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Recommended parts for a new gaming / photo editing PC?

Question by Faisal from Saudi Arabia | Answered by Tyler Bernath | Computer Systems | Apr 7, 2020 at 07:33 pm CDT

I am looking to build a decent gaming PC (I really don't play games a lot but I do photo editing too). My main concerns when building:

- Budget up to $600 (without monitor, mouse, keyboard). - Case: I live in a dusty environment and warm too. The less openings in the case the better (temperature in my room could get up 30 degrees Celsius or around 85 Fahrenheit), but I could somewhat control heat, but can't with dust. So, dust is more of an issue (REAL issue). -I will only use INTEL (old mentality), so please don't recommend AMD (unless you're willing to convince a 50yrs who's witnessed the not so good beginning of AMD). -I might sacrifice upgradable things (slightly) for better MOBO and CPUs to stay on budget but get better MOBO and CPU. - I already have two-year-old (Samsung SSDs totaling 512GB), if they will not have an impact on performance, I could reuse them and use the money elsewhere. Unless technology has ready advanced since then in SSDs. - I am building a PC for the next 5 yrs. at least... so keep that in mind (I am writing this on 5yrs old PC).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Should I store my games on my SSD or hard drive?

Question by Santos from Canada | Answered by Tyler Bernath | Storage | Mar 30, 2020 at 07:12 pm CDT

A friend of mine helped me build my PC (i9-9900K, Z390 AORUS Ultra and RTX 2080 Ti). My current storage is a 1TB NVMe and 2TB FireCuda HDD. Recently, I heard my brother tell a friend to move all of his games to a secondary drive to not slow down Windows.

Hearing this, I started the move myself moving my games from the 1TB NVMe to the FireCuda. Somewhere in the middle of this move, I panicked reading online people say games should be on SSD, so I stopped the move and now have games that will no longer load.

The question is, if I start fresh, should I put games on NVMe or on secondary drive? Thanks!

Best video card without the need of a 6-pin power connector?

Question by Moha from Germany | Answered by Tyler Bernath | Video Cards | Mar 26, 2020 at 07:07 pm CDT

Hey, I bought a Dell OptiPlex 9020 with an i5-4670 with no GPU. I want to buy a graphics card that is cheaper than 50 or 55 Euro and without a 6-pin power connecter. I searched and all I have found is the GTX 750 Ti, but I need a bit more performance.

What are your suggestions?

Is my system ready for a 1440p 144Hz monitor and Cyberpunk 2077?

Question by Jean from United States | Answered by Tyler Bernath | Video Cards | Mar 22, 2020 at 06:45 pm CDT

I built my first PC a couple years ago and got some deals where I could and made the best decisions based on my budget. I currently have an ASRock Z370M, i5 8600K, 8GB of DDR4 3000, and a GTX 1070 Ti.

At this point, I really have my eye on a new 1440p 144Hz monitor and am curious if my GPU or CPU will need to be updated to handle this? This is a gaming machine only and I really want to crank up Cyberpunk 2077 when it releases.

Can I replace the HDD in Seagate's Expansion external drive?

Question by Taylor from United States | Answered by Tyler Bernath | Storage | Mar 18, 2020 at 08:24 pm CDT

Weird question for you guys but I got my hands-on a batch of 10TB WD Red and I'm wondering if you see any technical issues replacing my 2TB Seagate Expansions drive with one of these? I think the Expansion uses a 7200RPM drive so power should be similar.

Some concerns about cooling a hot running OG Xbox One

Question by William from United States | Answered by Tyler Bernath | Cases, Cooling & PSU | Mar 10, 2020 at 07:52 pm CDT

I'm looking for a USB solution that will allow me to control a PC case fan as I don't want it to spin really slow with just the 5v that USB can supply.

I also don't want to rig it to 12v and have it running full speed all the time either. I need this to add additional cooling to my OG Xbox One as the top is always really hot and it seems to have lost performance.

Do I need to leave storage space free on my SSD for best performance?

Question by Leifur from United States | Answered by Tyler Bernath | Storage | Mar 6, 2020 at 07:35 pm CST

I have a Samsung 860 QVO SSD 2TB as a secondary drive with my OS on another SSD. I use the 2TB drive to store games and it makes sense to me that as such it is used mostly to READ as it is loading games and very little WRITE going on. I have it filled with about 40GB left and showing red in My Computer.

I assumed I could fill the SSD space as there is no need to defrag and have all that space free to do it. I searched the web and came up with many views on forums many said you need 10-30% disc space left blank or performance drops badly. Others said some modern SSDs have a 16GB hidden partition that takes care of this need and you can fill disc. I think I should be able to mostly fill my 860 as it should be just reading game data in loading and playing with no reason to write much as OS is elsewhere.

Do I need to leave 450GB blank??