Acer unveils its new 32-inch 4K gaming monitor with NVIDIA G-Sync

Acer ramps up to a 32-inch 4K gaming monitor, which is powered by NVIDIA's G-Sync technology.

| Mar 2, 2016 at 9:30 am CST

Acer has a number of awesome gaming monitors under their belt, with the 27-inch 4K monitor in the form of the XB280HK, as well as my personal favorite and current workstation and gaming display - the Predator X34 (34-inch 3440x1440 w/NVIDIA G-Sync).


Well, Acer has done it again by unveiling their new Predator XB321HK, a new 32-inch 4K gaming monitor. The new Predator XB321HK features a 32-inch 4K panel with 100% sRGB coverage, 178-degree viewing angles, 10-bit color and NVIDIA's G-Sync technology. Acer also notes that the Predator XB321HK features 4ms response time, 350 cd/2 maximum brightness, and dynamic mega-contrast ratio.

Acer unveils its new 32-inch 4K gaming monitor with NVIDIA G-Sync 10 |

Acer also has its EyeProtect feature which reduces blue light emissions, and its GameView technology which dynamically adjusts the display to the type of game you're playing. The Acer Predator XB321HK has DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI connectivity as well as a USB 3.0 hub and is priced at $1299.

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