Hitman season premier trailer sets the stage for greatness

A new trailer for Hitman amps up the excitement, showing us an Agent 47 in his prime and ready to conduct business.

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An adrenalin charged trailer for Io Interactive's upcoming Hitman was just released, and it shows off some of the settings and missions we'll be exploring when it releases on March 11th.

The first "season" as they're calling it is going to have a variety of very different and engaging missions to go through. Agent 47 is back and in the prime of his career in this new, live and almost re-imagined game. The amount of free-will and choices you'll have should be astounding. Even the beta, as short as it was, had a great many possibilities in how to accomplish it.

The episodic way that they're releasing this will give you new, fresh contracts and challenges to complete every week as well as new, major content appearing every month until the season ends. The plan for them is to continue to support the game with fresh content for quite some time. The base-mechanics are already in-place, and they're pretty good.

Soon after it releases we should see an update that enables DirectX 12 support, meaning better framerates and probably slightly better graphics, initially. DX12 could help the developers create even larger environments at a smaller cost in performance.

If you're curious whether or not your PC can handle the game, the PC requirements point toward it requireing a bit of horsepower in order to look its best. An NVIDIA GTX 770 or AMD R9 290 is required, and even a Titan X seems to struggle at 4K. We'll have our performance analysis shortly after it releases on March 11th. Here's to hoping for another well optimized Square Enix published game.

Hitman season premier trailer sets the stage for greatness | TweakTown.com
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