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ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review

Do you want ultimate control from your mouse? ROCCAT's Nyth modular MMO gaming mouse is your ticket. Come and take a look.

Manufacturer: ROCCAT
14 minute read time
TweakTown's Rating: 98%
TweakTown award

The Bottom Line

ROCCAT Talk, EasyShift, AlienFX, the SWARM software, and tons of onboard memory - they are all great reasons to buy the Nyth. And with up to 40 commands on as many profiles as you can dream up, it takes functionality to a seriously impressive level that we have never seen before.

Introduction, Specifications, and Pricing

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 99

When we first came into contact with ROCCAT, it was at a CES show many moons ago now, and what we saw then had us lifting our jaw from the table. While they may not have been in the peripherals market as long as some of the better-known companies out there, when they did introduce themselves to the world, ROCCAT came out swinging for the fences with their products. Just the standard layout of buttons, standard functionality, and average software was not going to cut it for them. With this, the masses have gained access to things like EasyShift, Talk, AlienFX, and their Swarm software that takes top-tier interior components to a whole other level of functionality that most other companies never even plan to address or attempt.

We have seen quite a few products from ROCCAT in all that time, and not once have we found a device we did not like. While there is a learning curve unlike with any other device that one must go through to appreciate fully what it is that ROCCAT does, in the end, it has always been worth the effort. Having all of that control, whether migrating keyboard functions to the mouse, or vice versa, the ability to be done with just one hand at the helm is impressive, to say the least. This may not be the first mouse of its kind to hit the market, but with all things considered, we feel it leaves that certain Razer product in the dark ages.

In their pursuit to serve the massive mouse market as best they can, ROCCAT takes a chance on its Nyth modular MMO gaming mouse, putting eighteen buttons at your beck and call. With twelve of those buttons under your thumb, the ability swap these buttons with larger ones or blanking them out allows for the ultimate in control and flexibility. If that were not enough for modularity's sake, the Nyth is also designed to allow one of two right side grip panels, delivering an extra bit of comfort, no matter which grip style you use. There is so much to cover with a device of this magnitude, so get comfortable, because we are about to take you on a long trip to see one of the most functional gaming mice we have ever tested.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 01

ROCCAT does a nice job of delivering all of the pertinent information a potential customer would need for a well-informed decision. Initially, the specifications dive right into the components. We are shown that at the heart of the Nyth is a Twin-Tech Laser R1 sensor with up to 12,000DPI. As we expect from a gaming mouse, we are also offered a 1000Hz polling rate and 1ms response time. The capability to track movements up to 50G is impressive, but can also track at 150ips on a single axis, and 212ips on both axis, and communications are done over a 16-bit channel. There is adjustable LOD, adjustable click accuracy, and tracking and distance control. This is all made possible via the 72MHz Turbo Core V2 32-bit ARM MCU inside. The MCU also affords 576KB of onboard memory and can have prediction on or off.

Not much is said about the materials or surface treatments, but we do see that this mouse is 78mm wide, 44mm tall, 129mm long, and weighs in at just 120g. As for the materials, the mouse is made of layers of plastic, offering right-hand users an ergonomically shaped design. The majority of the top is a dark gray color, and the lower sections are made of textured black plastic. Of course, the design is a bit out of the box to fit in the massive assortment of extra buttons, and ROCCAT even made sure to keep some lighting effects visible at the top and around the heel. This is a wider and longer mouse than most, and while it does fit any grip style, it is suited for those with larger hands.

We tend to draw the line for an excellent, well-equipped mouse at around the $80 mark, but then again, we have never used a mouse like the Nyth before. That being said, we are working up to the fact that if you do want the Nyth, there is a premium attached to it. While we saw pricing as high as $125, shop around as better deals are out there. Looking to Amazon to see if the stock is available, we found the Nyth listed for $106.99 with free shipping (right near publishing time, we found the mouse listed for $87 and free shipping at Amazon, but we are unsure how long this deal will last for). Newegg offers the Nyth at the same price, but along with free shipping to Prime members, there is also an offer for a free month of WTFast game connection optimizer. Still, at $107 for a gaming mouse, we feel that price is a tall order, but there is a lot to see and discuss yet. Believe it or not, the price isn't all that bad, once you consider all the potential.

