2900GT from Club 3D out now

Specs as predicted.

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Club 3D has announced the availability of its HD2900 GT Heatpipe graphics card and the specs aren't far off from what we reported on here. The specifications don't differ significantly from what we already knew and the Club 3D card looks very much like a reference card with a sticker on it. None the less, the Radeon HD2900 GT is here.

As we mentioned, the GPU is clocked at 600MHz and it's based on the ATI R600 GPU. It has 240 stream processors and a 256-bit memory interface. It's of course a 256MB card and the GDDR3 memory is again as we told you earlier, clocked at 800MHz or 1,600MHz effectively.

On an interesting note, the PCB of the card on the picture above is not the same as the one used for the 2900 XT/Pro, as it only features an 8-pin PCI Express power connector and it has some odd holes at the rear that looks very much like screw holes. The power regulation also seems to have been redesigned, but the card appears to use the same heatpipe cooling as the other 2900-series cards.

Club 3D will ship a DVI to HDMI and a DVI to D-sub adapter with the card as well as an S-Video and a component video out cable and a Crossfire bridge connector. We don't have a price or an exact date of availability as yet.

You can find out more here
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