Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review

The Clutch 2 from Fnatic Gear could be your new best-friend, its tough, durable, accurate, smooth and built for what it was intended for.

Manufacturer: Fnatic Gear
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The Bottom Line

The Clutch 2 from Fnatic Gear is simply amazing. It is comfortable, it is smooth and accurate, it is built tough, and does the job it is intended for. With a low price point and the ability to make you a better gamer, how can you go wrong?

Introduction, Specifications, and Pricing

Fnatic Gear has dropped their second generation of mice upon the globe, with the intent to not only offer something for their eSports players, but to involve the typical users as well, and give them a mouse to be proud to own. Typically when a new generation of a previous product is released, we see a few minor changes, possibly fixing things missed in the original run, but it is more likely they are merely adding features that have come to market since the original was offered. However, Fnatic Gear appears to keep only the name, with what is essentially a, from the ground up, redesign of all parts and components of the mouse.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 99

Comparing what we have now to the original Clutch mouse, just by spending a minute or two in comparison to them, we found that there are over a dozen obvious changes to be had. Internal layout and components used are swapped out for better ones, the CPI has increased due to this, as Fnatic Gear is offering the best optical sensor on the market this time. The dimensions have changed, the weight has changed, and even the styling and grip surfaces have been modified. No matter which part of the mouse you are looking at, it is easy to spot that Fnatic Gear is not ones to put lipstick on a pig and call it a new product.

While we thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Fnatic Clutch G1 mouse from the past, everything about the new Clutch 2 is so worth all of the development and implementation. Gamers developed the Clutch 2 for gamers and even incorporation things like rage-ability into the design. In most reviews, we tend to hold our tongue until the end, but with what we have seen in the Clutch 2, while gaming and in daily tasks, we cannot contain the smile this mouse has put on our face. For those of you in the market for a new mouse to help you become a top-notch player in whatever game you choose, you need to give the Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse a long hard look.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 01

On-site, Fnatic puts the Flick 2 and Clutch 2 mice in the same chart, and as you can see, most of the specifications are identical, with only two differences between the two, on a technical level. The Clutch 2 is black on the top, and the bottom of it is made of bright orange plastic. The exterior has a rough coating to add grip, but either side of the mouse is also impressed with micro-dots also to ensure grip is not lost in the heat of battle. Fnatic Gear logos can be found on the left side and the heel of the mouse, while the right side sports the Clutch name. Dimensionally, this relaxed and claw-grip mouse design is 131mm from front to back, it is 66.2mm wide, and at the highest point, the Clutch 2 is 43mm tall. The weight of the original Clutch was 90 grams, but this time, the Clutch 2 comes in with a seven-gram weight gain.

The sensor onboard is a PixArt 3360 optical sensor, which boasts a top CPI setting of 12,000, and it can be adjusted in 100 CPI increments. The sensor can track movement with up to 50Gs of force and has a 12,000 FPS framerate. In layman's terms, that means that 12,000 images as second are taken, so that this mouse can track any and all movement the human hand is capable of inducing on the Clutch 2. The cable has lost its braided cover this time and is instead rubberized to lessen drag. The MCU is no longer built by Holtek, in favor of an NXP 32-bit processor. Omron makes the main switches with a fifty million click lifespan, and a two-year warranty backs the entire mouse.

In most instances, when a company goes this far to redevelop a product, there is usually a hefty price to pay for such effort. The reality is entirely different, however. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to locating the Clutch 2 on this side of the pond, you have two options. The first is to try your luck with Google Shopping links, and it is there where we found Best Buy of all places to offer the only link to purchase the Clutch 2. The other option is to buy the mouse from Fnatic Gear. In both instances, we see that the Clutch 2 demands just $59.99 to own. We completely expected an $89.99 to $99.99 price tag for something with so many new add-ons, but Fnatic Gear shows that they want the masses to enjoy what they develop. They want to make money the old-school way, of taking a few dollars on multiple sales, rather than to take a handful of cash from a much smaller group of sales. In our opinion, Fnatic Gear is a stand-up company in a sea of companies which may have lost their way, and if just for that reason, the Clutch 2 should be on your short-list of must-have mice.

