New Battlefield leaks: Called Battlefield 2042, beta test in June

The new Battlefield is reportedly called Battlefield 2042, takes place 20 years after BF4 with new multiplayer features and more.

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A bunch of details may have leaked on DICE's new Battlefield game including the name, multiplayer game mechanics, weapon features, and more.

New Battlefield leaks: Called Battlefield 2042, beta test in June 33

According to new 4Chan leaks, which have been unverified and can't be taken as 100% fact, Battlefield 6 is reportedly called Battlefield 2042 and will have the biggest maps in franchise history. The huge 128-player multiplayer mode that allows 64v64 carnage has been tested and is ready to play, but there won't be cross-gen play between PS4 and Xbox One and PS5/Series X due to hardware power constraints.

The leaks also say an open beta test will come in June, not in July during/around the EA Play Live event. Influencers, content creators, and media will be invited to try Battlefield 2042 multiplayer on June 15.

New Battlefield leaks: Called Battlefield 2042, beta test in June 1New Battlefield leaks: Called Battlefield 2042, beta test in June 22
  • Battlefield 6 screenshot leak: futuristic setting, crazy sandstorms
  • As far as game mechanics, Battlefield 2042 will allow players to hold two attachments at once that can be swapped out on-the-fly. Gamers will also be able to make modifications to specific weapons in-game to adapt to specific battle situations.

    Battlefield 2042 will also have its own innovative evolution of Battlefront 2's hero mechanic. The hero specialists are called Professionals and each class has their own version; the Medic, for example, can shoot healing darts at allies in battle. Squads also can summon vehicles during combat.

    Levolution is back but it will reportedly be more like Battlefield Hardline, and there will be real-time weather effects that wreak havoc with advanced physics destruction; twisters can randomly occur and lift up cars, but bigger storms like tornadoes will actually throw in-game vehicles around.

    New Battlefield leaks: Called Battlefield 2042, beta test in June 3New Battlefield leaks: Called Battlefield 2042, beta test in June 4

    "Honestly I believe there to be jets, but I have not seen nor heard anything about them," the leaker claims.

    "All I was told about the vehicles is every squad can play the game, save up points and then choose for a vehicle to be spawned on them, I assumed that means every vehicle in the game but that could just be entry-level vehicles like jeeps and ATVs."

    Check out a full list of the leaked info so far, and remember, none of this has been confirmed.

    The only thing we really know is that the new Battlefield is coming in Holiday 2021 to current and next-gen consoles.

    Unverified 4Chan Leaks

    • June 15th is a private testing session for big content creators & streamers.
    • Open alpha/beta later this month
    • (June, not July like many thought to be announced at ea play)
    • You can hold/have two attachments on your character that you can swap out.
    • If you have a Kriss Vector and you want to add a vertical grip, take off your red dot and add an ACOG you can do that on-the-fly if it's on your character.
    • You can swap out a small mag with a drum mag
    • You can grab a shotgun and take off the stock and barrel extension to make it easier in far & close ranges (suppressor / compensator / choke)
    • Squad & heroes mechanic from Battlefront 2 (called 'Professionals' in 2042)
    • Can have a specialist (professional) per class in your squad, they are not over-powered but they have a gadget or two that will make it worth playing as one and that makes then unique.
    • For example, medic professional has a healing dart, she can heal people from range.
    • Every squad has the ability to call down (spawn down) vehicles
    • The leaked logo is 100% real
    • Main goal in BF2042 is to be squad based, you pre-plan and execute on those plans. not literally, but within a group of friends.
    • Rush returns, heavy focus on teamwork & not lone wolfing
    • two trailers that have not been leaked & not teased yet are finished and ready to go.
    • 20 years after Battlefield 4 (2024)
    • 64v64 seen and tested, will be announced on the 9th alongside everything else.
    • Crossplay not at launch, old-gen (Xbox one & ps4 can't handle it.)
    • Levolution returns, more akin to Battlefield Hardline, looks gnarly but not as effective to the map as Siege of Shanghai tower.
    • Tornados and twisters show up on the map, every map has a twister but not every map has a tornado, twisters can pick up cars but can't throw them like the Tornado.
    • Floppy_ragdoll did not leak the images as people believe, they were posted in a private chat between insiders/game changers.
    • A bunch of big name streamers and youtubers will be testing on the 15th privately

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