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Battlefield 3 hits torrent sites, a week from launch

Anthony Garreffa | Mon, Oct 17 2011 8:01 PM CDT

DICE's very, very highly anticipated FPS, Battlefield 3, has been leaked to various torrent sites, over a week from the official launch. The PC version sits at just under 10GB in size, at 9.96GB, and its single-player portion of the game is fully playable. The only thing that would make sense on how its leaked, is if a retailer got their mits on a copy, and leaked it. But then the next question is, why did the retailer break the street release date?

Usually we see leaks of the console versions, so this does mark one of the first times a triple-A PC title has been leaked before release. Of course, it means the multiplayer side of the game can't be accessed, as this requires a valid Origin account. With the game not yet released, this won't happen. But it will effect sales on PC for sure, and will definitely get those frowns turned upside down over at DICE.

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Sony's PlayStation Move has shipped 8.3 million worldwide

Anthony Garreffa | Fri, Oct 14 2011 4:13 AM CDT

Sony's motion-based gaming accessory for the PlayStation 3, Move, has shipped more than 8.3 million units worldwide. Gabe Ahn, developer support engineer for Sony Computer Entertainment America has said that software wise, there have been more than 7 million Move-based games shipped in North America alone. By the end of 2011, there will be more than 80 games available, and Ahn also said that SCEA expects continued growth through the remainder of the year.

He thanks third-party publishers and name-checked EA, Activision, Capcom, Konami, as well as upcoming titles like BioShock Infinite and Ninja Gaiden 3 as examples of continued support for the Move controller. Ahn also stressed the diversity of games available for Move, from hardcore shooters such as Killzone 3 and MAG to more casual games like EyePet. Ahn also showed off a clip on "the future of gaming", which featured a Move player with a head-mounted display turning his world into an augmented reality version of Resistance.

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Gabe Newell says that Apple will redefine games consoles

Anthony Garreffa | Thu, Oct 13 2011 1:43 AM CDT

Gabe Newell, founder of Valve, believes that Apple may be in the middle of preparations of launching a games console in the near future, he explained to The Seattle Times. Gabe gave some of his thoughts on the subject, with quotes like:

Gabe Newell says that Apple will redefine games consoles |

Our business is growing very rapidly both on the content side and on the service platform side so in that sense, business has never been better. The challenges we see looking forward are very rapidly evolving model for how value is created for customers.

He also says there are "dark clouds forming", where he raised concerns of the closed-garden approach with platforms such as Apple's iOS. Gabe says "On the platform side, it's sort of ominous that the world seems to be moving away from open platforms." Platform providers that used to use their role to enable developers "instead view themselves as more rent guys who are essentially driving their partner margins to zero," he said.

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Microsoft unleash Xbox LIVE Public Preview Program

Anthony Garreffa | Wed, Oct 12 2011 9:05 PM CDT

Yesterday I reported that the new Xbox LIVE Dashboard would drop on November 25th, but if you are one of those people who like to live on the bleeding edge then you can sign up for the Xbox LIVE Public Preview Program. Microsoft have announced an open call for all Xbox LIVE members to register to participate in the preview program to help them test the system.

Microsoft unleash Xbox LIVE Public Preview Program |

They say that this is an important program as Microsoft are continually striving to ensure the reliability of a service that reaches tens of millions globally. They can't do this without you, the users. Once the program starts, an update will be pushed to your Xbox 360 console that will contain the new features, including:

New design for integrated Kinect and controller navigation

New Beacons to play online with friends

Deeper Facebook integration

New Cloud Storage for Game Saves and Xbox LIVE Profile

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New Xbox 360 dashboard drops on November 25th

Anthony Garreffa | Wed, Oct 12 2011 2:21 AM CDT

Microsoft have plans to launch the new Xbox 360 dashboard on November 25th which is based on "Lakeview", a modified version of Microsoft's Silverlight development framework. Included is support for Kinect's voice recognition and gesture control. The new dashboard will also show off applications based on Silverlight and H.264 encoded video delivery using Apple's HTTP live Streaming.

Microsoft seems to be targeting a Black Friday release of the Xbox Live update, which would add the new video apps an features such as Bing universal search. This could bolster sales for Xbox over the holidays as well as helping Xbox Live members enjoy cool new features to play with over Thanksgiving, thanks to Microsoft, giving them new toys. Pun intended. The Lakeview code is still being worked on, as Microsoft are pushing out weekly updates to the application framework.

New Xbox 360 dashboard drops on November 25th |

Little things aren't changing in the code, either. Sources say that Microsoft are making fundamental changes and subtractions in Lakeview's capabilities over the past few weeks, causing partners to update and re-test their apps with each and every new release. The goal here is to quickly mature the platform, with the end goal from MS to enable other third-party developers to use the Lakeview framework to build their own apps for the Xbox 360 console.

Interesting times ahead for Xbox 360 users!

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RAGE gets updated, fixes many of the games issues

Anthony Garreffa | Sun, Oct 9 2011 11:24 PM CDT

RAGE has had its first patch and with it brings many, many bug fixes and improvements. Because RAGE changes the graphics quality on-the-fly to maintain that silky smooth 60fps, there are some hiccups. This is part of what has been addressed in the patch and the list of issues fixed is quite long.

