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PS5, Xbox Scarlett won't raise game dev costs, Take-Two CEO says

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 7 hours, 17 mins ago

Next-gen consoles like PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett will be a boon for Take-Two's developers, and shouldn't skyrocket development costs for key titles.


Right now the entire games industry is gearing up for next-gen. Both the PS5 and Project Scarlett consoles pose interesting opportunities for big gameplay performance gains thanks to significant hardware jumps; the systems both sport high-end AMD Zen 2 CPU and Navi GPU tech, complete with built-in superfast PCIe 4.0 SSDs, full backward compatibility support, and a strong emphasis on visuals and frame rate perf.

With these new advancements it stands to reason developers will have to spend more to squeeze out even more performance from the hardware. But that's not exactly the case, at least for Take-Two, who's all but confirmed GTA 6 is in the works for next-gen. The non-substantial cost bump and next-gen's similarity with PC hardware could translate to a shorter development cycle, too.

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Take-Two: Indies won't pressure the Grand Theft Autos of the world

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 9 hours, 45 mins ago

Even as indies capture a distinct multi-million window of sales, Take-Two thinks they won't really affect the big players of the market like Grand Theft Auto. And they might be right.


As more and more publishers push live games with tons of microtransactions, indies are on the rise to fill a void left by AAA titles. Games like Stardew Valley, Cuphead, Hollow Knight and even Divinity Original Sin 2 are beloved by many, selling millions of copies and being played for years. Some even see indies as the last bastion of true innovation in the games industry (and in some ways these people are right).

But they don't hold a candle to mega-hits like Grand Theft Auto, and won't pressure the industry's heavy hitters any time soon--at least that's what Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick thinks.

"I don't think that puts pressure on the Grand Theft Autos of the world, which require many many people and a very significant financial investment to make over a long period of time," Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick said at a recent Goldman Sachs entertainment event.

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Take-Two CEO doubtful that consumers have time for Game Pass services

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 12 hours, 14 mins ago

The CEO of Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive is dubious consumers actually want to be flooded with options by subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass.


Right now Xbox Game Pass is tremendously popular. The $10 a month subscription offers a glut of choices on consoles, including all future first-party Microsoft games, a ton of new titles that rotate in and out, and yesteryear classics. Its all-you-can-play model is disrupting the market and prompting major players like Ubisoft (uPlay+) and Apple (Apple Arcade) to follow suit.

But according to internal data collected by billion-dollar publisher Take-Two Interactive, most consumers only have a small slice of time to play games, and therefore spend their free time on a select few core titles. These consumers don't necessarily want to be inundated by too many games to play. For that reason, and the reason that gaming competes directly with entertainment like Netflix and other recreational activities, Take-Two isn't totally convinced services like Xbox Game Pass are the future of gaming.

"It's not clear to me consumers want an all-you-can-eat offering in interactive entertainment," Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick said at a recent Goldman Sachs entertainment event.

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Batman infiltrates Fortnite with Caped Crusader skins and Gotham City

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 13 hours, 26 mins ago

Fortnite gets an epic Batman crossover to celebrate the Caped Crusader's 80th anniversary.


The Dark Knight has infiltrated Fortnite's battle royale mode, complete with specific challenges and Batman skins straight out of the comics and the movies. There's a bunch of gadgets straight from Bruce Wayne's arsenal, including a grappling hook and an explosive batarang (both come in mythic variants). Catwoman makes a cosmetic appearance too, complete with her rakish claws.

The most interesting bit is how Epic transformed the battle royale shooter's home town into the gloomy streets of Gotham City. Tilted Town is now stylized after Gotham from the beloved Batman animated series, complete with that distinct and iconic cartoony flair and color scheme.

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Dragon Age writer opens games studio for new IP

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 15 hours, 21 mins ago

BioWare might be shifting towards live games, but Dragon Age and Knights of the Old Republic writer David Gaider aims to keep the RPG flame alive with his new studio.


Dragon Age alum David Gaider and Beamdog dev Liam Esler are launching a new independent studio called Summerfall Studios. The studio is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and will use Kickstarter to crowdfund its first game. The new IP will be a narrative-driven experience, which makes sense given the frontrunners involved. Expect it to be a sprawling epic RPG set in a detailed and mythical fantasy world, and it should also be pretty dramatic.

The new project could show up on services like Google Stadia or even the Epic Games Store, which is known for courting indie studios. "The advent of streaming services means platforms are prepared to pay for lots of original content, following the Netflix model, and that's an exciting reality for indies if it continues," Esler told Kotaku Australia.

