Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review

If the cord for your mouse gets caught up or is frying the edge of your new mouse pad, CM Storm offers the Skorpion Bungee to tend to that wire and make mousing easier.

Manufacturer: CM Storm
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Before this product arrived at my door I had given little thought to using any sort of wire tending device for my mouse. I have seen the various versions of this basic concept, but since I have used large desks for years, wires tend to have room to lie around, and not causing me too much issue. There was a time however when I was on a smaller desk, and I can remember buying a new mouse and being excited to use it. Shredding the box open to get the mouse on the desk, I didn't take any time to re-bend the wiring; I just plugged it in and started up my favorite game. After a bit of moving around and changing games to use the mouse in more aspects, I did find the cabling, as it bends, would get hooked on the back of the desk, and sometimes the weight of the cord would even try to take my mouse off the back on occasion.

This new device from Cooler Master will not only rid you of those sort of issues, there is the fact that this weighted cord tender will also act as a line of defense of accidentally dropping the mouse on the floor off the front of the desk, or even worse, yanking out the USB cord as the weight of the mouse yanks on the cable.

While a large rock placed on a cable may do the same thing (just kidding), the device we are about to see offers a unique styling that lends to its name, and this device is able to be broken down into smaller components very easily so that you can transport this along with your mouse and keyboard when at a LAN or a buddies house.

Cooler Master, well more specifically the CM Storm line has delivered the Skorpion mouse bungee system for us to have a look into and see if the features and benefits are there to be had. I for one really don't know what to expect up front, as I have never used such a device, but the Skorpion, just looking at it, I like the design and would have no issues with it on my desk.

Let's see if the Skorpion delivers on what is supposed to do and see if the features and the Skorpion are worth purchasing to help keep you mouse on point in the heat of a battle.

Specifications, Availability and Pricing

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Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 90

The Skorpion does as the name suggest resemble nature's gift, the scorpion. Using an iron weighted core as its center, CM uses a synthetic plastic material for what I will call the base of the unit. This base is triangular in shape, black in color, and feels a bit heavy in the hand. Attached to the center of each of the three sides are jointed legs that go away from the base, and then down to widen its stance for added support. At the end of these three detachable legs you will find soft rubber feet to give the Skorpion bite on any surface. To pretty things up on the top of the base there is a sticker with a red CM Storm logo. At the top of that logo, attached to the leg on that side it the tail of the scorpion, or in this case a soft rubber arm that will allow for a bit of movement, but the main goal is to run the wire through it for the benefits we already discussed.

To cover what CM has to say, after the introduction where they describe an instance similar to those I explained, and why this device will come in handy for some users. They also point out the flexible arm, adaptive groves for multiple sizes of cords, durable legs with super-grip feet, the heavy iron core, and that it can be disassembled. The only thing from the specifications that I didn't really cover yet is the 150mm by 130mm footprint it needs on the desktop, and that it stands 85mm off the desktop.

The CM Storm Skorpion mouse bungee may not be on your "OMG, I got to have this" list, but as you will soon read, I really think the cost may widen your view for the need for something like the Skorpion. While supplies in the US are currently split between Newegg's stock and EBay listings, I was impressed when I saw the listing price. For $19.99 plus $5.99 for the shipping, you can have the Skorpion delivered and on your desk in no time at all.

Let's be honest here. $25 can easily be blown in a single day, whether dinner, a bottle of booze, or a failed attempt to fill your gas tank, $25 is really an acceptable enough price for potential customers to just try it and see if they like it. I have to give them credit for that.


Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 02

Cooler Master package the product in a red and black packaging that is open at the top and front to allow you to see the black Skorpion included in the box.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 03

The right side of the packaging gives you a list of six features of the mouse bungee with four images covering the weighted base, the ease of disassembly, the flexibility of the cable mount, and the anti-shift feet at the bottom of the three legs.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 04

On the back you get the name and Skorpion name with the scorpion as the "I" that was on the front. This time it is followed by lists of five features in eight languages.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 05

The left side panel offers a look at the Skorpion with the same four features in images from the other side pointed out. You also get the name and stylized name along with the introduction to the product that you will also find on their website.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 06

The bottom of the packaging is where Cooler Master chose to show in 21 languages that this is a "Mouse bungee - Skorpion" and at the bottom in red text, CM urges you to look at the Recon mouse and QuickFire Pro keyboard to go along with this.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 07

The inner packaging consists of three sides of plastic. The one on the bottom keeps the Skorpion angled for presentation, where both sides help to lock the legs in place and give the box some structure to take any drops that may happen before the product inside is even touched.

Under the red cardboard piece you will find a bit of information inside of what could be considered a quick start guide, but the device is very easy to use.

