Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

The Logitech G603 Lightspeed is comfortable, harbors top-tier components, great battery life, and doesn't disappoint on the gaming front.

Manufacturer: Logitech
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The Bottom Line

Logitech went out on a limb to develop the G603, and it has paid off for the users. It is comfortable, it includes top-tier components, the batteries last for what seems like forever, and it sports Lightspeed wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. At this price, it is hard to pass it by!

Introduction, Specifications, and Pricing

With our review of the G903, we brought you into the world of Lightspeed wireless technology. It is where Logitech developed a wireless system that not only offers the same or better latency than wired devices, no matter the type of batteries used, the longevity of the time it can be used in one sitting has increased as well. Take that technology to the next step though, where you want to run as long as possible, and even though it requires a rethink of mice in general and the systems to make it all happen, Logitech went to the table to do just that.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 99

This mouse is not some lame office only device though, and that is where battery life tends to excel. Logitech designed the mouse as part of the G Series, which means its intended market are gamers. How about, not only did they make something nice to look at, a device that fits well in the hand and is second nature to use, but also throw in Bluetooth connectivity into the mix as well.

Now we are talking about a mouse which is built for gamers, in a blind test would likely never know it was wireless, but can now connect to multiple devices just by pressing a button to switch back and forth between them. We knew Logitech had a hard row to hoe when it came to a wireless gaming mouse, but with the other features delivered in this assembly of components, we feel they packed a ton of goodies into a small package, and should turn heads with what they were able to accomplish.

The Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse we are about to show to you is truly impressive. The things that Logitech were able to accomplish by designing all of the components and bits to work together rather than pulling stock from manufacturers bins shows it pays to go the extra mile. What is also nice, is that If they did not manufacture the parts, like the switches, the pick top-quality components, and blended them with their technologies to ensure a user experience better than we have seen in other manufacturers wireless peripherals. If you want to see where technology is going today, and how well Logitech implements it in the real-world, we strongly urge you to look further into this review of the Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 01

Within the specifications chart we borrowed from Logitech, there is much information to be gleaned from is offered. Physically, the Logitech G603 is black and gray, made of mostly plastic, and is form fitted to a right-hand user. From the front to the back, it is 124mm long, from side to side it is 68mm wide, and from top to bottom it stands 43mm tall. The weight varies in the chart, starting with a starting weight of 88.9 grams, but that is without any source of power. With a single AA battery, the weight increases to 112.3 grams, and will function.

There is room for a pair of AA batteries, and with both onboard, the weight maxes out at 135.7 grams. With the discussion of batteries at hand, we skipped ahead a little bit to cover the battery life. With two batteries in use, if the G603 is in HI mode, it will last 500 hours before the batteries need replacing. If you are not gaming with this mouse, you can also opt for LO mode, where an astonishing eighteen months of life is said to be possible.

The rest of the technical specifications cover things like the sensor for starters. In the G603 is the HERO optical sensor, whose main claim to fame is superb performance while using a tenth of the power draw that previous sensors needed. The sensor is capable of 200 to 12,000 DPI in 50 DPI increments, with no added "spin" on the way it reads. Keep in mind, that all of the accuracies the HERO offers is said to do it at 40 Gs and 400 inches per second without dropping a beat.

Also covered here are the 16-bit communications over Lightspeed wireless, which has a 1ms report rate in HI mode, or 8ms in LO mode. Keep in mind, there is also the Bluetooth option to work with multiple devices with the press of a button. There is also mention of the 32-bit ARM processor, which has already been proven to be enough for what this mouse delivers. The main buttons are backed with Omron switches worth twenty-million click, and the pair of PTFE feet will go 250 kilometers. As for profiles, the G603 has one.

The column on the right tells us that for Lightspeed, we need to be on, at a minimum, Windows 7, macOS 10.11, Android 3.2, or Chrome OS for the best functionality. You will also need a free USB 2.0 port, and if you want full control, you will need an internet connection to obtain the software. For Bluetooth to function properly you need to be on at least Windows 8, macOS 10.12, Chrome OS, or Android 5.0. The last couple of things in the column cover the 910-005099 part number and the two-year warranty coverage of the G603

While gathering the chart above and reading up on what Logitech has to say about the G603, we also saw that the MSRP is set to $69.99. Considering all things, like style, comfort, aesthetics, then adding in the new technologies that have been built from the ground up in house, we can see where that sort of price comes into play. The nice thing is that when we go to look to buy the G603 online, we see that cost is a bit lower. Amazon is currently asking $54.60, and Newegg is close wanting $54.99. At current pricing, there is no reason not to seriously consider what Logitech is delivering inside of the G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse.

