Dying Light 2's reactive world houses dynamic AI

Dying Light 2's reactive world and AI should make for consistently unique encounters.

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Dying Light 2 is pushing open-world dynamism to new levels thanks to its big new sandbox.

Everything I've heard about Dying Light 2 has me excited about the game. I loved the first one, but felt that the choices just really weren't there--I wanted to do more, maybe help more people or cause more damage to the already-fragile society. I wanted to take risks outside of combat and make decisions that could seriously empower or wreck an entire populace. Dying Light 2 is giving players even more choice-and-consequence style mechanics that ensure our decisions actually matter.

We've already seen snippets of Dying Light 2's cause-and-effect world, but enemy and NPC AI is one of the big drivers of this ever-shifting world. Reactive AI is a big focus for Techland and acts as a major avenue to the unique experience.

"We have new AI in the game, and it will react to different situations," creative director Adrian Ciszewski told VG247. "For example, AI in Dying Light 2 can 'sense' if the place or the situation they find themselves in is dangerous. And if so, they can make a decision to get away from that danger."

"Having a reactive world is really important for what we want to achieve. Ours is a game where decisions are made through actions, and not just through which option you choose on a dialogue tree. Do you remember the Peacekeeper occupying the water tower in our E3 demo? You could have pushed him off the tower and that would have consequences."

For emphasis, here's what Chris Avellone said at E3 2018:

"Dying Light 2 features a functioning ecosystem that reacts on multiple levels to the things you do and the choices you make," Avellone said on stage after announcing the sequel.

"Dying Light 2 will be the first of the genre where your choices have genuine consequences on the game itself. From how it looks, how it plays, to the events that occur, everything in the game world can change based on your decisions. It allows you to carve out your own world. Each player's gaming experience will be unique."

Dying Light 2's reactive world houses dynamic AI | TweakTown.com
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