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Packaging, Accessories, and Documentation

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 200

The front panel of the packaging is straightforward and to the point. Offered over a black and white backdrop, we see the Fnatic name and logo at the top-left, the Clutch 2 name running down the right side, and a nearly life-sized image of the mouse in the center.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 300

Fnatic tops the side panel with an encouraging statement that you don't fail by trying, but that you should dare to win instead. Below it, we see that Fnatic has seven years as the number one at Counter-Strike, three major winners at the same game, and supports five LoL LCS champions as well.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 400

On the back of the box, Fnatic starts with humor and reality. They are the greatest eSports team of all time, and by using their gear, you might be too. The rest of the panel is used to describe its right-hand usage and all the ingredients to make you great also. The Clutch 2 is customizable, it is comfortable, it has the best optical sensor, its capabilities are on point, and it is built like a tank to take the abuse.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 500

If what we have said, and what Fnatic says about their mouse is not enough, look at what LoL player REKKLES has to say about it on this panel.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 600

The mouse is resting in a layer of dense foam, which has been cut out to allow the Clutch 2 to sink into it. On top of the mouse is a layer of foam, which keeps the mouse from rubbing on the box. On the smaller ends of the box we find Fnatic logos, but on the long sides, one side says "by the time they see you..." finishing on this side with "it's too late."

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 700

The guide and sheet of stickers come inside of a cardboard envelope which is found in the top of the box. The guide starts by thanking you for purchasing the Clutch 2 and shows the specifications right after it. The book continues with the layout of buttons being labeled, discusses what the software offers, and then repeats it is over a dozen languages.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming mouse

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 800

Looking at the left side of the Clutch 2, what sticks out the most is the bright orange bottom section of the mouse. Above it, we see the Fnatic Gear logo at the front with seven rows of tiny dots to add grip for the thumb. The reshaped buttons are at the top, which adds flexibility to work and gaming.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 900

From the back of the Clutch 2, we see the mouse leans to the right for ergonomic reasons, and appears to be tall as well. In the center of the heel, Fnatic places yet another logo, but this time the logo is painted on, not backlit like the one on the left side.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 1000

The grip area on the right side of the mouse is a bit lower than on the left, but the rows of dots have been increased to eight. Near the front, we find the Clutch name of the mouse, which has been painted on, and to be honest, we did expect a little "2" next to it.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 1100

The front view of the Clutch 2 also shows the heavy lean to the right side of the mouse, as it can also be seen in the alignment of the main two buttons. These buttons are widely separated by a section of plastic, which aligns with the cable as well as the scroll wheel.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 1200

The scroll wheel is rubberized on the outside, and the center of it is LED backlit. The feel of the wheel is highly segmented to ensure accuracy, and rather than the two buttons found on the Clutch, the Clutch 2 comes with only a single larger button this time.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 1300

The cable is 1.8 meters in length, and comes tied up with a rubber cable strap which is reusable. The exterior of the cable is rubber and has no braided sleeve to drag on the edge of the mouse pad. The end of the cable is also black and orange, and if that isn't enough to find it in the rear I/O panel, look for the Fnatic logo pressed into the plastic.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 1400

Under the mouse, there is not a lot going on, but that is a good thing. Two huge feet support the Clutch 2 and will make the gliding easier and more stable. While the bulk of the surface is orange, the center of the mouse is black to reduce noise for the sensor, while also adding room for the Fnatic name and logo.

Inside the Clutch 2

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 1500

Once we opened up the Clutch 2, we saw many other design changes as well. Not just in the color of plastic used, but the top half of the mouse is new on the interior, and the layout below is cleaner and more compact than the original.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 1600

Both of the primary switches are blue Omron switches. These are clicky switches which require a firm press to activate, and if you look at the left, you can see the D2FC-F-K(50K) part number for them.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 1700

Backing the pair of side buttons are these iB blue switches. While the buttons have a springy feel to them when pressed, the switch actuation is similar to the Omron switches. They require a firm press to activate them and have a report of a click once the switch is fully pressed.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 1800

The sensor has been upgraded from the 5000 CPI ADNS3310 to this PixArt PMW3360 optical sensor. Not only does it have a higher resolution and increased tracking functionality, but it also delivers the user 12,000 CPI of range to find the perfect setting.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 1900

The MCU is updated as well, in favor of this NXP Semiconductors LPC11U37F/501. The processor is from the ARM Cortex-M0 family, it is 32-bit, and operates and 50MHz. In what features are offered, and in what can be done with software, this is way more processor than this mouse needs, but overkill is good too.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 20

With the Clutch 2 back in one piece, and currently plugged in, we see that not only is the logo on the left side illuminated orange, so is the center section of the scroll wheel. The color of LED can be changed; we opted for orange to match the theme. We also see a single LED in the body line, above the side buttons. This is one of three LEDs which denote which profile is in use.