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YouTube won't revoke verified badges after all

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 17 hours, 18 mins ago

YouTube has reversed its controversial decision to yank verified badges from a number of high-profile streamers and YouTubers.


YouTube is always under fire for something, but this time the video titan relented and listened to its community. A bit ago YouTube decided to change its verification policy to make it harder to get a badge. The new policy would've revoked verification badges from dozens of YouTubers without much explanation. Predictably so, just about every content creator affected by the change made a video about the issue, prompting massive community pressure on YouTube's HQ.

Now YouTube head Susan Wojcicki recently announced the news and confirmed the policy rollback. YouTube still plans to go forward with a tighter verification process, but existing verified users won't lose their badges. New badge applications will open back up in October and accounts will still need at least 100,000 subscribers to apply.

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Borderlands 3 new content starts with Halloween 'Bloody Harvest' event

By: Jak Connor | Gaming | Posted: 1 day, 1 hour ago

Borderlands 3 developers Gearbox Software have already announced the first batch of post-launch content for Borderlands 3. Prepare for the Bloody Harvest vault-hunters.

During the Borderlands Show stream, Game Director, Paul Sage spoke about the event and said that it would last for around 6 weeks. During those 6 weeks players can expect to collect legendary grade weapons, skins and even some brand new environments and enemies. This will also of course be topped off with an epic boss battle.

Players who would like to participate in the Bloody Harvest event will need to have explored beyond Pandora and into space. Players will then encounter Haunted enemies roaming the galaxy, these enemies can give you a new "terror" debuff that weakens your gun handling, accuracy and spread. If you can manage to kill a Haunted enemy then you will receive Hecktoplasm, this can be traded aboard Sanctuary to a new character named Maurice.

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Borderlands 3 game director shoots down the idea of 'more characters'

By: Jak Connor | Gaming | Posted: 1 day, 2 hours ago

Borderlands 3 is off to a big start, and with many players super happy about what they are experiencing, we can't but help to wonder if more characters to eventually be thrown into the mix.


Unfortunately that doesn't seem to the case for Borderlands 3's future as game director Paul Sage has officially ruled out the possibility via a Q&A at the end of the Borderlands Show stream. According to Sage, Gearbox's data has indicated to them that many Borderlands 3 players prefer sticking with their originally picked character, rather than jumping across to the additional characters.

Here is what Sage had to say in response to the question of more characters being added: "Probably not. No." He continued and said "You were asking me earlier about data that we use. And one of the things we actually saw was that once people have picked their character--not everybody, there are no 'everybodys,' but a lot of people--stick with that character and want to remain. Furthermore, in Borderlands 3, we really concentrated on diversity within the characters themselves and having a lot of different builds. So that was where we put our eggs, in the basket. Now some people might want more but I don't think that's the way to go, not for Borderlands 3."

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare could come with a Battle Royale mode

By: Jak Connor | Gaming | Posted: 1 day, 5 hours ago

PC gamers have data mined Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and have found that the game could contain a Battle Royale mode and much more.


The data mine leak comes from VG Sources who have posted the screenshot of the game files. While the screenshot could of definitely been much better quality, VG Sources claims that within the PC files of the beta references to a Battle Royale mode has been found. These references come in the form of a full list of locations, loot items and maps.

What also has been found in the game files is references to "Plunder" which VG Sources claim to be the cash system for the mode. With the earned cash players are assumed to be able to purchase cosmetic items within the game. There is also mention of a bank location, which could be where players store their hard earned dollars after each match. In the entirety of this article there is a listed of the maps which are said to feature Battle Royale.

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Amazon Prime members get free PUBG Mobile loot

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 1 day, 9 hours ago

Today Amazon announced that Prime members will get access to free in-game items in specific mobile games, starting with PUBG Mobile.


In a bid to keep rewarding subscribers and engage within billion-dollar games, Amazon has teamed up with some of mobile's hottest companies for Amazon Prime freebies. Prime subscribers now get access to an exclusive set of stylish Infiltrator skins on PUBG Mobile, which can be claimed here. These new offers are in conjunction with the existing Twitch Prime freebies and don't replace any other initiatives.

"Starting today, Prime members can take down enemies in style by claiming the exclusive stealthy Infiltrator Mask for PUBG MOBILE. Prime members will then be able to claim the Infiltrator Jacket, Infiltrator Pants, and Infiltrator Shoes to complete the Prime exclusive set, plus the brand-new Blood Oath - Karabiner 98K and Black Magma Parachute," reads a press release.

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