4K on Xbox Scorpio 'waste of resources' says DOOM dev

'4K is a waste of resources' on Xbox Scorpio, according to id Software's Lead Renderer Programmer.

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Microsoft might have a more powerful console on its hands with the upcoming Project Scorpio, but don't think you'll be gaming at 4K 60FPS on it anytime soon.

4K on Xbox Scorpio 'waste of resources' says DOOM dev | TweakTown.com

id Software's Lead Renderer Programmer, Tiago Sousa, fielded some questions on Twitter about the 6 TFLOPs of performance that Project Scorpio has, and whether developers should be aiming for 4K, or higher fidelity 1080p gaming. Personally, better-looking 1080p 60FPS gaming (with AA maxed out and all in-game details maxed out) would be better than lukewarm (30FPS or less) 4K.

Sousa said: "yes, even more on on tvs/consoles where player sits at distance. 4K is a waste of resources". He tweeted again: "but good to see ppl looking into approaches to decouple costs, that's the good approach imo".

4K gaming on Xbox Scorpio: I really think we should be providing an option to console gamers for Xbox Scorpio, where you can choose between a locked 30FPS at 4K with medium details, or locked 60FPS at 1080p with details maxed out. That way, you can choose what suits you best - higher resolution, or better-looking, smoother gaming at 1080p.

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