NVIDIA's new Shield supports 4K HDR, Google Assistant

NVIDIA unveils their next-gen Shield, capable of 4K HDR, boasts Google Assistant, and more.

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CES 2017 - NVIDIA has unveiled the next step in their living room take over with the new Shield, with 4K streaming capabilities, HDR support, and even Google Assistant built-in.

Right now, Google Assistant isn't everywhere - but I use it on my Google Pixel smartphone and it's awesome. On top of that,the new Shield can access 4K content from the likes of Netflix, Google Play Movies, and Vudu. There's also support for Amazon Video in 4K HDR, which isn't widespread on Android TV devices. Better yet, NVIDIA said that the current-gen Shield devices will receive these features later this month.

As for the Google Assistant side of the Shield TV, NVIDIA has unveiled NVIDIA Spot - a new Amazon Echo/Google Home-like device that can be placed anywhere, and is capable of voice commands. It requires Shield TV to work, with NVIDIA throwing in integration into the SmartThings smart home hub, which allows you to control various smart home appliances.

NVIDIA's new Shield supports 4K HDR, Google Assistant | TweakTown.com

Now, what price are we looking at? NVIDIA has priced the new Shield at $199, but there will be a "fully-featured" Shield Pro package, with the controller, remote with a headphone jack, 500GB of internal storage, and more - which will be available later this month.

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