RAGE gets updated, fixes many of the games issues |

Here is a list of Patch Changes / Fixes:

- Implemented workaround for AMD driver crash right after intro cinematic

on Win 7 32-bit systems.

- Disabled UBOs because they are causing animation issues with AMD drivers.

- Don't allow swap-tear to be enabled on AMD while the extension is not

exposed because it may crash.

- Support for new video settings: "texture cache", "vsync" and

"anisotropic filter"

- Automatically adjust vt_maxPPF based on the number of available cores.

- Improved performance for SLI cards when GPU transcode is enabled.

- Fix for GPU Transcoding option being disabled after exiting gameplay.

- Added safe mode to restore video settings to default values.

- Allow g_fov to be changed from the RAGE launch options in Steam.

- Server now forwards text chat from clients to all other clients while


Take a look at the Steam page for more details.

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Sony says that the market is not ready for download-only consoles

Anthony Garreffa | Sat, Oct 8 2011 1:38 AM CDT

Sony says that the time is still not right for download-only consoles that sell games exclusively through digital distribution systems, company bosses have said. This goes hand-in-hand with why there will be both physical and digital copies of games for their upcoming NGP, PlayStation Vita. Sony Worldwide Studios boss, Shuhei Yoshida, explained that Sony didn't believe Internet infrastructure was consistent enough across the world to support such a device.

Sony says that the market is not ready for download-only consoles |

We believe, for some consumers, the time is [right], but for other consumers, the time is still not [right]. So, we believe the time is still not right to go download-only as a platform. Some PS Vita titles, like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, will be close to 4GB in size, which could be too large to download for consumers who do not have a fast broadband connection. Also, some consumers like shopping in retail stores, talking to knowledgeable store clerks, buying and playing games on the spot. We do not want to remove that capability from consumers.

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Caspian Border map for Battlefield 3 gets unlocked for PC beta testers

Anthony Garreffa | Fri, Oct 7 2011 8:30 PM CDT

DICE have announced that the jet and vehicle-filled Caspian Border map has been unlocked in order for DICE to do some testing. The test is for PC gamers only as they are specifically testing the 64-player server configurations, as the console versions of Battlefield 3 only support 24 players. DICE have also reminded users that Battlefield 3 is still in beta, so any crashes, network instability and outages may occur.

DICE is taking this opportunity to fine tune its servers and says that your experience with the beta is not necessarily indicative of the final product. I played 4 hours of 64-player Caspian Border BF3 last night and let me just say the great words of our own Shane Baxtor here (and also, its his Birthday today!): NERDGASM. It is amazing. Absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking. The map is big, but small in areas for firefights. Vehicles help so much with the immersion and having jets flying over you at insane speeds just makes it feel like a literal Battlefield.

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Rockstar adamant that Red Dead Redemption not coming to PC anytime soon

Anthony Garreffa | Thu, Oct 6 2011 9:24 PM CDT

Rockstar have confirmed that Red Dead Redemption won't be coming to the PC anytime soon. The hugely successful Western open-world game has been great on the console, but has been at a shoot-off with the PC with rumors of it hitting the PC for a while now shot down today. Rockstar have an interview with multiple gaming sites over the past few days for Max Payne 3 and had discussed L.A. Noire, MP3 and of course, Red Dead Redemption.

Rockstar adamant that Red Dead Redemption not coming to PC anytime soon |

This is what Rockstar had to say:

We hope that with the announcement that L.A. Noire is coming to PC this fall, and the knowledge that our next big game Max Payne 3 will have a PC release (plus that we've released both Grand Theft Auto IV and the Episodes from Liberty City for PC), we can finally put to rest any misconceptions that we've 'abandoned the PC platform'. We do know that, yes, there is just one title absent from our PC release plans - that game of course being Red Dead Redemption, and of course we're well aware that some fans have been asking for it. All we can say is that whenever it is viable (technically, developmentally and business-wise) for us to release a game for PC (or any other particular platform) - we will and we usually do; unfortunately, that is just not the case 100% of the time for all platforms. To PC gamers, we hope that between the Grand Theft Auto titles, and the forthcoming L.A. Noire and Max Payne 3, you'll have plenty of great Rockstar action to enjoy.

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RumorTT: Xbox 720 teased in Hugh Jackman's 'Real Steel'

Anthony Garreffa | Thu, Oct 6 2011 2:47 PM CDT

Microsoft's next-generation console is not only long overdue, but has been rumored for a while now that it be unveiled at E3 2012. But, now we have the product logo in a trailer for Hugh Jackman's upcoming sci-fi robot fighting movie, Real Steel. The Xbox 720 logo is seen during a futuristic scene set in a sports arena, where it is a digital banner ad alongside other popular brands such as Cafillac, Budweiser and Coca Cola.

RumorTT: Xbox 720 teased in Hugh Jackman's 'Real Steel' |

Microsoft has previously stated that the life-cycle of the current Xbox 360 would be 10 years, but we all know it needs to be much sooner than that. Considering that Real Steel takes place in 2020, it would make the next-generation console only five years old, and with a 10 year life-cycle, this would make sense. The fact that the logo is there at all, puts some validity to the rumors of not just a next-gen console from Microsoft, but to the name "Xbox 720".

I don't particular like the name, as it would seem as if it were held back to 1280x720p output, something like "Xbox Next" would be great. Ditch the numbers, but ditching the numbers would confuse the masses too... however, it has worked for Nintendo.

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