Elon Musk delivers 6 different FARTING NOISES for Tesla cars

Tesla owners can now fart from the touch of a button, thanks to Elon Musk being the ultimate troll.

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Elon Musk has just unleashed a Christmas surprise for Tesla owners, with a few new Easter Eggs included in the latest over-the-air update to its fleet of electric vehicles. One of them includes the ability to fart, yes fart, on-demand.

As you can see from Kevin Pereria's tweet, one of the Easter Egg's in the new update are called Emissions Testing Mode, which gives drivers six different fart noises to choose from. This is an awesome troll for people who haven't read this news, or don't own a Tesla as you'll get a Tesla vehicle owner driving their friends around trolling them with fart noises... coming from THE CAR. Hat tip, Mr. Musk.

The six different fart sounds are themed around Musk's companies and marketing, including:

  1. Not a Fart (a reference to Not a Flamethrower that Musk sold in 2018)
  2. Short Shorts Ripper (Musk simply can't seem to stop trolling short sellers)
  3. Falcon Heavy (as in SpaceX's big rocket that launched in 2018)
  4. Ludicrous Fart (super speed?)
  5. Neurastink (a reference to another Musk company Neuralink; we're not sure how farts play into the company's plans to build a brain-to-machine interface that would allow the human mind to keep up with AI.
  6. Boring (as in The Boring Company)
  7. * The seventh choice, called "I'm so random," will pick one of the sounds randomly.
Elon Musk delivers 6 different FARTING NOISES for Tesla cars | TweakTown.com

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