NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti Super GPU reportedly sold well on launch - showing the value of 16GB VRAM?

The RTX 4070 Ti Super outperformed the 4070 Super, and sold surprisingly well - a reflection of how much PC gamers value 16GB of VRAM these days?

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Some reported sales figures for NVIDIA's just-released RTX 4070 Ti Super paint a much more positive picture than other recent leaks around the RTX Super refreshes.

VideoCardz noticed the report from German site 3DCenter, which details the purported launch day figures from Mindfactory, a major retailer in that country.

Obviously use caution around any leaked figures, but we're told that the RTX 4070 Ti Super shifted 280 to 300 units on its first day (some approximation is involved with how some models sold).

That's better than the RTX 4070 Super which achieved around 240 units of sales on its first day at Mindfactory.

Why the greater level of interest in the more expensive model? Like many tech sites, here at TweakTown we rated the RTX 4070 Super above the 4070 Ti Super, yet the latter still sold more - might this be a reflection of the weight that PC gamers put on more VRAM these days? (What with the 4070 Ti Super upping the original Ti's memory from 12GB to 16GB).

There was another launch, of course, alongside the RTX 4070 Ti Super, namely AMD's RX 7600 XT, and this graphics card didn't move the needle much in terms of interest from German consumers. Apparently the 7600 XT only managed to sell around 30 units on its initial day - similar to the performance of the vanilla RX 7600 which hit 30 to 40 units.

That's got to be pretty disappointing for AMD, but we're told that the limited availability of the 7600 XT played a part in the sales picture here, and the fact that some of the models on sale were above the MSRP.

Also, we must remember that this is just one set of sales figures from one European retailer (and indeed only for a period of a single day - albeit an important day).

So, there's only so much we can read into this, although the relative levels of interest between the two RTX Super refreshes that have come out so far is of course something of a revelation - seeing as we expected this to go the other way around, as noted. (And indeed if the rumors are right, so did NVIDIA, given that the RTX 4070 Super was supposedly favored for a greater emphasis with production volume).

This also contradicts some previous spinning from the rumor mill indicating that the RTX 4070 Super sold rather shakily on launch day - not in Germany, it didn't, these figures are solid enough. Then again, the performance of these GPUs might be different in Europe compared to the US, where in the latter case, sales haven't been so good, at least according to one YouTube leaker (Moore's Law is Dead).

That said, NVIDIA has taken issue with the reported sales performance laid out by Moore's Law is Dead, and pointed to stronger sales in the UK (via TechRadar) - as well as in Germany, as we see here.

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