Nier Automata: 900p 60FPS on PS4, 1080p 60FPS on PS4 Pro

Nier Automata runs at just 900p on the PS4, but 60FPS - while the PS4 Pro handles 1080p 60FPS.

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Nier Automata is headed for the PS4 in March 2017, and during a recent livestream it has been revealed that the game will run at 1600x900 on the PS4, while it'll run at 1920x1080 on the PS4 Pro - both at the glorious 60FPS (which should be a new minimum).

The action RPG will see an improved experience on the PS4 Pro, with better lighting, effects, higher resolution shadows, and more detail - but, there will be no 4K available, and I'm okay with that. I think 1080p at a locked 60FPS is better than 4K and up to 30FPS - and in a game like this, 60FPS is a big deal.

Nier Automata launches on the PS4 and PS4 Pro in March 2017, with a PC version promised - but there have been no more details released about the PC version just yet.

Nier Automata: 900p 60FPS on PS4, 1080p 60FPS on PS4 Pro |

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