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Which GPU should I pick for a budget PC with limited upgrade options?

Question by Joe from Philippines | Answered by Tyler Bernath | Video Cards | Sun, Nov 8 2020 7:07 PM CST

I want to upgrade my graphics card, but I don't know where to start. Here are the specs of my PC:

  • Motherboard - Milton
  • Processor - Intel Core i3-9100 (3.6GHz base frequency, up to 4.2GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 6MB cache, 4 cores)
  • Memory - 8GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM
  • Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 2GB

I don't know where to start. Please help me!

Should I upgrade my PC now or wait for AMD Zen 3 / Intel Rocket Lake?

Question by Chris from United States | Answered by Tyler Bernath | Computer Systems | Wed, Nov 4 2020 9:20 PM CST

Hey TweakTown, I'm an avid gamer and do some editing with Adobe AE and Premiere. I currently have an i7 6700k overclocked to 4.5GHz, 32GB DDR4 running @ 3400 CL 16, and an RTX 2080.

I have a decent gaming rig, but with the AMD Ryzen Zen 3 announcement around the corner + seeing what Intel can bring to the table soon, I'm torn. Do I wait until my current i7 6700k is no longer keeping up or upgrade now with prices being reasonable for an i5 10600k setup/AMD equal? All I need is a CPU and motherboard.

What would you do in my current position?

Should I buy DDR4 RAM or wait for DDR5 RAM, and is 3200MHz enough?

Question by Varun from India | Answered by Tyler Bernath | RAM | Sun, Nov 1 2020 1:36 PM CST

Hi team, I'm planning to build a new PC.

My question is should I buy DDR4 RAM or wait for DDR5 RAM. Is 3200MHz enough for gaming, surfing, and a little bit of editing like Photoshop and video editing? Are there any compatibility issues with either Intel or AMD CPUs? I haven't decided about which CPU should I go for.

Thank you!

Does AMD's B550 support PCIe Gen 3.0 and Gen 4.0 simultaneously?

Question by Pete from United Kingdom (Great Britain) | Answered by Tyler Bernath | Storage | Sun, Oct 25 2020 8:19 PM CDT

Hi, I have a B550 motherboard (GIGABYTE B550i) and a GIGABYTE RX 5700 XT graphics card inside a custom case using a 30cm PCI-e riser cable.

The PCI-e riser cable is only gen 3.0, so I have had to set the PCIe graphics to "Gen 3.0" in BIOS (to overcome issues). My question is, can I upgrade to a PCI-e 4.0 SSD (e.g., Samsung 980 Pro) and use the SSD at PCI-e Gen 4.0 while keeping the graphics at Gen 3.0, or do I need to upgrade the riser cable to PCI-e 4.0 as well?

In other words, can the B550 chipset support graphics at PCI-e Gen 3.0 and an SSD at PCI-e Gen 4.0 at the same time? Thanks!

Which GPU should I match with the upcoming AMD Ryzen 5600X CPU?

Question by Eddie from Singapore | Answered by Tyler Bernath | Video Cards | Thu, Oct 22 2020 7:07 PM CDT

I am looking to purchase a mid-high tier GPU to match the upcoming AMD Ryzen 5600X CPU. My first choice was to get the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT because the NVIDIA GeForce 2070 Super was more expensive, but is it worth considering the AMD driver issues currently, or have they been ironed out leading up to the new Navi GPUs?

Are bottlenecks a problem with the Core i5 6500 and GeForce RTX 3070?

Question by Jeremy from United States | Answered by Tyler Bernath | Video Cards | Tue, Oct 20 2020 8:40 PM CDT

I have an Intel Core i5 6500, 16GB of DDR4 2400 memory, and an AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB.

If I upgrade to something like an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070, or one of the new AMD Radeon cards in that price range when they launch, will I need to upgrade my CPU to avoid bottlenecks, and if so, what would you recommend for a CPU that won't bottleneck that range of GPU but that won't break the bank?

What monitor config is best for 1440p and what GPU should I buy?

Question by Anthony from United States | Answered by Tyler Bernath | Displays & Projectors | Tue, Oct 13 2020 5:54 PM CDT

My AMD FX-4300 CPU was coming on six years old, so I decided to go an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 with its $150 sale price back in August.

COVID-willing, I'll be off to college in under a year and am looking to finalize my setup for the next 4-6 years. Waiting on supposed 3060 Super or Ti announcements to replace my 1060, but I know I want to go 1440p come Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Yet there are so many conflicting opinions on monitor size. I wanted to go 32" as my current 1080p panel is, but the internet says 27" is optimal for QHD. What do I go for? And will mid-range Ampere even make 1440p worth it?

Thoughts on my AMD parts selection for video editing system

Question by Michael from France | Answered by Tyler Bernath | Computer Systems | Mon, Oct 5 2020 5:42 PM CDT


I'm considering building a PC that will sit on a shelf under my desk instead of a tower, so I'm looking at a Micro-ATX setup. The PC will be mostly for video editing, no gaming, so I'm thinking onboard graphics with an AMD Ryzen 5 3400G, MSI B450M Pro-VDH motherboard, and Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB single stick. I need the two PCI slots on the board for my sound card and Wi-Fi card.

Any thoughts on this setup before I buy it? Thanks.

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