Nintendo Announces Slew Of New Games For Q2

Nintendo's Q2 will see Zelda, Karaoke, every action movie to all systems.

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Nintendo Announces Slew Of New Games For Q2 |

Nintendo announced today on their blog a list of upcoming games as long as my arm. This year's second quarter will see the release of around 60 games for the Wii, The Nintendo DS, and the brand new Nintendo 3DS. The latter will see the long awaited and much anticipated release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, a completely re-mastered version of everyone's favorite hack-and-slash puzzle-solving RPG available June 19th. This version will utilize motion control and touch-screen features of the 3DS to truly optimize the unique style of play the 3DS offers. Also, the active 3D engine is nothing to sneeze at. The new version isn't just a 3DS'd carbon copy of the original- players can look forward to quests and challenges not featured in the original game.

Though the Wii may get a significant price cut in mid-May, Nintendo is releasing an in-house suite of games entitled Wii: Motion, launching June 13th, which is brand new assortment of challenges and mini-games built to get the most out of the Wii. It also comes with a black Wii controller. Why not?

Among the long list of other games, Nintendo's Mystery Case Files: Dust to Dust (Big Fish Studios) will hit the Wii for the first time, which uses the Wii remote to investigate all sorts of different angles in various environments to quickly and efficiently solve complex puzzles.

Finally, with the absurd amount of blockbuster movies approaching (as they tend to do every time it gets a bit warmer outside), we'll be able to play their video game incarnations on various Nintendo Systems. Activision's Transformers: Dark of the Moon editions will hit Wii, DS (in Autobot & Decepticon versions) and 3DS this June; LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars 2: The Video Game by Disney Interactive will hit everything in May and this summer, respectively; Warner Bros. will release Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters (curious to see how that plays on Wii, hopefully it's better than the film) June 7 and SEGA's Thor: God of Thunder will hit 3 days before the film (which should be awesome).

So if you're not at the beach or, ya know, doing something productive, you're going to have all manners of time-eaters. Hell, bring the family over and pick up a copy of the upcoming Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 2 and Gleek out (sometime this spring).

For a full list, check out the link above to Nintendo.
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