Watch Dogs 2 updated on the PC, long list of fixes

Ubisoft updates the PC version of Watch Dogs 2, includes CrossFire stability, long list of improvements and fixes.

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Watch Dogs 2 has been updated on the PC, with Ubisoft bringing the game up to v1.06.135.3 - fixing some of the biggest known issues that have plagued the game since launch.

Watch Dogs 2 updated on the PC, long list of fixes |

Gamers with AMD CrossFire setups will be happy, as Watch Dogs 2's new patch "fixes instability" on dual-GPU systems, while there are updates to the seamless online and matchmaking through the Multiplayer App. The full changelog is available below, and be sure to check out our official Watch Dogs 2 review to see what we thought about the game.

Watch_Dogs 2 - Update Changelog:

  • Improved stability on AMD CrossFire systems - This patch fixes instability on CrossFire systems (AMD dual GPU systems).
  • Fixed Donut NPCs Glitch - After downloading this patch, PC players will no longer see hilarious hordes of Donut people roaming the streets. Only a regular number of Donut people should now be seen on the streets.

This patch also has the same fixes as the latest console patch:

Online Performance

  • [Performance] Game Crashing - This patch will have various crash fixes for a smoother gameplay experience.
  • [Online & Multiplayer] Seamless Online - Players should now experience improved reliability of seamless online and matchmaking through the Multiplayer App.
  • [Multiplayer] Activity Frequency - This patch fixes the issue of the cooldown resetting after a player dies while being the target of a hack during Online Invasions. Players should now experience regular cooldown times and a normal frequency of getting hacked during their gameplay.
  • [Online Invasions] Target Detecting Hackers through walls using NetHack - Some players reported being able to detect Hackers through walls using NetHack during Online Invasions. This bug is fixed in this patch.

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