CM Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 08

Fresh out of the box you can now see all the angles and design elements that words just wouldn't describe. The Skorpion, while only three legged, does resemble a scorpion with the tail as the bungee system. The CM Storm logo in the center is a very nice touch to what would otherwise be a very mechanical and very black plain looking device.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 09

The flexible arm of the Skorpion has two trails in it for wiring. For mice with thicker cords, like the Recon, you set the cable all the way into the round portion of the trails. For thinner wires, you can slide them just into the top, and the two edges will hold the wire securely in place.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 10

Just like bugs in nature, they are suspended off the ground with jointed legs that go slightly up as they go out, and then they make an abrupt bend to the floor. Even here there is a mix of rubber-like surfaces and more of a plastic feel to the legs. The rubber accents do nothing for structure, but it's interesting to see they went this far into the design.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 11

To help condense the Skorpion for travel, where the legs are jointed, the lower section comes off so that this can easily be slid into your backpack, even a normal sized pocket can contain this when fully disassembled.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 12

CM were even sure to add a bit of design and style to the bottom of the base. You can see they also added a sticker with the name of the device and a serial number for reference later if you do have any issues.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 13

Since I have the Skorpion on its back I took a look at its feet to see the super-grip feet, and I will say this is a soft rubber that had no issues getting a secure footing on the glass top of my photo table I took these images on.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 14

In the center of the sticker on the bottom of the Skorpion is a single screw that will allow me to have a look inside. There I found three more screws that would allow me to remove the top half of the legs with an iron weight in the middle.

CM Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Continued

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 15

As for the iron core it is just rough cut from a bar and de-burred. They only needed to do that for handling purposes while putting these together, as you shouldn't be in here without possibly voiding the warranty.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 16

Since all of the legs come apart at the joints it is also very helpful for travels with the Skorpion that the arm also comes off by sliding it out of the grooves on this leg. This also is needed to help get the wire in the channel when wiring the mouse to the Skorpion.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 17

This is what I mean. It is much easier to take the arm to the mouse wire than to have to work with everything in the air. Once the cable is in at the right place, reinstall the arm on the Skorpion and you are ready for use.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 18

As you can see the Skorpion now works as a weighted point to which the cable is held so that it can't possibly get caught as you move around the mouse pad.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 19

If you do happen to pull the wire a bit too far, the arm is flexible and will allow you a bit of resistance before you would actually pull the Skorpion over and possibly spilling your beer, and we can't have that now, can we?

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 20

This shot is just to give you some perspective as I move back to include the Recon we just reviewed. As you can see the Skorpion is aggressive looking, but a cool addition to my desktop.


Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 21

The paperwork that accompanies the Skorpion has the mouse bungee and naming on the cover above four features listed this time.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 22

On the inside it covers the specifications, the included parts, where to get tech support, and shows the two year warranty. It then goes on to show you a keyboard and mouse that would accent the Skorpion nicely.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 23

Moving on we now run into a list with five features found in the Skorpion listed in eight languages.

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee Review 24

For those of you worried about the specifics of the two year warranty, Cooler Master gives you a two page explanation of what is and what isn't covered, exclusion of damages and procedures for how to use this warranty.

Final Thoughts

Up until I actually got to use such a device was I able to actually see and reap the benefits of what the Skorpion offers. There was a couple of times swapping out water blocks on my Radeon HD 7950 video card that I moved my arm over to grab a screwdriver and my sleeve dragged my mouse off the desk where the Skorpion took the weight of the Recon in stride and stood firmly on the desk while the mouse dangled just over the edge of the desk. That taught me another thing; I needed to shorten the cable a bit so that now the mouse only travels to the edge of the mouse pad I currently game on. Since the arm on the Skorpion is flexible, in the heat of battle I get a bit of resistance to tell me I need to lift the mouse rather than continuing in the airplane dive in BF3.

On its own, the Skorpion delivers on all of the features, whether it's a list of four, five, or six you are looking at, it delivers. I covered how the flexible arm comes off to ease installation and make it more compact, and I also covered how it can "guide" you as you fall off the edge of the gaming surface. The adaptive grooves snugly grabbed the cabling of the Recon and held is securely, even when the mouse fell off the table. The legs and feet do a great job, and on the Modder's Mat that covers my desk, the Skorpion may as well have been glued to my desktop, there is no way this is moving anywhere for me. I also like the fact that if you get used to using this device, Cooler Master thought of making it simple to break down so it can easily slide into a bag and not break during transit, so that you can use the Skorpion anywhere you go.

Let's be super honest here, this is not an item that you just can't live without, but it does have its benefits and uses. I was able to reap the benefits pretty quickly and learned to adjust to make it a non-issue ever since. Besides looking really cool on your desk, it does eliminate any cable issues, and elevates the cable so you don't catch on the side of the keyboard in really compact gaming areas. Keeping with the same honestly I started with, I have easily lost, forgotten where I spent it, or just spent an evening drinking for the cost of the Skorpion.

For the minimal investment of near $25 with shipping included, it is cheap enough that once the head is turned to look at the Skorpion, the pricing makes you say "why not?" as you carry one up to the counter. Even if this isn't a product you can see yourself using, don't forget the holidays are closing in, and this does make for a really reasonably priced gift idea for the other gamers in your life.

Either way I really enjoyed using it, and will continue to do so with any mouse I have on my desk.

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