TT Show Episode 10 - Apple's M3 comes home, NVIDIA to make CPUs, Star Citizen update, and more!

The TT Show is back! This week the duo discuss Apple's new MacBooks and iMacs, Star Citizen, NVIDIA CPUs, Google Airship, Amouranth's Strange Brew.

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The TT Show is back for another massive week of news and happenings in the tech, gaming, and science space with Jak and Kosta - this time with an added 'TT Show After Dark' section. Okay, maybe not, but the duo covers the adult industry embracing AI technology and the new Strange Brew from popular streamer Amouranth.

This week on TweakTown's official podcast, some of the biggest stories include Apple bringing its cutting edge 3nm M3 chips to MacBooks and iMacs, rumors surrounding NVIDIA creating Arm-based CPUs for Windows PCs, and how the latest deep dives into Star Citizen and Squadron 42 have rekindled our hype for games that have been in development for over a decade.

Sticking with games, Jak and Kosta also talk about the awesome PC gaming mod scene, specifically those that have spent the time recreating the entirety of Skyrim in Age of Empires II or took it upon themselves to add 4K support to the recent Metal Gear Solid Collection that renders Kojima's classics in 720p.

Elsewhere, Kosta opens up about his love of Mini PCs and how they can double as little PC gaming consoles. Long story short, he wants the new AceMagic Tank 03, which he dubs the PC GameCube. On the science front, Jak breaks the bad news regarding budget cuts and delays in getting samples back from Mars. And on the financial front (if you can call it that), the duo breaks down Elon Musk's plans to make X the all-in-one app where you post random thoughts about pop culture and do all your banking and stock trading.

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All the topics discussed in this week's episode of The TT Show

Kosta is a veteran gaming journalist that cut his teeth on well-respected Aussie publications like PC PowerPlay and HYPER back when articles were printed on paper. A lifelong gamer since the 8-bit Nintendo era, it was the CD-ROM-powered 90s that cemented his love for all things games and technology. From point-and-click adventure games to RTS games with full-motion video cut-scenes and FPS titles referred to as Doom clones. Genres he still loves to this day. Kosta is also a musician, releasing dreamy electronic jams under the name Kbit.

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