NVIDIA DLSS 3 has been quietly added to Remnant 2 - can it help the RTX 4090 GPU run it at 4K?

DLSS 3 to the rescue? Although early feedback indicates this might not be the case. Regardless, we've just discovered Remnant 2 has sold a ton of units.

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Remnant 2 now has DLSS 3, according to a report, and the game has already sold over a million units.

As revealed in the above tweet, sales have exceeded the one million mark in just four days after launch, which is pretty good going to say the least.

That said, PC gamers have been unhappy with performance levels in Remnant 2, and we've already seen that even NVIDIA's mighty RTX 4090 graphics card struggles with smoothness if you want to run in 4K resolution (and remember this game doesn't have ray tracing).

Enter Wccftech, which discovered that despite there being no announcement from the developer, or anything to indicate its presence in the latest patch notes, Remnant 2 now has DLSS 3 (for those with a current-gen RTX 4000 GPU, of course).

The tech site observes that you can find DLSS 3 just below the upscaler's quality setting.

The good news is that frame rates are boosted considerably going by Wccftech's testing. There's a claimed frames per second increase of 42% in N'emad, and an even greater 55% gain in average frame rate in Ward 13.

So, great news for PC gamers, right? Well no, because even though the frame rate boosts are clearly very welcome, the actual experience with DLSS 3 turned on is subpar according to Wccftech.

That's because there's a certain choppiness when using the frame generation tech DLSS 3 relies on, so the game doesn't feel as smooth as it should. A certain amount of jitter in terms of image stability is also noted, so with those factors combined, it all sounds less than ideal.

Clearly, then, DLSS 3 is still in its early stages even though it's now live in Remnant 2, and this is likely why Gunfire Games has kept quiet about it being present - simply because it's still very rough around the edges.

Hopefully, given a bit of time and further honing, we'll get the jitters and choppiness smoothed over, and will be left with just the good bit of DLSS 3 - considerable frame rates boosts look like they'll be occuring to the tune of 40% to 50% or so. Not too shabby indeed.

Whereas the PC version of Remnant 2 has had more than its fair share of complaints about performance woes, console players haven't escaped frame rate hiccups either - or at least those with an Xbox Series S haven't.

And even with the Xbox Series X and PS5, there are some definite flies in the ointment in terms of issues with screen tearing, and the performance mode being rather disappointing.

None of this seems to have harmed Remnant 2's sales, mind you.

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