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6 Microsoft Office Skills Your Résumé Needs

TweakTown Deals | Tue, Jul 14 2015 11:36 AM CDT
6 Microsoft Office Skills Your Résumé Needs |

Admit it: you've got "proficient in Microsoft Office" on your résumé, but the second someone asks you to do something in Excel, you break into a cold sweat. Let's change that. We've put together a bundle of seven Microsoft Office courses that'll majorly benefit you at work or in your next job search-and instead of paying the full price of $1,159, you can get them all for just $49.

Here's what you'll learn:

- Microsoft Excel, including essential functions that'll save you time (yes, more time to Reddit at work!) and ways to do more with data. Yeah, even graphs.

- How to use Microsoft PowerPoint to totally kill it at your next work presentation. Learn how to use graphics, incorporate animations, and create charts.

- The basics and beyond of Microsoft Word, including newsletters, tables, forms, and more.

- How to make Outlook email more efficient. Learn how to automate email management, quickly find emails, optimize Outlook for your entire staff, and more.

- Summarize and present Excel data with Pivot Table.

- Collaborate across teams, sharing and organization information, with SharePoint.

You'll get plenty of video tutorials, practice exercises, articles, assessments, and examples to take you through the training, and you'll have a full year of access so you can brush up on skills on your own time.

Head over to TweakTown Deals today to get this seven-course bundle for $49.

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Save 58% on a Lifetime Subscription to Penzu Pro Digital Journal

TweakTown Deals | Tue, Jul 7 2015 11:29 AM CDT
Save 58% on a Lifetime Subscription to Penzu Pro Digital Journal |

Writing "stay out!" on your journal won't keep its contents secure-but the Penzu Pro digital journal will. Get a lifetime subscription for $39 at TweakTown Deals, a savings of 58%.

Penzu Pro is the most secure way to journal, whether you're jotting down day-to-day thoughts or looking for a safe place to store important personal information. Use the app on any device-computer, smartphone, or tablet-and sync your entries with the Penzu cloud. Penzu Pro does plenty your pen-and-paper journal can't do, too: add tags, include photos in your entries, search using keywords, set up reminders, and send entries via email.

Give your journaling a makeover with a lifetime subscription to Penzu Pro, now $39 at TweakTown Deals.

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Enter for a Chance to Win the Master Chief Edition Xbox One

TweakTown Deals | Mon, Jun 8 2015 9:26 AM CDT
Enter for a Chance to Win the Master Chief Edition Xbox One |

Good news, gamers. You have a chance to win this special "Master Chief" edition Xbox One from TweakTown Deals.

One lucky winner will get an Xbox One, three extra controllers for friends, and a Kinect. And, of course, a pack of Halo games-Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary, the newly remastered Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4, plus access to the new live action digital series Halo: Nightfall. The whole package is worth $650, so getting it for free is a pretty good deal.

To enter, just submit your email address over at TweakTown Deals-you can even majorly boost your odds of winning by sharing the giveaway with friends on Twitter. The more of your followers enter using your referral link, the more extra entries you'll get for yourself. Pretty sweet, huh? Head over to TweakTown Deals and enter before we beat you to it.

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Pass the MCSE Exam and Get a Job in IT

TweakTown Deals | Thu, Jun 4 2015 9:37 AM CDT
Pass the MCSE Exam and Get a Job in IT |

Setting yourself apart from the competition is key when you're looking for a job in IT. This deal helps you do just that, with 91% off five courses that'll train you for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Engineer exam.

The resume-boosting MCSE exam is a recognized benchmark for IT professionals, and this five-course training is one of the best ways to prepare for it. Train at your own pace with a year of access to the video courses taught by experts in the industry. You'll learn how to query and administer Microsoft SQL servers, implement a data warehouse with Microsoft SQL, create data models and reports, and design business intelligence solutions.

All you need in order to get started is an acumen for information technology, basic knowledge of computers, and experience in working with Microsoft Windows. By the end of the five courses, you'll be prepared to pass the MCSE exam and have the skills to start your search for a business intelligence and reporting engineering job.

Get the five-course training for the MCSE exam for just $79 at TweakTown Deals.

Bonus Deal: Take your skills to the next level and learn to set up and manage servers, host web applications, and set up multi-server environments for $24.99.

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Build Your Own Arduino Projects with This Complete Starter Kit

TweakTown Deals | Tue, May 26 2015 10:00 AM CDT
Build Your Own Arduino Projects with This Complete Starter Kit 3 |

If you've ever been interested in building your own "Internet of Things" projects, this deal on the ARDX Arduino Starter Kit and three courses is the best way to do it-even if you have absolutely no previous experience. Get it for $75.99 (85% off) at TweakTown Deals.

The bundle has everything a beginner needs to get started and create some seriously impressive projects. First off, you'll get the ARDX Arduino Starter Kit, a toolkit containing the Arduino Uno microcontroller board and all the parts you need to create 13 different circuits. There's no soldering or electronics background required, and it's the perfect introduction to using Arduino to control lights, buzzers, and more.

You'll also get three courses totaling over 25 hours of training-the 'Your Guide to the Internet of Things' course, the 'Make a Remote-Controlled Car' course, and the 'Make Your Own Environment Monitor System' course. You learn the basics of programming for microcontrollers and get an introduction to the different types of sensors before using your kit and the course material to build a remote-control car as well as an environment monitoring system that can measure and log conditions like temperature and humidity. You'll have lifetime access to these courses, so you can work at your own pace and refer back to them whenever you need.

Get the Arduino Starter Kit and course bundle for $75.99 at TweakTown Deals.

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