Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Sentey delivers the Revolution Pro laser mouse for testing. Join us as we take our tour of the first Sentey peripheral to hit the lab for review.

Manufacturer: Sentey
13 minute read time

Introduction, Specifications and Pricing

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 99

While all of our previous introductions at TweakTown about Sentey were typically dealing with either a chassis or a PSU, it seems we may have been missing out. Since we last heard from Sentey to look around at what chassis designs we wanted to review, there was little to no talk of what peripherals were on offer. After what seemed like a year or two, we were contacted again out of the blue to have a look at one of their latest mice to hit the market. We graciously accepted the sample, and we are now here to show TweakTown readers what Sentey peripherals are about as we take a spin around this product.

Just at a quick glance, it seems that Sentey has been very busy since the last time their product list was checked. Since then, there has been a minor explosion of peripherals coming in the form of five mice, as many keyboards and headsets, and even four mouse surfaces to use with their mice. It seems we did in fact miss out on quite a few products, but today that changes as we were sent the Sentey Revolution Pro, a laser based gaming mouse that offers unique ideas and implementations, but it still comes in a familiar and comfortable design.

Given the Revolution Pro is the first I have ever seen a peripheral from Sentey, I am not quite sure what to expect. With little hype on forums or in flash ads, there really isn't much to base an opinion off of. This is what employs people like me, and without any blinders on as we tour the Revolution Pro, we hope it is as good as what the Sentey site and all of its literature there touts this mouse to be. We'll see if there is true value or if this is just a flash in the pan.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 01

Sentey delivers a specifications chart like they care about their customers and feel that they are knowledgeable. As we cruise down the list, we see the laser sensor offers 8200 DPI in 100 DPI increments, and it also offers four levels of settings that can be adjusted on-the-fly. They even mention the sensor by name as gamers are educated and are looking for the Avago ADNS 9800 sensor in products. It then covers the 1ms polling rate and 12,000 FPS frame rate. Then, after passing the 4D scroll wheel, it continues with the tracking speed and acceleration this sensor can track. The X- and Y-axis can be unlinked, there are nine buttons plus the DPI selector, and the software offers five profiles. The last bits of the top section cover the use of ceramic feet; that it offers five LED colors depending on the profile in use; that it has adjustable weights; and that it uses USB 2.0 for connectivity.

The lower section covers the gold plated USB 2.0 connection, cable length and type, the size and weight, and even the dimensions. What they don't cover is that this mouse is also feature packed in looks as well as the LED colors, and also a DPI indicator that is in easy view. They also don't mention that this design uses a mixture of shiny bits, matte bits, as well as rubberized bits to offer comfort in their design as well as grip. There is also a hidden surprise to the right side of this mouse; the surprise is where the side section will unlock and come off to expose weighting, and as an added bonus, there is even an optional side grip that the stock one can be replaced with to cover the weight tray.

It seems pretty simple to locate the Sentey Revolution Pro laser mouse. It took us all of about 5 seconds to open a browser, type in the name, press enter, and find listings of this mouse to go and buy from. At Sentey, they have the MSRP of $89.99 posted right on their product page for this product, but it did not take long to see it can be had for less, and in some instances, almost $15 less. As most mice seem to sell these days in the $50 to $100 range once it is marketed for gaming and not the basic email and Facebook "clicker," the pricing can be had right in the average. Here is to hoping the average pricing also comes along with an above average product.

PRICING: You can find the Sentey Revolution Pro for sale below. The prices listed are valid at the time of writing but can change at any time. Click the link to see the very latest pricing for the best deal.

United States: The Sentey Revolution Pro retails for $74.99 at Amazon.

Packaging, Accessories and Documentation

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 02

The front of the packaging for the Sentey Revolution Pro is simple yet elegant. A matte finish is used in the background as it seems the image of the mouse is hovering over it. Only the logo and product naming is done above the image with tiny bits of information given at the bottom.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 03

In three languages, above a different view of the Revolution Pro, we are given a statement on what went into the design, why it is a good product to own, and the features and what they offer to help sell this to in store customers.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 04

The back is cleanly done like the front was, but here there is a lot to take in. They cover the 8200 DPI and show all of the buttons and LEDs, doing so with four various views of the mouse. It also covers the contents and system requirements, shows this is a top-tier Professional Gamer Series product, and lists four features at the bottom.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 05

The last panel shows off the MAXDPI system offered with the Avago laser sensor inside of the mouse as it shows the bottom of it. They also show the pair of right side pieces to customize the comfort, and the panel covers its high programmability with the nine buttons offered.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 06

