Camera identifies your age and gender

John Freeman | Cameras, Printers & Scanners | Mar 9, 2008 4:14 AM CDT

Camera identifies your age and gender in real-time stemming from the technology rich country of Japan, an invention of an intelligent camera which can identify a person's age and gender real-time on the monitor to varying degrees of accuracy is going to become available to the public.

While face recognition technology is not very new to science and to the world at large, it still lacks the ability to know things about you, unless they have been previously recorded and inputted manually.

What this technology does, is it compares your face with thousands of other faces, and works out your age within a 10 year age variance and highlights you with the information on the monitor. In addition, it can, based on the information stored, evaluate your gender or if it has a copy of your face it will match them up.

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OCZ launches Neural Impulse Actuator

John Freeman | | Mar 9, 2008 4:11 AM CDT

Seen first at CeBIT 2007; the Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA) measures signals directed by brainwaves and muscle impulses through a "headband". The device then converts these "bio potential" impulses to frequency specific electrical signals that the software can use to activate a particular command in a game.

You have to set up the software to respond to your particular moves and brainwaves, so for example, if your eyes look left, then you could get your character to move left in the game, similarly if you frown, it could be the signal to shoot. The days of games restricted just to keyboard input are limited.

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Nokia future phones have "Morph" ability

This report stemming from Reuters, gives a futuristic impression of what Nokia plans for mobile phones in conjunction with Cambridge University's nanoscience centre.

From a device that can "morph" to fit the function you need, it will fit on your arm as a wrist watch, then can be unwrapped to form a interactive PDA, furthermore is will be self-cleaning (with some sort of nano-membrane that will automatically disperse anything that comes into contact with it). To top it off, they predict it will be able to tell you if fruit is ripe or not through chemical sensors.

Take a look at this clip and see for yourself.

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Paramount Abandon Upcoming HD-DVD's

Ben Gourlay | | Mar 8, 2008 5:21 PM CST

Paramount Home Entertainment Australia have confimed they have now abandoned the HD-DVD format in Australia. This now brings the number of upcoming titles that Australian HD-DVD fans can look forward to, to a total of zero. Thats right, there are no longer any new HD-DVDs scheduled to be released in Australia. Guess you guys have the movie sales to look forward to.

The March 20 titles that have been cancelled by Paramount are the following: Four Brothers, The Heartbreak Kid, The Italian Job, Tomb Raider and Sahara.

The March 27th title now cancelled is Into The Wild.

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This Week's Mammoth Blu-ray Slate

Ben Gourlay | Celebrities & Entertainment | Mar 8, 2008 5:15 PM CST

The week just gone has been the biggest batch of releases for some time, so things would be amiss if I didn't mention them.

Twentieth Century Fox released Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, Ronin, Pathfinder: Unrated, Robocop and Master And Commander.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released Catch and release, Good Luck Chuck, Rent, Resident Evil: Extinction and Welcome To The Jungle.

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FOXCONN and Intel green team-up

John Freeman | | Mar 7, 2008 7:33 PM CST

FOXCONN and Intel Corporation held a joint Forum event where they briefed IT media and key channel customers about the latest performance and energy-efficient solutions developed by the two companies.

FOXCONN's Chief Technical Officer, AJ Chuang, delivered a keynote presentation on the innovative concept systems. Essentially they will target two main channels, using two development streams. The "F1" concept will cater for high-end enthusiasts with what I would consider the power hungry channel, and the "G1" stream is geared towards green issues and the environment.

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ECS has Eee PC challenger in the works

Cameron Wilmot | Laptops | Mar 7, 2008 4:04 AM CST

There has been plenty of exciting news come out of the CeBIT trade show in Germany on the VGA front but one subject which we didn't see getting as much attention as it has is competitors to the almighty ASUS Eee PC.

We have already seen products demoed by Acer, GeCube and anothers and now Taiwanese motherboard maker ECS gets into the game to spice things up even more.

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Phenom compatible motherboards

John Freeman | CPUs, Chipsets & SoCs | Mar 6, 2008 3:42 PM CST

Tech Report has been working together with AMD to compile a list of motherboards that support the AMD Phenom CPU. Tech Report suggests that AMD has neglected enthusiasts in the past, but now seems to be changing its tune. This current magnanimous gesture working with Tech Report is seen by many as a good sign for the AMD Company which has gone through a bit of a slump in recent months in terms of PR support for the enthusiast segment.

The tables they supply on their site indicate whether or not the motherboards can turn off the TLB erratum in the BIOS, and more importantly if the boards have Phenom compatibility or not.

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Microsoft & SanDisk create "Startkey"

John Freeman | | Mar 6, 2008 3:22 PM CST

Last year in May, SanDisk teamed up with Microsoft to develop something that replaces U3 Smart Technology integrated on SanDisk memory devices.

Today, the first few examples of that new technology are starting to make themselves known. Startkey is the name it's going under for now, and it will allow users to keep all their Windows and Windows live settings on a portable memory flash disk or USB drive.

Sure, this is already possible for any user intimately familiar with Windows and Windows live settings, providing you know exactly which files to copy which takes time and considerable effort. The beauty of Startkey is that it will at the very least automate the process for you.

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Intel focuses on "visual computing"

John Freeman | | Mar 6, 2008 3:15 PM CST

Chipzilla had the Intel Financial Analyst meeting yesterday, and amongst the many topics, which included WiMAX and Processor Technology, the most interesting was purported to be the "visual computing" which is Intel's code for graphics. Eric Mentzer, GM of Intel Graphics Development Group covered both the integrated graphics and the upcoming high-end graphics processor aspect, code named "Larrabee".

According to an article from PC Magazine, the integrated graphics will be dispersed from the chipset to include the CPU. So some 3D and rendering processes will be offloaded to the CPU, while the chipset will still perform basic processes. This will be for low-end to mid-range PCs. With the speed and power of current CPUs, this should enhance quite dramatically all the usual suspects, including HD video playback, HDMI and basic games.

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