The Order: 1886 dev teases new game, coming to Steam

Ready at Dawn teases new game, says the PC version will have 'every rendering and fidelity option' available.

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The Order: 1886 was one of the better looking games on the PS4, with developer Ready at Dawn now teasing their new game: Deformers.

The Order: 1886 dev teases new game, coming to Steam |

Deformers is an online multiplayer combat arena game that was meant to be coming out on February 14, but Ready at Dawn delayed it at the last minute. Deformer's Creative Director took to NeoGAF to explain: "Hello everyone! The delay will be short, we just need some more time to properly stress-test the game. We will announce the actual and final 🙂 release date soon".

The post continued: "We are ramping up to do an open beta on Steam, that way we get to test our infrastructure and everyone that wishes to will be able to try it out and discover why we love this game so much".

Now, for the juicy stuff - the PC version will be the better version, where they teased that Deformers runs on the engine that the developer built for The Order: 1886, with support for the PS4 Pro in the form of specific enhancements, and the PC version seems to be enhanced, too.

"On PC we give you every rendering and fidelity option we can (of course), here's a look at those currently".

What about the consoles? Ready at Dawn promises 60FPS+ on all platforms, with 900p on the Xbox One and 1080p for the PS4. The post continues: "On consoles, the game runs at 60+ FPS on all platforms. Target resolution is 1080p on PS4 and 900p on XB1 - a dynamic resolution system is used if/when needed to ensure the framerate is maintained. Notice that on XB1 the rendering resolution is 900p, which is then upscaled to 1080p for output".

"On regular PS4 it gets 60FPS up to 3 player splitscreen, dips into the 50s in 4 player splitscreen. On PS4 Pro it runs at 60 even in 4 player splitscreen, and with extra graphics quality options automatically enabled".


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