Strange LG Wing smartphone rumor suggests a rotating screen

We're taking this rumor with a big grain of salt as this may be nothing more than a Photoshop.

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Manufacturers have been toying with new smartphone form factors in recent months. The most notable new form factor has been folding smartphones. We've seen some that bring dual screens with a separate second screen. A new smartphone form factor has turned up in the form of a leaked LG device rumored to be codenamed the LG Wing.

Strange LG Wing smartphone rumor suggests a rotating screen 01

The top screen is said to rotate, allowing it to be swung from portrait to landscape position uncovering a second screen beneath. In the leaked image the second screen acts as a keyboard. When unfolded, the LG Wing resembles the letter "T." We most certainly aren't sure the LG Wing is anything more than a hastily photoshopped device.

There are some rumors about hardware to go along with the leaked image. Those rumors suggest that the Wing will use a Snapdragon 7-series processor and have a 64-megapixel primary camera. The main screen is said to be 6.8-inches. We could see the form factor getting a YouTube usage experience similar to what the Galaxy Z Flip features.

The controls for the video could be on the smaller lower screen while the video is watched in landscape mode on the upper screen. For heavy video watchers, a form factor like the rumored Wing offers could be more appealing than a traditional dual-screen smartphone. The smaller lower screen might also be an excellent place to put touch controls for gamers. One suggestion in the LG Wing leak would be controls for editing a video on the smaller screen while the video can be viewed on the upper screen. The rumor suggests that LG is in the development phase for the device with launch plans aiming for the second half of 2020.


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