AMD may launch RX 7800 and 7700 GPUs next month, with an RX 7900 to follow as an afterthought

Next RDNA 3 GPUs to be revealed in August, with a vanilla RX 7900 in the offing too - but it'll be a curious product with a very low-key launch.

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Want to know what's happening with AMD's RDNA 3 GPUs? If the rumor mill is right, the good news is that we should get an announcement of more than one addition to the RX 7000 range next month.

Moore's Law is Dead (MLID), a regular source of GPU leaks on YouTube, gave us the full details of where AMD is at with its remaining graphics cards for the RDNA 3 generation (add your own skepticism, though, as ever with rumors).

Gamescom 2023 in mid-August will supposedly see AMD announce the RX 7800 and 7700 - although the names of those GPUs could still change (even at this late stage).

The RX 7800 is theoretically the full Navi 32 chip with 60 CUs and a 260W TBP, paired with 16GB of VRAM. And the RX 7700 will be the cut-down Navi 32 with either 48 or 54 CUs - apparently, that decision hasn't quite been made yet - with 12GB of VRAM (and a 245W TBP).

Following the revelation of these graphics cards, they will be set to hit shelves in September, we're told, finally filling out AMD's mid-range. Up until now, we've had a big gap from the 7900 XT and XTX all the way down to the RX 7600.

There is another model planned, MLID believes, and this is purportedly a rather oddly positioned RX 7900 (16GB).

The RX 7900 - a GPU that's a necessary evil?

You may recall that we've discussed that RX 7900 before, as a potential Navi 31 design that's the same size as Navi 32 - it'll theoretically have 70 CUs and the same 260W power usage as the RX 7800. (It could even be called a 7800 XT).

However, for the time being, we're going to get just the RX 7800 and 7700 as outlined above - maybe with different model names - and this possible 7900 won't be here for a long time. And even when it does arrive, it'll likely be very limited in stock.

Mainly because this will be more about using up discarded chips from the 7900 XT and XTX, and not much else, with graphics card makers apparently not keen on this model at all. To the point that MLID compares it to the sentiments of board makers regarding NVIDIA's RTX 4060, which is very much looked down upon (even if some folks might argue that's unjustified, this is what we're continually hearing, with leaked sales figures seemingly backing this up to some extent).

What about pricing? MLID sadly hasn't got the word on where AMD might intend to pitch these graphics cards, but then again, seeing as even the model names aren't yet set in stone, that's hardly surprising.

What the leaker theorizes about is AMD putting price tags of $550 and $450 on the 7800 and 7700 respectively in the US, slotting those graphics cards in to replace RDNA 2 offerings - now sold out in the States - offering slightly better performance than the last-gen, for a bit less money and better power-efficiency.

In short, these graphics cards are likely to be nothing groundbreaking on the value front, but they should be priced well enough to make for a solid proposition, especially considering they're new launches. All that is, of course, just theorizing, but it makes sense from AMD's point of view.

Given the flailing about that NVIDIA's RTX 4060 range has been doing since launch, we're hoping this will encourage AMD to be keener to bring down price tags for its next GPUs.

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