Star Wars: Battlefront upgrades, heroes and weapons leaked

Check out the full compiled list of everything included in the new Star Wars: Battlefront including heroes, weapons, maps, game modes and more.

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The Star Wars: Battlefront beta was seen as a huge boon for EA and DICE, with a huge portion of gamers having a blast in the 20v20 Walker Assault skirmish or Drop Zone PVP chaos. But all in all the beta was quite limited, but a recent leak shows how little content the beta actually offered.

Star Wars: Battlefront upgrades, heroes and weapons leaked |

As with any beta release of a popular AAA game, dataminers completely scoured every inch and cranny of the beta's core files, finding a treasure trove of content that will be released in the final game. The unearthed code was formatted for legibility by Reddit user me_and_my_johnson, and reveals the full array of heroes, weapons, traits, upgrades, maps and everything else that EA and DICE have planned for Battlefront's release this November.

Be aware that the list contains spoilers and is an entirely massive and comprehensive amount of data consisting of over 17 pages in Google Docs. One of the most amazing surprises is Leia's hero ability--we knew she'd be in the game from previous leaks, but her super is pretty amazing...however we won't spoil the fun.



-The RT-97C is a versatile heavy blaster, fitted with optics to allow use at long range.


-A280 is a sturdy and powerful blaster rifle that has a high rate of fire, excellent damage and long range reach. It has been adopted by the Rebel Alliance as its main battle rifle.


-The SE-14C is a blaster pistol that fires 5-round bursts, making it ideal for close-quarter combat.


-The T-21 is a robust heavy blaster that delivers massive damage at long ranges. Its only drawback is its slow rate of fire and lack of optics.


-The CA-87 is a retro-fitted Jawa blaster that is extremely deadly at short range, but near useless at medium and long range.


-The EE-3 is an optically fitted Blaster Rifle capable of 3-round burst fire at long ranges.


-The DH-17 is a fully automatic blaster pistol. Its high rate of fire, along with reasonable accuracy, make it an ideal weapon for medium-range combat.


-The DLT-19 is a heavy blaster with an excellent rate of fire that deals heavy damage at long range, capable of pinning down troops and taking out large groups of enemies.


-The DL-44 is one of the most powerful blaster pistol in the galaxy. It delivers massive damage at close range, but overheats quickly.


-A powerful and accurate blaster rifle, the E-11 is ideal for use in all environments. It has been adopted as the standard weapon of the Imperial Forces.


-A280C is a sturdy and powerful blaster rifle that has a high rate of fire and excellent firepower. Modified from the A280 rifle, it was the favored weapon of Alliance commandos.


-The T-21B is a more refined version of the T-21 model, with added scopes for zoom capability and a slower fire rate to ensure high precision at long range.




Force Choke

Saber Throw

Light attack

Heavy Attack



Force Push

Saber Rush

Light attack

Heavy Attack


Chain Lightning


Imperial resources

Force Dash

Force lightning

Mind trick

Shock Troopers can spawn on you


Shoulder charge

Lucky shot

Six shooter/Hair Trigger

Combat roll



Rocket Barrage

Flame pack


Trooper Bane (one shot kill)

Supply drop

Enhanced shield

Combat roll

Alderaan Honor Guard can start on you

For the full list of leaked content be sure to check out the huge Google Docs list here.

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