.5), and this is one ultralight laptop that can play modern games in addition to running the latest Copilot+ AI features and tools that don't rhyme with "fall." Recall.

MSI's new flagship GeForce RTX 4090 24G SUPRIM FUZION

TweakTown's Best Tech of Computex 2024 - Hardware, Gaming Gear, and AI 13

Although we didn't get any official announcement relating to the next-gen Blackwell-powered GeForce RTX 50 Series of GPUs, a few new GPU designs were scattered throughout Computex for high-end GeForce RTX 4090 and 4080 SUPER cards. MSI's new flagship GeForce RTX 4090 24G SUPRIM FUZION was one, which we can assume will be released in GeForce RTX 5090 form.

This almost four-slot monster presents an all-in-one liquid-cooled version of MSI's premium graphics card, with the pump and radiator sitting within the stylish SUPRIM shroud and high-end MSI fans. By the time the holiday season rolls around, this will be one of the most powerful gaming GPUs on the planet - and we can't wait to see what it can do.

ASRock X870E TAICHI AM5 Motherboard for Ryzen 9000 Series

TweakTown's Best Tech of Computex 2024 - Hardware, Gaming Gear, and AI 14

ASRock's new X870E TAICHI motherboard for the upcoming Ryzen 9000 Series of processors from AMD is all about taking full advantage of the latest X870E AM5 Series of boards are capable of. Dual PCIe Gen 5 x 16 slots, Wi-Fi 7, USB 4, exceptional cooling and power delivery, and the TAICHI style that looks great. If you plan to pick up a Ryzen 9 9950X, this is a board to put on the top of your list.

Nitro Concepts creates a customizable, affordable, and impressive Sim Racing Rig

TweakTown's Best Tech of Computex 2024 - Hardware, Gaming Gear, and AI 15

Racing rigs at a convention like Computex is not uncommon, but often, you're looking at a setup that will cost thousands of dollars - outside of things like wheels, displays, and PC rigs to run games. We're glad we ran into Henri from Nitro Concepts at the show because he and the team had spent months putting together an affordable sim racing setup that is modular, versatile, and smartly designed.

Nitro's chairs are optional; you can use your own, and they can be packed away for easy storage. Starting at around $300, you can use the inbuilt telemetry for the optional extras to add immersion, system fans to simulate wind, and haptic feedback to feel the engine. Nitro Concepts even offers an affordable ultrawide display with a 144 Hz refresh rate. Best of all, it all works and feels as good as rigs, which cost exponentially more. Stay tuned to TweakTown as we'll go in-depth in the coming weeks.

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