Chad's Peripherals Test System Specifications

Packaging, Accessories, and Documentation

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 02

ROCCAT sticks with the black packaging and bright blue accent stripes to accent the features along the left side. A large image of the Nyth is off to the right with a notation that this has 3D Print support. Along the bottom, we see a case full of goodies to work on the Nyth, and also there are notifications for the ROCCAT Talk, FX, MMO approval, MOBA approval, and AlienFX as well.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 03

With two magnets used to hold the front cover closed, once released, they exposed the Nyth and a right side plate held in place by clear plastic. Inside of the cover, there is an image of the included bits and the Nyth with the line "Build Your Victory". Further down, you will also find the Future Ready Philosophy that went into making the Nyth a reality.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 04

The right side of the box is angled toward the front panel and shows the ROCCAT name and logo across it. There is the bright blue area alluding to the front cover opening there, and we also are given the product name and ROCCAT address to read up on the Nyth.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 05

The features listed on the back are repeated from the front, but this time around the Nyth image, five important things are being pointed out as well. All of the features are listed in the middle in text form, repeated in French, and at the bottom are condensed versions in other languages.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 06

The last panel offers features with explanations and images to go along with them. Here ROCCAT covers the modular thumb zone, the swap-out grips on the right side, and the ROCCAT SWARM software that affords finite control and options that just don't quit.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 07

While our sample was shipped inside of another box protecting it very well, in case someone wanted to drop the box or use it as a step, ROCCAT's inner packaging goes to work. This is why they raise the sides of the lower tray, mold the mouse into the top to keep it in one place, and sandwich it all together. Our Nyth took well to its travels and arrived in perfect condition without a single blemish.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 08

Under the inner plastic packaging, this blue and black case is shipped. The ROCCAT name and logo is inset and shiny, playing against the flat surface the rest of the black plastic is made of. Adding style to it, as this will likely sit on the desk, the bright blue inserts is at least attractive to look at.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 09

On the inside of the case, we find blank space for the twelve buttons already on the Nyth. There is the option to use two switch buttons, grouping controls, and there is an angled set of twelve buttons which allow you to feel your way around easier. There are plates to blank out rows of switches if desired, and there is also the optional right side to the Nyth that is stored in here.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 10

As for literature, we are given a quick start guide. It is simplistic, covering how to connect the mouse and then where to go for the software, but that is about it. There is also some disposal information for particular regions of the globe, and ROCCAT also sends a sheet with three stickers.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 11

The left side of the Nyth is where a lot of the magic happens with this layout. The front takes a standard angle toward the top, but there is a lot of room needed to place the twelve small buttons placed here by default. Keep in mind too that this is only one layout option.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 12

The heel of the Nyth is well rounded and is made to fit in the hand well. It also leans to the right a bit for ergonomics sake, and around the bottom is a thin line that will illuminate once powered.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 13

As the Nyth is shipped, this convex side panel is what you find in the main packaging along with the mouse. This allows for the mouse to be easily lifted, where the other optional panel is for a relaxed grip where lifting the Nyth is not so important.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 14

The left and right click buttons are shaped to angle towards the sides and the front lower sections, giving the front a much smoother look than most. The lower section does not illuminate, but still offers angular styling rather than a thick, boring piece of plastic.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 15

Down the center of the main buttons, we see the EasyShift button just in front of the rubberized scroll wheel. Rather than using a 4D scroll wheel, the lever behind it can be moved right or left for scroll effects by default.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 16

Four PTFE pads keep the Nyth gliding smoothly across your desk. The eye of the laser sensor is right in the middle of the bottom section, and off to the right of it is a slide latch, which releases the twelve side buttons.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 17