Inside of that cardboard packaging is a much thicker black cardboard box with the Sentey logo on top of it. Lifting the cloth tab releases the magnetic grip and allows the box to open. Inside, we see a cloth box with the Sentey logo embroidered on it.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 07

Much like Russian nesting dolls, we are now looking at the third layer of protection for the Revolution Pro. Not only does this somewhat hard shelled case offer great protection to send the product to your door, but this is excellent for travelling with it after the purchase.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 08

As we pass inception and get to the fourth layer deep, we now get the first look at the Revolution Pro as it is nestled in dense foam on the right. Kept away from the mouse, the weights and extra side components are shipped inside of the mesh bags and can be kept here long term as well.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 09

All of the rest of the goodies in the kit can be found under the travel case. You will find the user guide provided does tell you everything from how to connect it, right through all of the button locations, uses, and how to make them work; it also goes through the software to help you along as much as possible to get started.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 10

There are also a pair of stickers to apply to anything you see fit to put them on. There is the mini-disk with the software on it, and also a VIP card that holds the serial number on it and is your way into registration.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 11

There is also a warranty guide discussing what is and what is not covered for a period of one year from the date of purchase, and they also offer a product catalog in case you missed something when looking online.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 12

For the super serious gamers out there, they also offer a Not Now I'm Gaming tag for your bedroom or office door as well as a fold out poster for your wall.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 13

Finishing out what is offered, we took the ridged side panel out of the travel bag as well as the weights. The mouse can hold six 4.5 gram weights that will go in a tray we will show you soon enough, and we'll also show how to swap out the right side panel.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Mouse

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 14

The left side of the Revolution Pro offers a very large rubber insert that affords the thumb some serious grip. Above it, there are the page forward and back buttons in easy reach, and below it is a DPI slider-style switch; all of this is then wrapped in a shiny plastic shell.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 15

The heel of the mouse is pointed to rest in the tunnel at the wrist, and it does have a pronounced ridge line running from back to front. This section has had a rubberized coating applied to it, and it has the Sentey logo applied here as well. Also, at the bottom, that white section is LED backlit.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 16

As the Revolution Pro is shipped, the right side of the mouse has a concaved shape that has the ring finger stacked on the pinky, but being indented as well as being rubberized does afford a fair bit of grip to the mouse. This can be changed, but more on that here in a bit.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 17

As we look at the front of this mouse, we see a pair of "headlights" at the bottom to either side of the centralized USB cable. The front of the right and left click buttons are blunted, but they are still long enough for a relaxed grip and no overhanging fingers.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 18

In the center at the top of the Revolution Pro, we have the 4D scroll wheel, and there are even little gray arrows to remind you it's there. Behind that in more shiny plastic, there is a Lift button to set the mouse to your mouse pad and the Mode button that cycles through the profiles and LED lighting.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 19

The mouse connects to the PC via this black braided USB 2.0 cable. There is a Velcro strap on the wiring to make travelling easier as well as tidying up the desk. Even the gold plated connection at the end comes with a cover, not to protect the finish, but to keep "gunk" out of the connector if you choose not to use the carry case Sentey provided.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 20

Flipping the Revolution Pro over to look at the bottom, we see that the sticker is placed high up in this design, and that the laser sensor is shifted to the right. Also instead of PTFE feet going from side to side, Sentey went with ceramic feet to reduce drag and improve on the experience of using this.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 21

Just off to the left of that sticker, near the left edge, there is a button with an arrow pointing at the line going across the base of the mouse. This, when pushed, will release the side panel so you can swap it out for the secondary offering.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 22

Once the side panel releases from the empty rectangular hole at the bottom, it exposes the weight tray as well. Just off to the left of the tray, there is another button that needs pushing to pop the tray out for its removal.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 23

Inside of the tray, there is a dense foam insert that holds up to six of the weights provided. The weights can be left out as well to put the weight where it feels the best, and once you are satisfied, push the tray back in until you hear it click into its locked position.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 24

We also took this opportunity to place on the optional side panel. This version offers a sectioned grip with a ridge now separating the ring finger and offering a ledge for the little finger to use. Playing around with them both, we liked the original as these grooves are too small for medium sized hands in our opinion.