Fnatic OP Software

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 21

Once installed and opened, the Fnatic OP software shows you the home screen. This is the menu where you can select through various connected devices, and with only the Clutch 2 connected at this time, clicking on the left image of a mouse will open up the software for customization.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 22

The first section of the software is where you pick the profile you wish to adjust. We have profile three selected for this image and the LEDs on the image of the mouse change with the profiles for a visual indication of which is being set too.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 23

The next thing to do is to click on the performance tab at the top. Once there, you can adjust the CPI in both the X and Y axis, you can enable angle snapping, and you can change the LOD. Moving down the list are some global settings for all profiles, where you can change the polling rate, and there is even a section to edit windows setting from the software. Once down, scroll to the very bottom of the list, and be sure to click the save button.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 24

Addressing the lighting is the next option in line. You can choose from Fade, Pulse, and a Color Editor at the top. The first two use the menu shown below where you can see colors randomized, in a rainbow pattern, or in a gradient fashion. Both also have a slider to adjust the speed of the animation. The color editor section offers a wheel of colors to select from the mouse by moving a dot around it, and there are also three boxes for RGB color codes.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 25

In the section for key bindings, this is where the Clutch 2 can be remapped. Pick any of the six buttons in the image, and to the right a window slides to the left, offering ways in which to change the functionality. You can select keyboard Macros, remap the button to other mouse functions, launch applications, open files, and even open links through the browser.

Gaming and General Impressions


When it comes to gaming, there are many factors which make the Clutch 2 advantageous to use. First of all, with large feet under the mouse, it glides effortlessly on any mouse pad we used it on. The cable does not drag and slow down or hinder movements. The shape of the mouse is comfortable for hours of use as a relaxed grip user, and with the sweet spot for us around 4000 DPI, we felt we had full control of the mouse and were still able to make the headshot when needed too. Whether faced paced action like hellspawn popping out from all directions and requiring to flick your gun around the map, or when hiding and leaning from behind a tree with an SLR, we feel that using the Clutch 2 has enabled us to step up our game.

Windows and Productivity

For surfing around the screen, clicking on videos and selecting text to edit, the Clutch 2 is all you will need to get by day to day. While designed for gaming, you can remap the mouse for productivity shortcuts, which speeds up your day and makes life easier when one click can do the same thing as switching to the keyboard instead. We also lived the Clutch 2 for photo editing. With no angle snapping, removing unwanted lines and dust is a cinch, and ensuring you do not cross borders while editing is easy with the 100 CPI increments of adjustability to find that perfect control. We honestly cannot recall a time where we felt the Clutch 2 was lacking, nor did it ever get out of control, move due to vibrations, or develop any sensor wander. The cursor is where you expect it to be every time, and we can say that the hype Fnatic put forward on the package is true in all aspects of use.

Final Thoughts

The Clutch 2 is designed for the relaxed grip and claw grip gamers out there, and even with various hand sizes to accommodate, the layout is on point enough to be able to say that we do not feel that hand size matters much with this mouse. The shape is ergonomic and comfortable for hours of use, and even though the side grip is tough to feel under your thumb and fingers, it works wet or dry. There was never a time where we lost our grip on the Clutch 2. The scroll wheel is stiffer than most, which ensures weapon selection is accurate, and the placement of the profile button is such that accidental pressing of it is of no concern.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 1100

Not only was the exterior redesigned to improve its feel, but the components also play a big part in things too. Upgrading the sensor is the most obvious improvement inside, but it's not the only important one. The PixArt 3360 is a terrific starting point, but the MCU used ensures that everything seen by the sensor and all clicks on the mouse gets to the PC with as low a latency as they can muster, making for a zero-lag experience. Fifty million clicks of the main buttons are a whole lot of clicks and should enable the Clutch 2 to outlive its two-year warranty. The secondary switches, while not as well known, have the same feel, which delivered a unified feeling when in use. Let's be blunt about the Clutch 2. From every angle, in all aspects of design and layout, even the most discerning gamer would be hard-pressed to find fault with this product, and given enough time to use it, would likely swap to this from just about any mouse they currently own.

In all that we were given, everything we covered about the Clutch 2, and all the love we have shown for this product thus far, there is still one more fantastic thing to add. The fact that you will not have to fork out fistfuls of money to get one is undoubtedly appealing too. No matter which side of the pond you are on, you only need 59.99 to get the Clutch 2 into your hands. While most times we see packaging filled with marketing hype and fluff, we do have to concede that Fnatic did not oversell the Clutch 2 in any way.

Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review 800

Our gaming did improve, and we got better for sure. Our daily grind was also cut down with the optional programming of a second profile for image editing and such too. All in all, the Clutch 2 Optical Gaming Mouse from Fanatic Gear is one of the best mice we have had the pleasure to use. If we were in the market for a new gaming partner to go under our right hand, the Fnatic Gear Clutch 2 is more than deserving of contention to likely be the best thing you do for gaming if you are looking to level up your performance, accuracy, and kills.

Chad's Peripherals Test System Specifications

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The Bottom Line: The Clutch 2 from Fnatic Gear is simply amazing. It is comfortable, it is smooth and accurate, it is built tough, and does the job it is intended for. With a low price point and the ability to make you a better gamer, how can you go wrong?

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