The USB 2.0 connection is not gold plated, but there is a ROCCAT logo pressed into the grip. The rest of the cabling is 1.8 meters in length, and around a rubberized cable we find black braided cloth covering the cable.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 18

Screws used to hold the inner, and outer panel together is what holds the panel onto the mouse, via magnets inside of the Nyth. It takes some effort to remove the panel, so it will not just fall off during use, but is fairly easy to do as well.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 19

For those who prefer a relaxed grip, there is this wing style side panel option. This removes the concave shape and adds a shelf on which to rest your ring finger. To allow it to have lift potential still, your pinky finger is offered a rubber grip along the bottom.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 20

Taking the time to swap out the button sets, this time, we have the double switch caps in place. Keep in mind, any single one of these can be used with the earlier caps, in any orientation, you can devise for the supreme use of this area. The layout is all up to you.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 21

Honestly, nobody wants to remove all functionality of this area as this image alludes to. This is just to show how the cover plates install, and again, you can arrange these with the dual button caps and the single caps.

Inside the Nyth

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 22

The Nyth breaks down into three major components, not counting the right side that has to be removed first. There is a ribbon and power cable that connects the upper and lower sections, and the side component will lift off the lower section.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 23

This is a look inside the top component of the Nyth. Here we are looking at the cover for the twelve side buttons, with the release switch on top. We looked close enough to see pad switches at play but left it together for functionalities sake in testing.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 24

While there is an Omron switch used under the left click, we see a black pad style switch which requires medium force to activate, between it and the Omron on the other side.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 25

Just behind the scroll wheel are a pair of TTC white switches. These take about the same force as the rest of the buttons, have an audible click to them, and are used by the side scroll lever.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 26

That 72MHz Turbo Core V2 32-bit ARM processor we spoke of earlier is what we are looking at. This one is made by NXP and is the LPC1346F model. We would also typically look at the sensor as well, but it is buried under the PCB, and we were unable to remove it to gain that view.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 27

Once the Nyth modular MMO gaming mouse is powered up, the default setting is a breathing mode, which also rolls through all of its available colors. We just happened to catch it glowing green, as seen in the ROCCAT Nyth lettering and the ROCCAT logo.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 28

To go along with the lights, your hand is going to be covering most of the time, the heel of the Nyth also sports this thin LED strip. These LED zones can also be programmed separate or to work in sync with various effects.


ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 29

After downloading and installing the SWARM software, we find it is made to be run from a folder, and not something that drains resources all of the time. The first window offered up is the "pinned" menu. By default, you will find the DPI settings, pointer speed adjustment, and the illumination section. This is customizable, and things from the other tabs can be added and removed at will to this tab.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 30

Moving over to the settings tab, we find the main controls. There are sliders for sensitivity, vertical scroll speed, horizontal tilt speed, and double click speed on the left side. On the right, this is where the DPI selector sliders are located permanently, and below that we see the Windows pointer speed adjustment. Just out of frame to the bottom are check boxes, one is to enable mouse acceleration, and the other will display pointer trails.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 31

The button assignment tab is where things get serious. To the left, you can custom assign layouts or use one from the pre-programmed offerings which are game specific. Then on the right, you can begin to set the default commands for each of the twelve buttons. There are lists upon lists of default options to choose from, but keep in mind, with the EasyShift system in play, there are a possible 24 commands that can be set to this section alone.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 32

Scrolling down, still in the button assignment section, we are now dealing with the main eight buttons. Here again, you can arrange their default function, and set a secondary function to all via EasyShift. All told, we are now at 40 possible things that one hand can control. Keep in mind too, while only so many profiles can be saved onboard, you can assign a folder to house a multitude of various settings and game ready setups.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 33

In the advanced setting section, we find things like the X/Y axis advanced adjustment, the ability to turn off the TCU and set the LOD or the polling rate at the bottom. The right side offers the lighting control where you can pick from the full RGB scale of colors, and even tray out modes and three ways of displaying that lighting. There is a section for sound feedback controls, and out of frame is a section to default the settings back to the factory defaults.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 34

Since the Nyth has so much potential, and the multitude of games out there, or even the various profiles you could set for production purposes, there is this "manager" to keep it all under control. This is where you can start naming them to be used in the main settings, and is also where you go to load and offload profiles from the onboard memory. Also once set to the Nyth, this mouse will carry all of the settings with you, without the need for software.

ROCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse Review 35

The Macro Manager is also on point. Not only can you go through and program a Macro, import older ones, or delete from a list on the mouse or in a folder, there are a ton of pre-set options in games as well. This is very intuitive to use, and once set, can be addressed in the main or secondary functions of any of the forty button settings.

Final Thoughts

Never have we tested a mouse that offers so much control with just one hand. Tons of options with the standard layout of buttons, offering up to forty buttons, and the modularity of this system allowing users to group buttons, eliminate buttons, and these can also be replicated with a 3D printer. Of course, to gain this level of control, you must use the SWARM software to set things up, but once it is saved to the mouse, the Nyth is ready to go anywhere and anytime. Then, of course, when looking to the other side of this mouse, who does not like grip options? The option to use a concave design for the faster-paced games and those which may require you to lift this mouse a lot, or the possibility for a relaxed wing style insert, the Nyth conforms to all grips. Of course, there is that fact that this laser sensor is 12,000DPI at maximum, leaves little need to lift ever, as long as you can still control that level of accuracy.

With such a large addition to the left side, we initially thought we would feel it long term, and would get uncomfortable. In fact, we found quite the opposite. ROCCAT only borrowed for the space that goes typically unused, so even though the shape looks a bit odd at first, it never interfered with our grip. With so much DPI at our disposal, we did migrate to the protruding wing insert and found it to go best with our gaming style. As for the buttons, we played with various layouts and a massive amount of work programming it all via software, and while gaming or editing photos, we took advantage of what the Nyth brings forth, and simplified our daily lives as much as possible. The only downfall to this design that we ran into a lot is when using lower DPI levels, and lifting is required, we kept pressing buttons on the left side with our thumb. As far as we could figure, trying different things, the buttons are the only thing that affords enough grip to lift the Nyth. It is a tradeoff, though. Tougher to activate buttons would help when lifting, but then gaming would suffer if you had to work too hard to use them.

ROCCAT may be asking top dollar for the Nyth, but from what we have seen in our time with this mouse, not one mouse has come across our desk that offers what the Nyth modular MMO gaming mouse does. With everything we were able to program to the keys, with plenty of onboard memory to keep you busy for weeks, the small button issue gets more moot the higher we raised the DPI setting. The SWARM software goes on for days and will keep you with plenty to do just trying to fill all of the initial buttons, let alone the duality of the EasyShift system.

So while $106.99 seems steep without knowing much about ROCCAT or what the Nyth had to offer, you will be hard pressed to find mice which work like this. We believe only one or two others exist, but we can guarantee that none of them deliver in functionality, style, and grace like the Nyth did for us. No matter what you can think up, this mouse will do it. You also could make new right side panels or button sets which would suit your game color theme, your favorite colors, whatever you want, as long as you have access to a 3D printer, even here the choices are endless. As it sits, the Nyth modular MMO gaming mouse is worth every penny of the asking price for any right handed gamer with the need for ultimate control.

Chad's Peripherals Test System Specifications

TweakTown award
Quality including Design and Build98%
General Features100%
Bundle and Packaging99%
Value for Money95%

The Bottom Line: ROCCAT Talk, EasyShift, AlienFX, the SWARM software, and tons of onboard memory - they are all great reasons to buy the Nyth. And with up to 40 commands on as many profiles as you can dream up, it takes functionality to a seriously impressive level that we have never seen before.

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