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Packaging, Accessories, and Documentation

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 02

The front of the box is mostly grey, which makes the bright metallic blue on the left pop right off the packaging. Along with the company and products name, at the top-right corner, we also see the mention of the Lightspeed wireless technology. The last thing offered is a close to life-sized image of the G603 coming in from the right.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 03

The right side of the box offers only the Logitech G name and logo, but we do also see seals added to the top of the box to ensure the mouse has not been tampered with before you got it.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 04

Along with the top-down view of the G603 on the back of the box, features are also displayed down the right side. There we see mentions of the HERO sensor and what it can do, Lightspeed wireless technology, battery life, and the fact it has dual connectivity.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 05

The left side of the packaging is where you can find a list of the specifications we covered on the previous page. It is offered in English at the top, and the second listing is in French.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 06

Inside of the box, the mouse along with all of the goodies that come along with it are shipped in a two-part plastic container. The bottom is Logitech blue and makes everything stand out, while the top is clear, keeping everything in place so that like this sample, will show up in excellent condition.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 07

The goodies that come along with the G603 are everything you need to get underway. At the top is the two-meter range extender cable for those with a PC on the floor or in a desk, where the rear I/O would not be the best for reception with the tiny USB wireless dongle below it. You are also provided with a pair of Duracell AA batteries to power it.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 08

The setup guide explains how to connect the mouse to the PC, and how to go about installing the batteries, and closes with a link to obtain the software. Logitech also includes information on safety and compliance information, as well as explaining what the two-year warranty covers, and where to go for help.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 09

The left side of the G603 shows the play of the gray upper section against the black below, and both have a matte finish. There are a pair of large shiny buttons on this side of the mouse backed by pad-style switches, which require firm pressure to actuate, with a crisp click report coming from inside when pressed.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 10

Looking at the G603 from the back, we see a slight slope to the right of the top, and the Logitech G logo is placed high up on the mouse. The gray section of the mouse is wide here, and it blends well into the sides, and even at the bottom where the mouse angles inward.

The right side of the mouse offers no buttons, but the lower black section is concave. When it comes to needing to lift the G603, the shape on this side as well as the opposing side makes it easy to do with a fair amount of friction while still being smooth to the touch.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 12

The next group of F-keys moves from multimedia and delivers some quick-launch buttons for things one might use every day. The F9 key will open your default email handler, and the F10 will open your default browser. As for F11, it opens your file explorer, and the F12 is used to open the calculator built into Windows.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 13

The pair of main buttons are gray to match the rest of the center section of the G603, but are set well apart with the gap between them for the scroll wheel. The lower section of the body angles inward towards the bottom, and the right side of the mouse is shorter than the left.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 14

In the black section separating the main buttons, there is a rounded side scroll wheel that is fully coated with rubber and has ledges to grip the finger. The wheel is not as heavily segmented as other Logitech mice, nor does it have a free-wheel option. The button is to select DPI and when doing so the LED changes color for a visual reference. With the software installed, you will get an OSD of current DPI.

Inside the G603

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 15

To remove the top of the mouse, all you need to do is get a finger or nail under the front of the main buttons and lift. The pair of magnets holding it in place are to that strong to cause issue, but strong enough the top will not fall off. The body of the mouse has a pair of locations where you are to install the pair of AA batteries.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 16

Following the stickers inside of the battery compartment, we installed both batteries into the G603. Notice that the positive ends are both closest to the heel of the mouse. The G603 will function on a single battery, but we would imagine the specified run times would also be cut in half.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 17

A pair of skinny, but long feet are found to wrap around the front and the back of the mouse. Just under the name of the mouse, a bit forward of center is the eye of the mouse. On the left of the eye is the power switch where you can select to use the G603 in LO or HI modes, and you can also turn it off. If you wish to use the Bluetooth option for multiple device control with a single mouse, pressing the button on the right the LED will glow white for wireless and blue for Bluetooth.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 18

Removing four screws, releasing a t-pin power and ribbon data cable, allows us to look inside. While the majority of the functionality and communication is dome in the lower half of the mouse, the data cable on top is because the main switches are built into that half.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 19

The main buttons are backed with Omron switches. We see the D2FC-7N(20M) switches used, which are not light switches to use, the report is loud, and they are good for up to twenty-million clicks each.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 20

The Scroll wheel is supported in a Kailh rotary switch, but we took this picture to show that with all the black plastic used, and lack of a visible LED, that this does not light up like many gaming mice offer.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 21

It is a bit of a surprise to see another Omron switch used under the DPI button, but here it is. This is not any special switch though; it is a standard white Omron switch with a five-million click lifespan. On the PCB below the switch, we also see the surface mounted LED to display colors associated with DPI selections.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 22

Due to the specifications of what the Logitech HERO sensor offers, it is similar to what we would get from a PixArt PMW33XX, with a few obvious differences. The IC is much thinner than any other we have seen, it draws a tenth the power others do, and the HERO was built to work with all other components inside of the G603, not adapted to fit.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 23

Assuming a lot in this image, this is the MCU. We can only guess it is built by NXP as many are, but explained in the specifications, this is a 32-bit ARM processor. Again, this is the thinnest we have seen, and we also have to assume it sips little power as well.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 24

When in use, there is nothing on the G603 that is illuminated. To get the DPI indicator to show us the blue color, we had to press the DPI selector button and quickly take a picture. The light is on for roughly five seconds before turning itself off.

