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Early unpatched copies of No Man's Sky reportedly riddled with bugs

Unpatched early copies of No Man's Sky suffer from glitches, bugs and crashes--on top of some serious design flaws. Will a day one patch fix everything?

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Spoiler Warning: If you want to keep No Man's Sky a surprise, steer clear of this post! Like almost every game that releases these days, No Man's Sky apparently needs a day one patch update to run properly.

Early unpatched copies of No Man's Sky reportedly riddled with bugs 55

Daymeeuhn, the gamer who spent $1,250 on an early copy of No Man's Sky, continues to share key info about his experiences with the game...and his words are eye-opening to say the least. Apparently the unpatched version of No Man's Sky has quite a few bugs and can lead to tons of crashing on PS4. While these errors and bugs could be squashed with patches and a day one update, Daymeeuhn says that No Man's Sky generally feels unfinished in certain areas and Hello Games should've beta tested it before release.

"There are bugs. Quite a few in fact. In some moments I really start to feel as if this game would have benefited from a beta test. PRAY for a Day 1 patch, not only to nerf the sale cost of Atlas Stones but also to address some of this too."

The following bullet points use quotes from Daymeeuhn's complaints with the game, which can be found here.

Beam Upgrades are broken - Currently, Beam Upgrades for your multi tool seem broken and ass backwards. Upgrades that are supposed to slow down the heat up of your beam, actually speed it up. Upgrades that are supposed to speed up the mining speed of the beam, actually slow it down. Essentially, your STARTING beam is as powerful as it can be, and if you upgrade it with +1 +2 +3 beam upgrade modules it becomes UNUSABLE. This would, in theory, mean that the fully upgraded beam is actually the beam you're supposed to START with, which would mean my early exploration would have gone a LOT slower.

Problems with large sea creatures - Sea creatures spawn in shallow water completely vertical stuck in the ground. This isn't like a one time bug thing either, 80% of the large sea creatures have spawned this way, which is a super bummer for me because sea creatures are my favorite and I can't even appropriately scan them or even naked eye view them when this happens.

PS4 crashing - I've had the game full on crash to PS4 menu something like 20 times now. Usually when I'm warp jumping. No joke. Save your game a lot kids, you'll be pissed if you don't.

Lack of ship upgrades - Again, not finding ship upgrades has been super frustrating. Is it a bug? Is the game not spawning better ship module inventories like it's supposed to? Are we actually just supposed to have ships with 1/4th the total inventory of our suit? What gives HG, c'mon.

Ships don't improve even with upgrades, are for cosmetic purposes? - I've "upgraded" my suit to unlock all available inventory slots possible. I've found and bought what I "think" is a multi tool with the maximum amount of slots available in the game. However, ships HAVE NOT IMPROVED AT ALL throughout the entire course of the game. This is not a joke. I am at the point now where my PERSONAL SUIT has something like 3-4x the total inventory / module slots as my fuckin ship. That seems wrong to me.

Game doesn't get 'weirder' the farther you venture towards the center - Another gripe I have right now with the claims on the game before release is this whole "it gets weirder the closer to the middle you get." If you're like me, you expected some seriously obvious inclinations that this was happening as you progressed, and for me... I haven't seen much in the way of difference as I went. The ONLY ONLY ONLY big difference, and honestly the only reason I pushed it so hard, was the weapon crates you saw in the Trade video with the guns for trade improve in quality as you go further in. So, for me, my basic logic was... the sooner I get to the area at the middle, the sooner I have the best multi tool, so why wait?

Early unpatched copies of No Man's Sky reportedly riddled with bugs 51

On top of all this, the unpatched version of No Man's Sky allows gamers to reach the center of the universe in 20-40 hours. Given the whole goal of the game is basically reaching the center of the universe, this means No Man's Sky can be beaten in some 40 hours, which is a far cry from the 100-200 hours gamers were expected to spend.

Back in March, Sean Murray said that it'd take gamers "hundreds of hours to reach the center" if all they did was fly in space. Daymeeuhn has proven this to be untrue by a longshot.

The unpatched version has an extremely advantageous item called Atlas Stones that sell for an incredible amount of cash. The Atlas Stones are amazingly easy to get and can be farmed repeatedly without any risk, so players just keep farming Atlas Stones, sell them for Warp Fuel, and continue their journey. In those 20-40 hours it took to reach the center Daymeeuhn even took some time away from cruising the stars to visit planets and the like, so you could beat the game even faster most likely.

Suffice it to say that No Man's Sky is kind of a mess in its unpatched state. We don't know of the game will receive a day one update or not, but Hello Games has been working on an update as far back as May 10, so it's fair to assume they know about the glitches, bugs and ridiculous design flaws and will fix them.

But this opens up another can of worms altogether. What if Daymeeuhn's copy was a review copy? If so, reviewers are experiencing what is effectively an unfinished game, so the review scores could be extremely skewed from the final release. Hello Games and Sean Murray have been quiet about early review copies, and I haven't seen any outlet--from IGN to Game Informer--talk about early reviews of No Man's Sky, so maybe they're not doing early copies after all.

In any case, my hype for No Man's Sky has plummeted after reading all this info. Perhaps when the game is released it'll have a proper update, but I'm expecting a rocky launch to say the least.

No Man's Sky launches on August 9 on PS4 and August 12 on PC.

We've also spotted 70 minutes of freshly leaked No Man's Sky footage from YouTuber Kengi01 (see below).

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