AMD's next RDNA 3 GPU could arrive in September - and may be a surprisingly affordable RX 7800

That said, no one seems to have a very clear idea of what the next model (or models) might be, with AMD supposedly undecided on which path to take.

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AMD's next outing for its RDNA 3 family, following the recently released RX 7600, will be a more powerful GPU, and it should debut in September, according to the latest leakage.

However, what the rumor mill can't decide - due to AMD's apparent hesitancy around positioning the GPU - is exactly what model this graphics card (or maybe even multiple SKUs) will be.

The expected release, as per previous speculation, is the RX 7800 XT, and that's probably the most likely candidate to turn up, and certainly one the rumor mill is still mentioning.

Moore's Law is Dead (MLID) has spoken to a number of sources, and provides a summary of findings in his latest YouTube video.

One graphics card maker told MLID that a year ago, AMD primed the firm to expect an RX 7800 XT on Navi 31 (70 CUs), and RX 7800 and 7700 XT models on Navi 32 (60 CUs and 48CUs respectively). That card manufacturer then laments, however, that it's not sure AMD knows what it wants to do anymore, and which of these models might be realized (or what they may be called).

There's a similar theme with other sources declaring that they're unsure of what the next GPU(s) from AMD will be called. However, one source reckons that a Navi 32 model will launch in Q3, and that an RX 7800 (with 16GB, as previously rumored) is likely to use this chip - as well as possibly a 7700 XT (they weren't sure at all what the score was with a 7800 XT). This source also mentioned the possibility of a vanilla RX 7900, too, so the potential options on the table are confusingly numerous.

A further source pins September as the likely release date for a Navi 32 GPU with a 260W TGP and 16GB of VRAM, so certain elements are aligning here (apparently, a 240W plus 12GB configuration is in the works too). This source doesn't make any guesses on the name front, and overall, a cloud of doubt very much hangs over what these rumored graphics cards may be called, and how many SKUs might arrive in Q3.

A final source MLID chatted with echoed the first source in terms of what AMD said was in the pipeline some time ago, namely a Navi 31 offering with 70 CUs that could be an RX 7900 or 7800 XT. The plan with this very cut-down Navi 31 would be to use the shakiest chips that didn't make the cut for the existing 7900 XT models, so were put aside for repurposing - which makes some sense.

Honey, I shrunk the chips

MLID also contends that those (purported) cut-down Navi 31 cards could use a more compact GPU, in fact, a Navi 31 design that's the same size as Navi 32 (40mm x 40mm). That would allow for the boards to be pitched more affordably, because if the chip fits into AIB Navi 32 designs, those are cheaper to make than Navi 31 boards, of course. (MLID provides some images for this 'Navi 31 fits Navi 32' design, to boot).

In short, if we see a cut-down Navi 31 RX 7900 or 7800 XT, it might surprise us with its price tag. (Here's hoping, eh - MLID puts forward a theory of a $600 price tag for such a card, which could embarrass the RTX 4070 potentially).

As ever, cover all this rumor-mongering in a good few layers of salt, but what MLID says here certainly makes some sense as we've noted, and the threads from multiple sources at least align somewhat in their thinking.

Which is mainly, at the moment, suggesting AMD is unsure of which path to take with its next RDNA 3 offering(s), but clearly, with some sources here also pointing out that Navi 21 stock is very much dwindling, Team Red will have to make up its mind without too much delay.

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