Logitech Gaming Software

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 25

Once LGS has been downloaded and installed, the image above is what you see first. In this part of the menu, you may select either to use the onboard memory of the mouse for a defined profile, or by throwing the switch, you can have it look for a file on the PC, but only one profile can be on the mouse at any given time.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 26

Moving to the right of the home menu icon, we find where to remap the buttons by clicking on any of the buttons with the right click, and with the dropdown box, select what you wish to do with it. Under the title of pointer settings, you can set the number of DPI levels to cycle through, and set each in 50 DPI jumps on your way to 12,000 DPI, either by dragging the bars or entering numbers into the boxes. You can also set the polling rate for use with HI mode power. If you think you have screwed something up, you can always use the box marked Restore Defaults, and start again.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 27

If you are the type to see how you use the mouse, Logitech has built-in mapping. Either by key presses or by the duration of said key presses, you can enable the software to keep track, and after some use, come back to view the results overlaid on the image of the mouse.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 28

Clicking on the gear symbol gets you to the settings menu. In here, there are more options for various things which were not already shown. Not only that, it is how you obtain firmware upgrades, and is also where you need to be if you want to enable and use Arx Control.

Gaming and General Impressions


As we played a few rounds of doom, we found the mouse to be smooth, accurate, and comfortable for as many hours of use as we could stand to play. The DPI level had a strange "feel" to it, almost hypersensitive. Where we normally play in the 5000 to 6000 DPI range, 3250 DPI seemed to be the sweet spot for us with the HERO sensor. Shooting is fine, and even though wireless, we felt no lag between our actions and what happens on screen. With PUBG, due to all of the power constraints of the G603, it can and will go to sleep on you while hiding and not moving. As long as you are scrolling, clicking, or moving to look, you will be fine, but the mouse does power down quite quickly to enable the battery life they say the G603 will deliver.

Windows and Productivity

For image editing, the G603 was a champ. Whether removing dust from the image, moving sliders in various menus, or even when cropping and adding layers, the mouse pointer was where we expected it to be every time. For some, the G603 may be a bit loud for a work environment though. While gaming it is much easier to ignore or have the game sounds covering the noise of the mouse, but in the office environment, the clicks are very audible. On the flip side, it is wireless to help keep the workspace tidy, it will last you much longer than anything else we have seen before needing new batteries, and while part of the G Series, it lends itself well to doing anything at the PC you need to do.

Final Thoughts

There is quite a lot of good things to discuss. First of all, and likely most important, is that the G603 was built from the ground up to sip power, deliver a great user experience, and do all of it without even realizing it is wireless. On top of the low latency wireless nature of the mouse, there is also the secondary connectivity to consider, where Bluetooth makes this mouse compatible with other devices.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 24

Just a single press of a button and you are on the PC wirelessly, and with another button press, you can be on another PC, a table, or anything that can benefit for control of a mouse over Bluetooth. The shape of the G603 can fit small, medium, and large hands, depending on grip, but is not as bit as the G903 we just looked at. The coating feels smooth to the touch, but due to the contours, it is easy to lift when needed, and does not get lost on the desk with sweaty hands either. We like the solid feel that comes from the Omron switches, and with a 32-bit processor and an all-new sensor in play, the G603 is something worth getting your hands-on and trying for yourself.

Even though we get why specific "issues" exist, due to power restrictions or the way the mouse is built, we still must bring them forward. We only saw two things that may be of concern to buyers. First of all, is the quick nature in which the mouse will go into a resting mode. You have to realize that drawing minimal power while delivering the most battery life possible is the main driving force here, but it does not stop the frustration if you are not constantly mobile or using the mouse in a game.

The second is the noise. This may be the thing that will keep you from using it in an office environment, but should be of little concern while gaming. Due to the top panel being able to be removed, only magnets hold it in place, and there is little to remove any sort of reverberation. Combined with the pressure needed to actuate the Omron switches under it, the G603 can "ring" with vibration, increasing the noise commonly captured inside of other mice.

At first, the price may have shocked you a bit, but we hope that by going over every detail of the G603, you can better understand where your money is going. For a little less than $60 currently, even without all of the RGB happiness that comes with many other gaming mice, Logitech still delivers a lot of bang for the buck in this mouse. We will not be getting rid of our G603, even if relegated to the HTPC, which it is also a perfect fit for, we will make sure to find a home for this mouse. The Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming mouse has been a pleasure to use and we see little reason not to recommend that you pick one up and give it a go.

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The Bottom Line

Logitech went out on a limb to develop the G603, and it has paid off for the users. It is comfortable, it includes top-tier components, the batteries last for what seems like forever, and it sports Lightspeed wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. At this price, it is hard to pass it by!

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Chad joined the TweakTown team in 2009 and has since reviewed 100s of new techy items. After a year of gaming, Chad caught the OC bug. With overclocking comes the need for better cooling, and Chad has had many air and water setups. With a few years of abusing computer parts, he decided to take his chances and try to get a review job. As an avid overclocker, Chad is always looking for the next leg up in RAM and coolers.

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