Inside the Revolution Pro

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 25

While we have two halves, there should be a third section laid on its side in this image, but the left side of the Revolution Pro would not release its grip on the base, so we left it attached instead of breaking it trying to remove it.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 26

The Mode and Lift buttons use T-MEC black switches that are easily activated and offer a crisp click when pressed. The page forward and back are backed with AIW red switches that require a fair amount of pressure to use and have a very audible click to them.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 27

While a bit tough to see, under the left click button, we do in fact find top-tier Omron D2FC-F-7N switches used in the Revolution Pro, giving longer lifespan to the most used buttons.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 28

We also found the Avago ADNS 9800 laser based sensor, which is as advertised--not that we have found any that didn't, but it is always nice to get a visual confirmation on the components in use.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 29

The choice of MCU in this device came down to using the Sonin SN8F2288JG. This 8-bit MCU with onboard memory capabilities is plenty capable of delivering what the Revolution Pro states it can on paper.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 30

Swinging back around to the right side of the mouse now, we see a matching Omron switch under the right click button, and also the use of a TTC switch for the heavy feeling scroll wheel.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 31

The profile we booted the mouse with is profile one, and it has red LEDs to signify this profile. As you cycle through them, the various profiles are denoted with a pulsating light like this red is, but they offer green, blue, purple, and teal as you go from profile one to five.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 32

As we spin the Revolution Pro around, we find the headlights match the tail lights on all profiles. We also see that just off the left click button is an indicator section. This has an LED matching the profile lights as well as four blue bars to indicate which DPI level you are currently operating on.


Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 33

After getting the software installed and keeping a file that Chrome deems unworthy from the Sentey site, we installed the software. After it installed and is opened, this is the window that is delivered. It starts with the button settings, and in this window, the five profiles and their associated colors are shown to the left. Pick one of them and move to the right where you can take all but the left click button and change the functionality and attach Macros.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 34

The next tab is for anything Macro related. To the left are slots provided for each Macro. You can either program with this window, or you can import and export them with buttons at the bottom. What is also handy is the Memory bar at the bottom right. This will tell you if you have too much stored for the mouse to handle for its on-the-go onboard memory to hold these settings and Macros.

Sentey Revolution Pro Laser Gaming Mouse Review 35

The last tab is the DPI and Tools section. At the top, there are four DPI levels that the button on the left of the mouse will cycle through. Click on a number at the top, adjust the slider, and the level is saved. If you prefer separated X and Y axis DPI levels, click on the chain links and the sliders will move individually.

This is also where you can back up the mouse data that you have put time into; it also offers a restore feature for previously saved data files, and this offers the place to set the mouse back to the way it was shipped from Sentey if things get screwed up beyond easy fixing.

Final Thoughts

The Revolution Pro has a lot going for it, but really only for smaller handed users. With medium sized hands, the optional side panel is sort of worthless if fingers don't fit in the grooves, and this is why we preferred the default right side panel in our extended use of this mouse. The left side of this mouse is not only grippy with the rubber insert, but the button placement is all easily within comfortable reach of the thumb, and can also be done blindly so you are not distracted from the action of the game. We also like that Sentey is using top-tier parts and components inside of their mice by giving their customers Omron switches under their fingers and the top-tier of laser sensor technology to track everything you do.

While we were not expecting all that much, with nothing previous to go off of, we do have to look at this product against others as far as its feature set and what it brings to the table. The features offered here are better than a lot of what is out there, but in the same breath, we have to say it seems like it is missing a few things. Lighting control would help for those who do not like the pulsating effect, because that is the only way to see the lights right now. We also found that even when properly setting up the Revolution Pro to the various mouse pads with the Lift feature, during gaming and normal surfing on the Internet, the mouse seemed to track rather well, but when it comes to precision work, it seems that this sensor is a bit too jerky and hit or miss as to whether it reads minute movements or just takes off past what you were trying to do.

Things we really liked were the travel case, the weights and carrying case for them, the slick way the side of the mouse comes off and can be swapped for an optional panel as well as hiding away the weight tray, which is something we have not seen before. I can see younger buyers liking the poster, door tag, and sticker, and even as far as things like the ceramic feet on the bottom delivering effortless movement and the braided cable and Velcro tie strap, which are all things that go into the plus column when determining the overall rating you are about to see.

Obtaining the Revolution Pro from Sentey is not that tough, and with the pricing we discussed earlier, all in all it is a pretty good deal. There are a lot of checks in the plus column, but there are also a few in the minus column that do need considering before making this purchase. As long as minute accuracy for photo editing or that sort of detailed work is not on the agenda and you don't have very large hands, this is a serious contender for a select section of the market.

Had this been slightly larger for the average sized person, and with just a tweak here and there, this could have been a chart topper, but for our first experience with a Sentey peripheral, we can see they have their head on straight, are deep into the game, and know what customers want. As time progresses and as we hopefully see more from Sentey, as long as they don't do anything drastically wrong in their near future, they could be a company to take on the big dogs in the peripherals game.

PRICING: You can find the Sentey Revolution Pro for sale below. The prices listed are valid at the time of writing but can change at any time. Click the link to see the very latest pricing for the best deal.

United States: The Sentey Revolution Pro retails for $74.99 at Amazon.

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