Battlefield 1: experimenting with weapons in closed alpha test

Eight minutes of fresh Battlefield 1 closed alpha multiplayer footage reveal key details about the game's weapon interactions and more.

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EA is currently holding a closed multiplayer alpha test for Battlefield 1, and gamers are already testing out specific interactions and experimenting with all of the weapons, vehicles, and explosive WW1 mayhem.

Ever wonder who whens when two players bayonet charge one another in Battlefield 1? What's the deal with mustard gas? Can you kill players with medic syringes? How close do you have to be to a grenade for it to kill you? YouTuber jackfrags goes mythbusting in the closed Battlefield 1 alpha test to answer a bunch of these questions and generally play around with the game, seeing what works and what doesn't.

Check below for a quick bullet list of everything we've learned from the footage, including the full list of grenade types, gasmask/gas interactions, bayonet charges, and much, much more. Also remember that the game is still in its alpha state, so a lot could change from now until release. The info below is based on the current unfinished alpha build.

  • Everyone starts out with a gasmask
  • You can only hip-fire while wearing the gasmask
  • When two players bayonet charge, the player who charges last will win
  • You can kill players with the revive syringe
  • Foreign soldiers speak in their native tongue--Germans will speak German, and so on
  • Anti-tank grenade explosions can kill infantry and ragdoll them high up in the air
  • Spotting flairs cannot hurt enemies or set them on fire
  • Impact grenades are not a one-hit kill
  • There's 7 different grenades: frag, gas, impact, incendiary, mini, smoke, light anti-tank
  • The hammer does damage, and then turns into a hatchet for lethal kills
  • Touching barbed-wire covered areas will harm you
  • Anti-air/tank cannons have specific reload animations
  • Jumping out of a starter vehicle--plane, tank, etc--will set you as a separate class with different weapons
  • Players are notified who dropped specific resupply caches
  • Medics can throw healing bandages to teammates
  • Anti-tank/air cannons can pretty much destroy whole buildings
  • Switching positions in a biplane are accompanied by an animation

Battlefield 1 is slated to release on October 21, 2016 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Be sure to check below for a huge list of everything we know about the game so far. If you want even more crazy world-breaking carnage, check out 22 minutes of 64-player Battlefield 1 multiplayer at 4K 60FPS.

Battlefield 1: experimenting with weapons in closed alpha test 16

Everything we know about Battlefield 1 so far:


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